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Problem: Upgrade SQL Server Enterprise Geodatabase option disabled


The goal of upgrading an enterprise geodatabase is to update the geodatabase system tables, stored procedures, types, and functions to take advantage of new functionality and bug fixes. The geodatabase is upgraded to the version of the ArcGIS client used to perform the upgrade.

The following behavior has been observed when attempting to upgrade a SQL Server Enterprise Geodatabase using an ArcGIS client: Connecting to the geodatabase and navigating to the Database Properties the Upgrade Geodatabase button is disabled, as shown in the next image.


Running the Upgrade Geodatabase tool fails with the following error:

Error 001046 The geodatabase is already at the current release and connect be upgraded.


The following steps can be taken to determine the cause:

  • Confirm that the user performing the upgrade has the required privileges to do so as per the required privileges documentation. 
  • Confirm that the version of the geodatabase (for example, 10.4) can be upgraded directly to 10.9.x as per the upgrade documentation. 
  • Ensure that the database can support XML columns.
  • Check whether the database version is supported with the ArcGIS client. Confirm that the enterprise geodatabase is stored in a database release that is supported for both the geodatabase and ArcGIS release used.

    For example, an enterprise geodatabase stored in SQL Server 2014 SP 2 (12.0.5), which is not supported with the ArcGIS 10.9.x client used. The list of supported SQL Server databases at ArcGIS 10.9.x is listed here

Solution or Workaround

Upgrade the SQL Server instance to SQL Server 2019, which is supported with ArcGIS 10.9.x clients. If this resolves the issue, the option to Upgrade the Geodatabase becomes available, as shown in the next image of the Database Properties dialog box.

Upgrade the Geodatabase is enabled

Upgrading the geodatabase to 10.9.1 should also be successful, as shown in the following image of the Database Properties.

Upgrade status shows correct version

Related Information

Last Published: 9/28/2022

Article ID: 000028213

Software: ArcGIS Server 10.9.1, 10.9