Technical Paper

Understanding Coordinate Management in the Geodatabase

This white paper is for users who want a more comprehensive understanding of how feature coordinates are managed within the geodatabase. It discusses the properties of a spatial reference, feature coordinate storage in the geodatabase, high precision vs. low precision spatial references, and data migration strategies between the two types of spatial references.

This white paper examines how feature coordinates are managed within the geodatabase. It has three main objectives:

  1. To provide background information on the spatial reference property of geographic features in ArcGIS.
  2. To explain how feature coordinates for vector based geographic data are stored and managed within the geodatabase.
  3. To discuss data migration strategies for users who may be working with GIS data in both high precision (ArcGIS 9.2) and low precision (pre-ArcGIS 9.2) spatial references.

This will enable users to better manage their GIS data, and help them leverage the geodatabase in their vector data migration workflows.

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