Bug Number ENH-000088600
Submitted Jun 23, 2015
Modified Jun 11, 2020
Severity Medium
Applies To ArcGIS Online
Version Found 5.1
Prog Language N/A
Server Platform
Client Platform
Database N/A
Locale N/A
Status Implemented
Version Fixed 5.4
SP Fixed

Bug ENH-000088600


Create an option for admin in ArcGIS Pro to restrict user to take the license offline.

Additional Information

This is resolved by allocating name user to single use license.

Alternate Solution

1. Esri Uk encountered an inquiry from a University
The University are giving a set of licenses to students to practice from home, at the end of the course the students are still having the licenses checked on the computer.

2. Esri China is requesting this functionality with following use case (Esri case 
01915144): "Here some explanation to you why we need this as below:
- Esri has stopped providing concurrent license in ArcGIS version 10.5, and 10.5.1 will transform to Named User model. Given the background, my colleagues and I think some problem may occur, for example, supposing I have 3 available license in Portal for ArcGIS, and I assign license to 3 members, and they all authorize ArcGIS Pro to work offline, when my organization add a member, and this member want to use ArcGIS Pro, but I can't assign license for his username, because no one return license, there is no available license left, and I also can't do revoke operation in Portal for ArcGIS, although I can release license in portaladmin webpage, it may has bad effect to the release user, that's not what we want. Overall, because of limit number of available license, and we can't make sure that anyone will return license in time, besides, customers may used to concurrent license model, we think this functionality will be needed by our customer urgently in future, at least in China. so we need to restrict user to take the license offline in ArcGIS Pro!
We have this requirement urgently in china. I believe other countries has the same requirements with us, especially after esri canceling floating license from 10.5 with named user license model. Furthermore from 10.5.1 arcgis desktop will transform to named user license model. This has a great impact to many customers in China. The CTO of Esri China is very concerned about it.

3. Esri Germany's customer (The University) has requested this functionality (Esri case 01915772) with the following use case: 

- German university who allows their students to work with ArcGIS Pro via Portal named user.For example some of the students take now the license offline on their machines at home and forgot to check them out again. Now working within the university the students have no chance to use in their GIS courses the Pro license.So the university Portal for ArcGIS administrator is searching for a method to prevent such chaotic conditions.Therefore his aim is to disable for his students the offline licensing for ArcGIS Pro.