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ArcGIS Server 10.9.1 Utility Network and Data Management Patch 5

Published: July 7, 2023


Esri announces the ArcGIS Server 10.9.1 Utility Network and Data Management Patch 5. This patch addresses several functional issues with the 10.9.1 utility network release, and core data management issues.  Apart from those explicitly listed, the patch also targets performance issues in the enterprise system, specifically related to the utility network with an emphasis on enhancing quality and performance in the areas of validate, update subnetwork, and reconcile. It is recommended for all utility network customer using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1. This Utility Network and Data Management patch is cumulative and includes all fixes from earlier Utility Network patches. These fixes are listed below under Issues addressed with this patch.

Issues addressed with this patch

  • BUG-000158186 - Improve branch versioning workflow performance and correctness.
  • BUG-000158185 - Improve enable and validate network topology performance and correctness.
  • BUG-000158184 - Provide the ability to create SubnetLine features to capture summaries even in cases where no aggregated lines are specified for the tier.
  • BUG-000155261 - The Conflict Manager fails to display conflicts when a subtype group layer is published as a referenced feature service.
  • BUG-000154999 - Differences and Reconcile may return incorrect results for classes registered after the version was created or last reconciled.
  • BUG-000154794 - Subnetwork traces stop unexpectedly by associations not present in the network index.
  • BUG-000154758 - Improve query performance during the update subnetwork operation.
  • BUG-000154727 - Syncing on SAP HANA with non-versioned archiving data can crash the feature service process on the server.
  • BUG-000154369 - Avoid rewriting the element associations pages when not necessary.
  • BUG-000154328 - The Evaluate Rules geoprocessing tool does not consider selected rows from tables.
  • BUG-000153528 - Receive Error 999999 when executing Arcade expression on Batch Calculation Attribute Rule w/ "Exclude from application evaluation" enabled.
  • BUG-000153133 - Isolation trace is not returning correct result when there is a downstream directional device.
  • BUG-000152242 - Revisit the fix to multiple starting points with directional devices to improve performance.
  • BUG-000148398 - Poor asynchronous validate performance at the full extent in the Default version.
  • BUG-000146698 - The Select by Location tool experiences performance degradation when upgrading from ArcGIS Server 10.8.1 Utility Network Patch 4 to ArcGIS Server 10.8.1 Utility Network Patch 5b or ArcGIS Server 10.8.1 Utility Network Patch 6.

To avoid conflicts with patch also addresses:

