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How To: Add arrow symbols in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer


Arrow symbols are used to indicate line directions for road networks, utility networks, wind direction, or stream flow. Follow the workflow described in this article to add arrow symbols in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer.


For single-arrow lines, the arrow placement is based on the start and end points of each line feature.
  1. In ArcGIS Online Map Viewer, on the Contents (dark) toolbar on the left of the page, click Layers.
  2. Expand the hosted feature layer and select the feature to open the Properties pane.
  3. On the Settings (light) toolbar on the right of the page, click Styles.
The Contents toolbar and the Settings toolbar
  1. In the Styles pane, under Pick a style, click Style options.
The Styles pane
  1. Under Location (Single symbol), click the pencil icon Pencil iconto expand Symbol style.
  2. Select the line color, width, and pattern.
  3. Expand Stroke and click Arrow.
  4. Select an arrow style. Click Done.
The Symbol style pane to choose an arrow style
  1. In the Styles pane, click Done to save the changes.
The Styles pane to save the changes
To rotate the direction of an arrow, click the arrow and select Edit.
The Styles pane to edit the direction of the arrow

The following image shows the lines with the arrow symbols (line direction) included.

The map showing the arrows symbols included

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Last Published: 6/21/2022

Article ID: 000027762

Software: ArcGIS Online Current