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Problem: Map Viewer in Google Chrome causes high CPU usage


Some users may run into an issue where, when opening and using Map Viewer or applications that use the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.x., they notice that the machine's CPU usage (in Windows Task Manager, for example) spikes to 100%.

Solution or Workaround

It may be necessary to enable the Use hardware acceleration when available setting in Google Chrome. Make sure that any work is saved before enabling this and relaunching, as follows:

  1. Launch Google Chrome and click the menu icon (vertical ellipsis), as shown in the next image, and click Settings. Alternatively, type chrome://settings/ into the browser search bar.
Google Chrome Settings
  1. In the Settings menu, click System. If needed, expand the Advanced drop-down section in the left sidebar.
Chrome System Settings
  1. Toggle the Use hardware acceleration when available setting to the ON position and click Relaunch to apply the changes.
Hardware Acceleration Enabled

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Last Published: 11/24/2022

Article ID: 000028546