  • BUG-000156846 - Container Split Policy is not honored for nonspatial junction and edge object content when container line is split
  • BUG-000156763 - Post must obtain the current list of modified tables for a version prior to the posting operation.
  • BUG-000156281 - Publishing a hosted feature layer from an uploaded file in ArcGIS Enterprise fails with an undefined error after installing ArcGIS Server 10.9.1 Utility Network and Data Management Patch 4 or ArcGIS Server 10.8.1 Utility Network Patch 9.
  • BUG-000155871 - When performing a realignment with abandonment with 'Recalibrate route downstream' unchecked and point event's 'Calibrate Route' event behavior rule set to 'Move', the upstream event record gets the Location Error value of 'Route Location Not Found'.
  • BUG-000155737 - The Realign Route tool fails and returns the error message: "error processing edits on Server" for exceptionally long routes.
  • BUG-000155578 - Export Subnetwork does not export all specified resultFields in the export JSON when shape_Length or shape_Area are included
  • BUG-000155422 - Running the Generate Routes tool using the Postmile network changes the Odometer values in a linear referencing system (LRS) Dataset (published and branch versioned).
  • BUG-000154803 - Adding new or moving existing calibration points associated with a postmile network using the core editing tools in ArcGIS Pro returns an error message.
  • BUG-000154801 - In postmile networks, a request in the ArcGIS REST API Measure To Geometry operation for the measures at the end of a route and the beginning of the next route, which span a gap, does not return the correct geometry.
  • BUG-000154794 - Reconcile is not setting the association status bit too dirty for associations which were validated in the version prior to reconcile.
  • BUG-000154749 - In the ArcGIS Pro Location Referencing toolbox, the Update Measure From LRS tool fails to calculate measures for points on a coincident route.
  • BUG-000154463 - Improve performance of traces containing junction-junction connectivity associations.
  • BUG-000154441 - Any geoprocessing service fails at the REST endpoint when it references a feature class participating in the trace network.
  • BUG-000152897 - Splitting a structure line feature with the policy of Split Content does not associate content features to the new container line created by the split operation.
  • BUG-000152770 - The Export Subnetwork tool fails when Shape_Length is included in the result fields.
  • BUG-000152746 - The Error Inspector does not update correctly if two instances of error layers from a validation-enabled feature service with Arcade attribute rules are present in a map.
  • BUG-000152592 - Phase propagation fails to continue as expected after encountering a device with a modified phase current.
  • BUG-000152495 - Export subnetwork files must have the correct server prefix to allow the server to delete files.
  • BUG-000152378 - Remove singleton queries from validate when accessing the eidmappings table.
  • BUG-000152378 - Remove singleton queries from validate when accessing the EIDMapping table
  • BUG-000152239 - Heuristic to improve the Validate Consistency performance.
  • BUG-000152209 - Validate returns the discovered subnetworks in the response payload.
  • BUG-000152129 - Applying raster function templates to mosaic datasets crashes ArcGIS Pro if the template is created using Vector Field symbols. (Added 2/6/23)
  • BUG-000152124 - Slow query when expanding associated data in Attributes pane
  • BUG-000152047 - Optimize Oracle branch version spatial query to use DBMS 'rowid' instead of 'gdb_archive_oid' when joining to the analytic subquery.
  • BUG-000152047 - Optimize Oracle branch version spatial query to use DBMS Rowid instead of GDB_ARCHIVE_OID when joining to the analytic subquery
  • BUG-000152042 - The branch versioning reconcile and post require an application lock to ensure only one SOC per session can perform the operations.
  • BUG-000152041 - Reconciling a version fails with the following error, "Null geometries are not allowed."
  • BUG-000151865 - Poor performance when running ValidatingSubnetworkTraceResult during the Update Subnetwork operation.
  • BUG-000151865 - Improve time spent ValidatingSubnetworkTraceResult during Update Subnetwork operation.
  • BUG-000151822 - Slow performance when viewing associations in Oracle.
  • BUG-000151804 - The sde_purge_process_information procedure and delete statement can become blocked by uncommitted transactions on sys.objects.
  • BUG-000151792 - The Generate Routes tool creates incorrect results.
  • BUG-000151789 - Feature.AssociationStatus is out of sync after creating associations via an attribute rule.
  • BUG-000151626 - Remove the singleton query from midspan connectivity processing.
  • BUG-000151626 - Remove singleton query from midspan connectivity processing (validate)
  • BUG-000151624 - Add MAXDOP 1 to all branch versioned queries that do not have a spatial or attribute-provided query filter.
  • BUG-000151544 - The sde_branch_tables_modified primary cluster key must be branch_id, edit_moment, and registration_id.
  • BUG-000151543 - Remove NOT EXISTS statements and replace them with where 'rn > 1' for branch versioning procedures.
  • BUG-000151537 - Add the forceseek index hint to the delete statement in the SDE_Branch_modified_def_delete_procedure.
  • BUG-000151443 - The Validate Network Topology tool with a Utility Network Version 3 deletes dirty areas when error features are present.
  • BUG-000151400 - Creating multipart dirty area results in a SE_SHAPE with CAD properties.
  • BUG-000151399 - Remove singleton query during the build to cache containment and attachment association records.
  • BUG-000151397 - Silver dirty area features are not being removed by validate.
  • BUG-000151335 - The validate process generates invalid errors for line terminals due to clipping.
  • BUG-000151324 - Address duplicate vertex errors caused by conflicting XY and Z tolerances.
  • BUG-000151323 - The validate network topology operation is fetching the entire subnetworks table.
  • BUG-000151321 - The validate network topology operation on a UN3 release is incorrectly fetching all error features.
  • BUG-000151315 - Validate is fetching the entire dirty area class.
  • BUG-000151314 - Enable or validate using the wrong error code for vertices within the spatial reference tolerance, which must be error code 5.
  • BUG-000151237 - Reconcile fails on v3 [Invalid column name 'STATUS'. UN_6_Association]
  • BUG-000151193 - The GetUser(portal) function fails in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1.
  • BUG-000151073 - Random poor performance and response times are encountered when editing, validating or reconciling versions.
  • BUG-000151073 - branch version DML statements which use the gdb_ct1 or ct2 index via a scan will be blocked by long running transactions
  • BUG-000150887 - Creating an enterprise geodatabase in SAP HANA results in the imv_view_name column in the GDB_Table_registry table only allowing 32 characters.
