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ArcGIS Online Issues Addressed List – February 2024

Published: May 10, 2024


This page contains a list of issues addressed in the February 2024 update to ArcGIS Online that were logged through Support Services.


Defect Number


BUG-000135903Unable to change the ownership of items for hosted view layers created from a join between a hosted feature layer and hosted view.
BUG-000141728When using the Compare configurable app in ArcGIS Online, adding a map with a basemap of any transparency level causes the blue loading icon to remain on the map.
BUG-000143174The chart's legend in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer does not honor the applied filter.
BUG-000143834In ArcGIS Online, the error message, "There was an error while adding this item." is returned when adding ArcGIS Enterprise hosted standalone tables through the URL in the item details page if the service URL ends with '/FeatureServer'.
BUG-000148376PDFs exported from the Instant Apps Sidebar template do not maintain all elements within the same page when using the landscape page layout.
BUG-000149477In ArcGIS Experience Builder, no data is previewed in the thumbnail when selecting the 'Create thumbnail from map' option when creating an app.
BUG-000153889Web Map Service (WMS) layers do not display on the Instant Apps Sidebar template legend or layer list as expected when published.
BUG-000155774Both the Offset Distance and Position parameters are not preserved when an ArcGIS Pro 3D style is published as a web style.
BUG-000157001The Smart Editor widget features with Arcade expressions are not drawing when the attribute table containing 50 fields is open in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder.
BUG-000157104Scene Viewer in Portal for ArcGIS does not honor an organization’s default map extent when a custom basemap is added with a custom extent.
BUG-000157395In ArcGIS Instant Apps, the scale bar in the Sidebar template defaults to the US standard of imperial units.
BUG-000158376A transparency percentage of 100% means fully transparent in ArcGIS Pro, whereas 100% means fully opaque in the Instant App Nearby template.
BUG-000158805In ArcGIS Dashboards, the title and other elements supporting rich text (indicators, lists, and so forth) do not have the HTML abbr tag maintained.
BUG-000158888When syncing a feature class between Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online through a collaboration, the sync fails with a 413 error for the feature service in Portal for ArcGIS.
BUG-000159376The layer's style in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer does not show a histogram graph when there is an Arcade expression applied.
BUG-000159677When working with Counts and Amounts (size) symbology in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer, the Size Range slider obtains a fixed slot of 13 values and can also be set to negative values if the Classify data option is enabled.
BUG-000159682On iPad devices, the ArcGIS Instant Apps Sidebar template does not display the pop-up information after a feature is selected.
BUG-000160008When attempting to add a secure feature service layer to a web map in the ArcGIS Online Map Viewer using the 'Add layer from URL' option, the error message, "Service does not exist or is inaccessible." is returned.
BUG-000161579Unable to overwrite the entire feature layer when the layer is published from OneDrive in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000161603Unable to add records to a hosted table that includes MRD as a value for a field labeled 'City'.
BUG-000161933In ArcGIS StoryMaps, a YouTube video added via the Embed option is blocked when opened using the 'Watch on YouTube' option.
BUG-000162237The layer visibility has no effect on the functionality in the ArcGIS Instant Apps Nearby app.
BUG-000162260Inconsistency in layer highlighting for the ArcGIS Instant Apps Zone Lookup template, leading to uncertainty over which polygon is selected.
BUG-000162335The 'Show drawing options' drop-down menu in the Smart Editor widget remains on the screen until the web app is reloaded if the widget is closed while the drop-down menu is visible.
BUG-000162393Arcade elements configured in the pop-up of a table is not retained when viewing it in the Details element in ArcGIS Dashboards.
BUG-000162524Exporting data from an ArcGIS Experience Builder widget fails when the app is embedded within ArcGIS StoryMaps.
BUG-000162695An image is resizing after adding a link to the image in an ArcGIS Instant Apps app with the Zone Lookup template.
BUG-000162703Incorrect credit estimation when batch geocoding from a file in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000162729When an attribute containing HTML tags is selected through the Filter widget, the HTML formatting is correctly displayed in the results list, but the tags are visible when the option is selected.
BUG-000162763The ArcGIS Instant Apps Sidebar and Nearby templates show an image file icon in the introduction window instead of an image.
BUG-000162840Unable to enter spaces if the text is pasted into the Title field when saving scenes in ArcGIS Online Scene Viewer.
BUG-000162861In the home page item gallery, when the apps shared in the group are from a different organization, users cannot directly access it in the gallery cards.
