Bug Number ENH-000085158
Submitted Feb 09, 2015
Modified Sep 12, 2019
Severity Medium
Applies To ArcGIS Online
Version Found 3.6
Prog Language N/A
Server Platform N/A
Client Platform N/A
Database N/A
Locale N/A
Status Not in Current Product Plan
Version Fixed 4.4
SP Fixed N/A

Bug ENH-000085158


In ArcGIS Online, labels disappear when editing is activated; allow labels to remain visible during editing.

Additional Information

Duplicate of ENH-000101090:

Alternate Solution

Labels are often used to help a user navigate to certain features during an edit session. 
There are cases where the symbology alone of features does not provide enough information to the user as to which features need to be updated and in these cases, a user may rely on labels to navigate to features that need to be edited.
When the labels disappear when an edit session is started, the application becomes less usable.