Calcite Design System 2.latest

Release date: December 1, 2023

Technical support; support status general availability

Technical Support

Support status: General Availability

General Availability
Dec 1, 2023-Next release


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Multiple version table


VersionRelease dateGeneral AvailabilityExtendedMatureRetiredRelease notes
2.latestDecember 1, 2023Dec 1, 2023 – Next Release---GitHub
Developers site
1.11.0November 21, 2023November 21, 2023 – December 1, 2023Dec 1, 2023 – Nov 30, 2024Dec 1, 2024 – Nov 30, 2025December 1, 2025GitHub
January 2023 Summary

Additional product information

Calcite Design System follows semantic versioning. That means that:

Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, increment the:

  • MAJOR version when we make incompatible API changes (these breaking changes require developers to make changes in their code in order to work with the next major version)
  • MINOR version when we add functionality in a backward compatible manner
  • PATCH version when we make backward compatible bug fixes

Esri supports the latest MINOR version of a MAJOR release. Patches created to address bugs found in a release will be applied to the latest MINOR version of a supported MAJOR release. 

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