Bug Number ENH-000098013
Submitted Jul 25, 2016 04:18 PM
Modified Jul 25, 2018 12:14 AM
Severity Medium
Applies To ArcGIS for Local Government
Version Found 10.2
Prog Language N/A
Server Platform
Client Platform
Database SQL Server
Locale N/A
Status Implemented
Version Fixed 3/1/2017
SP Fixed

Bug ENH-000098013


Make the behavior of the Nearest Feature Attributes rule consistent with other rules

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  1. Open the attached ENHMap.mpk
  2. Start an editing session and make sure Attribute Assistant is turned on
  3. Select the Facility Site Point in the middle of the screen and open the attribute editing window
  4. Run the change rules for selected feature from the Attribute Assistant toolbar
    1. Note that no feature fall within the 20 ft radius specified by the rule
  5. The FULLADDR field value changes to Null, which is the default value for that layer

If you run the same process with the Nearest Feature rule, where no feature falls within the search radius, the FULLADDR field for the feature would not change. Please make the behavior of the Nearest Feature Attributes rule consistent with the Nearest Feature rule. Tested in 10.2.2 and 10.4.1.

2. What is the problem feature X is trying to solve? (i.e. What is the problem/limitation/design choice that is preventing the customer from moving forward?)

Two similar rules in Attribute Assistant have different expected behavior. This enhancement would make the expected behavior the same for each rule.

3. What are the benefits or changes that would result from the enhancement? (i.e. How does making this change help the customer's workflow or business?)

Businesses would save time and money as they would not have to search for and fix the attributes of features where they were unexpectedly changed by the Nearest Feature Attributes rule.