BUG-000162967Both Map Viewer and Map Viewer Classic fail to use credentials for authentication for a secure WFS when these are provided as custom parameters.
BUG-000163020PDF items shared from a distributed collaboration between Portal and EU or APAC Online organizations fail to open.
BUG-000163043The item gallery added to Content blocks are not editable in the 'Edit home page' option when the group associated with the gallery is configured to be visible only to group members.
BUG-000163062Unable to search items from a cloud drive while trying to add a new item to ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000163203The Home button on the Category Gallery template of ArcGIS Instant Apps zooms the feature layer to the world extent instead of the extent of the data on the feature layer.
BUG-000163212Inconsistent percentile results across ArcGIS Dashboards (especially when ahead of UTC standard).
BUG-000163302When searching for groups in the Groups tab of ArcGIS Online, the search characters are deleted if they are typed during the search process.
BUG-000163337The Filter widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder does not show the 'Search more' option when the maximum record count is equal to the number of 'Page size' records.
BUG-000163443When creating a chart for the table in the ArcGIS Online Map Viewer pop-up, the pop-ups pane is disabled after a chart is selected.
BUG-000163480The ArcGIS Instant Apps Slider template returns the error, "No time extent" when the time display option is set to 'Show features progressively' in the web map time slider options.
BUG-000163496The 'Add find my current location' option does not show in the introduction window for an ArcGIS Instant Apps app.
BUG-000163553When opening ArcGIS Instant Apps created in ArcGIS Online, a white screen is displayed on a mobile device with only a small map view visible when zoomed out.
BUG-000163557If a map service's root REST endpoint URL is added to a map, the pop-up for the first feature selected disappears quickly when interacting with the map in ArcGIS Experience Builder.
BUG-000163833When adding an OGC Web Feature Service (WFS) to Map Viewer in ArcGIS Online, the error message "The layer cannot be added to the map" is returned, but the same service works without error in Map Viewer Classic.
BUG-000163839Administrators or the owner of an editable hosted feature layer without query capability (when editing settings are configured to 'Add' only and 'Editors can't see any features, even those they add') cannot see features in ArcGIS Experience Builder.
BUG-000163840When embedding ArcGIS Instant Apps shared at the organization level with certain templates in an iframe on a website, the user cannot log in to ArcGIS Online to access the app.
BUG-000163846Geocoding credits are erroneously applied when appending a CSV file to an existing hosted feature service, updating only attributes, when one of the mapped fields from the CSV is named after an address field such as City, State, or ZIP Code. This issue also occurs if the matching field is not an address field.
BUG-000163881ArcGIS Online joined hosted feature layer view is missing fields when the same field names are used in target and the join layers when using the Create View Layer option from the hosted feature layer's details page.
BUG-000164025The Attachment Viewer template with a map-focused layout in ArcGIS Instant Apps does not dynamically update the label or pop-up when zooming.
BUG-000164033The extent of a layer is deleted after running the Truncate Tool in ArcGIS Online REST Services Directory Admin.
BUG-000164061ArcGIS Online home page typography changes that are not saved still display after closing out of the Home Page editor, unless the browser page is refreshed.
BUG-000164182ArcGIS Dashboards pie charts have reduced in size.
BUG-000164369Unable to scroll through the List element using the keyboard in ArcGIS Dashboards.
BUG-000164417The number of members per page is not updated accurately in the pending members list in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000164456The Enable COGO tool is not reflected in the layer's properties in ArcGIS Pro for a feature line layer from ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000164504In ArcGIS Online, the item details page of static file types such as PDFs is not supposed to provide the option to update the data if the proper privileges are missing.
BUG-000164815The ArcGIS Maritime extension is grayed out when trying to assign it to a user with the ArcGIS Pro Standard Named User license.
BUG-000164830The TextFormatting.NewLine arcade function does not add a new line when exporting pop-ups through the ArcGIS Instant Apps Public Notification template.Edit Synopsis
BUG-000164835The ArcGIS Instant Apps Nearby template does not print the map when 'Cover page' is enabled.
BUG-000164898Selecting an item gallery as a content block loads indefinitely in the home page editor if the ArcGIS Online subscription does not have any groups made.
BUG-000164948The Subscription Content option is missing in the Scene Viewer.
BUG-000165001When editing the access notice in ArcGIS Online, new lines in the text are converted to HTML tags, resulting in the loss of text formatting.
BUG-000165183When adding an express map to ArcGIS StoryMaps, closing the story before completing the 'place map' workflow, the draft story becomes corrupted and inaccessible.

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