Problem: Unable to save the settings of a hosted feature layer after enabling editing


After enabling editing on a hosted feature layer that has editor tracking fields in ArcGIS Online, the following error message is returned when saving the feature layer:

Save wasn't successful. Try again later.

The image below shows the error when saving the changes after editing is enabled.

Screenshot of the item details with the "Save wasn't successful. Try again later" error.


The hosted feature layer has editor tracking fields attached. Enabling editing causes a conflict because duplicate editor tracking fields are created.

Solution or Workaround

Ensure editor tracking is not enabled when enabling editing on a hosted feature layer with editor tracking fields. On the Settings tab, the following settings must be unchecked before enabling editing and saving:

  • Keep track of created and updated features.
  • Keep track of who created and last updated features.
  • Enable Sync (disconnected editing with synchronization).
Screenshot of Enable editing while the other options are unchecked.

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Last Published: 6/1/2020

Article ID: 000018526