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ArcGIS Pro crashes and the message “The application cannot continue because an invalid certificate was detected.”


ArcGIS Pro crashes and the message “The application cannot continue because an invalid certificate was detected.” is displayed by the Error Report processor.



Software crashes can happen for a variety of reasons – coding errors, bad data, incompatible libraries, etc.  When an error is detected, ArcGIS Pro has the ability to catch the error and provide the user with an opportunity to submit an error report to Esri for analysis through the Esri User Experience Improvement program.

There is a category of error that can be caused by one or more modified libraries in the ArcGIS Pro install where the library is no longer supportable and is incompatible with the software.  If you receive the message “Invalid certificate detected on <library>” one of these situations has been identified . You can check the following libraries to see if one or more may have been replaced by an unsupported version.

ArcGIS Pro 3.0.3

Library NameVersion NumberBuild DateExpected SizeExpected SHA-256
AfCore.dll13.0.0.36057November 2, 20225.35 MB (5,616,480 bytes)D1A260DE355853C79C2F185D14AA1E9B7E60B2A3B026BEAA7209868906FF1355
AfCore_libFNP.dll13.0.3.36057November 2, 20229.59 MB (10,060,640 bytes)35874588B9E36D6F0D921B9A0F73F2FDFB90882E971E8E35FD494C26BA7FB725 
SoftwareAuthorizationPro.exe13.9.2.29486 November 2, 20227.09 MB (7,437,664 bytes)FE65A8F964D31BEF5D8ACE4F1F0904F7A161CFCADE28527CCAC38776AE4F5134 
SoftwareAuthorizationPro_libFNP.dll13.9.2.29486November 2, 20229.59 MB (10,060,640 bytes)F8E3C98A320081765523AC7202FBCC0370D5C0ECE3D13B939F1A1E1188192EF6
AoInitializer.dll13.0.3.36057November 2, 2022113 KB (116,064 bytes)4A42C9D94926842EBE4074C69F96CDB923D03C99955BEAF0E0890C890EC9469E
ArcGISPro.exe13.0.3.36057November 2, 2022387 KB (397,152 bytes)CCC8BC3B9292BE1CACA52FC86144B9357DE06580A32AD1788E1BEEC3FC0D6595 

Solution or Workaround

Use a tool to generate a SHA-256 hash for the library in question. Here’s an example of how to do it within Windows PowerShell with the Get-FileHash command:

PS C:\> Get-FileHash "C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\bin\AfCore.dll"

Algorithm       Hash                                                                   Path
SHA-256         D1A260DE355853C79C2F185D14AA1E9B7E60B2A3B026BEAA7209868906FF1355       C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\b... 

If the generated SHA-256 hash matches the expected SHA-256 in the above table, then the library should be an unmodified and supported version. If the generated SHA-256 hash does not match the expected SHA-256 hash in the above table, then it is possible you have an unsupported library.

If you have installed software from another party that has updated any of these libraries, it is recommended that you uninstall that software and ensure that your ArcGIS Pro install has rolled back to a known state with valid libraries, or reinstall Pro from the original Esri software install files.

If you have received an installation of ArcGIS Pro with these modified/unsupported libraries already in place, you may want to contact your software supplier or corporate Information Technology department to report the problem – These files may have been modified from the original software distribution.

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Last Published: 11/28/2022

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Software: ArcGIS Pro 3.0.3, 3.0.2, 3.0.1, 3.0