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Deprecation: ArcGIS Instant Apps Minimalist template


The Minimalist template in ArcGIS Instant Apps will be deprecated in the October 2022 ArcGIS Online update, and ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1.

In both ArcGIS Online and Enterprise, once Minimalist is deprecated, existing apps created from the ArcGIS Instant Apps Minimalist template will continue to work, and the app configuration can still be edited. Minimalist will be removed from ArcGIS Instant Apps home page (previously called the landing page).  

In addition, no new functionality will be added to the Minimalist nor reported issues or bugs will be fixed once Minimalist is deprecated.


We recommend users choose the Sidebar template when creating new apps for the same purpose as Minimalist.

The Sidebar template can be used to create the same app as Minimalist to showcase a map with a side panel that includes a legend, item description, and pop-up information. Sidebar has a very similar configuration experience, plus more optional capabilities, such as editing, custom theming settings, and so on.

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Last Published: 7/5/2022

Article ID: 000027867