Bug Number ENH-000101165
Submitted Dec 02, 2016
Modified Jul 25, 2018
Severity Low
Applies To ArcGIS Online
Version Found 4.3
Prog Language N/A
Server Platform
Client Platform
Database N/A
Locale N/A
Status Implemented
Version Fixed 5.4
SP Fixed

Bug ENH-000101165


Add ability to turn off or turn on all layers in the select widget

Additional Information


Alternate Solution

1. Provide the appropriate/comparable step by step workflow to help illustrate the request.

a) Open Select Widget
b) If you have a lot of layers in the map you have to manually turn off all layers. User understands this can be adjusted in the layer list widget but he would still like to have the layers visible in the map and only one or two layers selectable.

2. What is the problem feature X is trying to solve? (i.e. What is the problem/limitation/design choice that is preventing the customer from moving forward?)

a) If you have a lot of layers it takes a considerable amount of time to turn most of them off in the select widget.

3. What are the benefits or changes that would result from the enhancement? (i.e. How does making this change help the customer's workflow or business?)

a) This would speed up the users workflow and make it easier for his end users.