Bug Number BUG-000088250
Submitted Jun 10, 2015
Modified Jun 16, 2015
Severity Critical
Applies To Collector for ArcGIS (Android)
Version Found 10.3
Prog Language N/A
Server Platform Android 5.1x
Client Platform Android 5.1x
Database N/A
Locale N/A
Status N/A
Version Fixed
SP Fixed

Bug BUG-000088250


Edits made to an ArcGIS Online hosted feature layer in an offline web map disappear when selected in another device consuming an offline version of the web map (post sync) in Collector for ArcGIS (Android).

Additional Information


Alternate Solution

To make the feature visible again, remove the basemap and features from the second device, and download it again. The user can also select another feature in the offline web map, and the feature is visible.