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Technical Paper

ArcSDE Technical Briefs from ESRI's Systems Integration Services

Technical briefs are concise technical papers that offer the latest ESRI software solution and vendor solution trends affecting enterprise GIS.

ArcSDE High-Availability Overview: This paper examines the components of an ArcSDE implementation, the elements that are required for high-availability, and the options for implementing them. It also discusses some of the implications in choosing the various options so that you can make informed decisions regarding these configurations.

ArcSDE Geodatabase Replication Overview: This paper explores the realities of replicating data in an ArcGIS enterprise using an ArcSDE geodatabase, and an industry standard DBMS.

ArcSDE Tiered Hardware Configurations: Discussion of how ArcSDE is part of a flexible GIS data management architecture and can be configured in either a two-tier or three-tier hardware configuration with multiple GIS client connection options.

Enterprise Storage Technologies: Explores the differences among storage solutions: Direct Attach Storage (DAS), Storage Area Network (SAN), and Network Attach Storage (NAS).

Image Storage Architecture: A discussion of Image Storage Architecture (ISA) in enterprise GIS environments.

ArcSDE 9.0 and SQL Server 2000 MSCS Active/Passive Cluster Configuration: This paper document a working configuration of ArcSDE 9.0 and Microsoft's SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition, in an Active/Passive Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) configuration. This is in support of an ArcSDE high-availability configuration, which is required for some GIS environments. This report is not all-inclusive and is intended for technical engineers experienced with ArcSDE, SQL Server 2000, and MSCS clusters.

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