  • BUG-000150864 - Realign Route fails in an APR-UN environment if the beginning/end of the centerline(s) used for the realignment don't touch the route.
  • BUG-000150808 - Archive difference (DIFF) tables should be created as global temporary tables in Microsoft Azure SQL Databases.
  • BUG-000150652 - Utility Network Version 3 produces duplicate records for the same type of dirty area for the same modified feature.
  • BUG-000150504 - When editing vertices to relocate an electric junction and change the subnetwork connected to the service line, mark the new subnetwork as dirty while the original subnetwork is never flagged as dirty preventing the Update Subnetwork tool from being performed.
  • BUG-000150026 - Importing Associations populates values for the From/ToTerminalID fields in the Associations table when it is not applicable.
  • BUG-000149966 - Realign Route with abandonment fails when there are 200+ centerlines involved in the edit due to Pro timeout.
  • BUG-000149876 - RestoreRow fails when an origin row is restored and participates in two relationship classes.
  • BUG-000149811 - When adding a feature service containing query layers in ArcGIS Pro, a getEstimates call is returned which results in the error message, "code":500,"message":"Error performing estimates operation","details" returned.
  • BUG-000149770 - When publishing map image layers with labels enabled in ArcGIS Pro 2.8.2 to Portal for ArcGIS (10.8.1 or 10.9.1), labels initially appear but completely disappear upon editing.
  • BUG-000149552 - A map service query layer fails to query statistics if the data is not registered with the geodatabase and sdo geometry is the storage type.
  • BUG-000149497 - When importing associations, logically deleted records must be filtered during duplication check with Utility Network 4.
  • BUG-000149496 - Improve the validation performance for queries to the EIDMapping table.
  • BUG-000149297 - Aggregated trace results with a function barrier on the shape length are returning the entire line.
  • BUG-000148965 - The validation service operation checks the entire data workspace instead of only validating the layers included in the service.
  • BUG-000148965 - Evaluate is reading the entire workspace
  • BUG-000148896 - The Error Inspector does not update correctly if two instances of error layers from a validation-enabled feature service are present in a map.
  • BUG-000148539 - Reconciling a utility network's named version returns the error message, "The subnetwork controller name already exists in the specified tier. []."
  • BUG-000148467 - A map service created with SDO_geometry data type, referencing a non-enterprise geodatabase, fails to query when a polygon search geometry and outStatistics parameters are used.
  • BUG-000148331 - IsDirty property is not set to 'True' after editing an embedded tier in the utility network. Subsequently, Subnetwork Name for lower tiers is not updated, even after running Update.
  • BUG-000148070 - Missing geometry for some features after running the Export Subnetwork tool with the Include Geometry parameter enabled.
  • BUG-000147861 - Creating an association through an attribute rule fails with the error message, "unknown error" in an SQL Server Enterprise environment. The server incorrectly reports that the association already exists.
  • BUG-000147798 - Update the ImportCredentials function to support printing token-based secure services.
  • BUG-000147765 - Certification of Microsoft ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server connections.
  • BUG-000147713 - Validating topology on specific dirty areas in a customer utility network fails with a generic error.
  • BUG-000147630 - Using the Modify Associations pane in a versioned data results in a long delay, and fails with a deadlock error.
  • BUG-000147611 - Unable to display labels for ArcGIS Server map services if the Clipping and Image Spatial Reference parameters are filled.
  • BUG-000147316 - Arcpy based print service fails to add a table from a map service with aMap.addDataFromPath() function.
  • BUG-000147190 - Asynchronous Database cursors can cause performance impacts on SQL Server keyset cursors.
  • BUG-000147165 - Date/time values do NOT get converted to UTC for XY Event layer when the source is a query layer.
  • BUG-000146998 - Restoring a row via Conflict Manager may create a scenario where dirty areas become out of sync.
  • BUG-000146789 - The Export Subnetwork tool fails and returns the error message, "Operation is only allowed by the owner of the version" unless the user is the owner of the version or the version access is public.
  • BUG-000146762 - Reduce network traffic between the database and server when running the Update Subnetwork tool.
  • BUG-000146752 - Relating a branch versioned point to a related table record in a child version does not display in the Version Changes window when the relationship class is attributed.
  • BUG-000146698 - The Select by Location tool experiences performance degradation when upgrading from ArcGIS Server 10.8.1 Utility Network Patch 4 to ArcGIS Server 10.8.1 Utility Network Patch 5b or ArcGIS Server 10.8.1 Utility Network Patch 6
  • BUG-000146650 - The contingent values are not ported over when switching from the default version to a child version using the Contents pane.
  • BUG-000146481 - Some operations against feature services with branch versioned data that use asynchronous processing are being allowed for portal users that are not version administrators when the default version has protected access.
  • BUG-000146391 - The cartographic realignment of a route with a high number of vertices and multiple time slices is taking an excessive amount of time to complete.
  • BUG-000146342 - The Utility Network service fails to start with the error message, "The dataset name is invalid" returned.
  • BUG-000146187 - When a feature class in a geodatabase has fields with defined default values, and the user publishes a feature layer, the resulting feature templates in the feature service do not have any default values.
  • BUG-000145832 - An RFT saved from the symbology pane for a multidimensional raster does not display when used as a symbology template for the same layer.
  • BUG-000145428 - Optimization to reconcile by avoiding expensive sublineage queries by removing the 'not in' clause.
  • BUG-000145428 - Branch versioning reconcile trim delete statement optimization to avoid full fetching all rowids in the sublineage (removing NOT IN subquery)
  • BUG-000145357 - Propagation not working correctly for lines connected to the same terminal on a device with multiple terminals
  • BUG-000145334 - A dirty area returns "Status 9" after validation when the errors are created (expect '8').
  • BUG-000145322 - Update Subnetwork fails with 999999 "Arithmetic overflow error converting float to data type numeric."
  • BUG-000145060 - Provide a way to disable post processing in validate (marking subnetwork controllers as dirty)
  • BUG-000144988 - Editing a centerline that is a curve that is not associated with a route throws a 3D error
  • BUG-000144877 - System is failing to write the burn-in propagated values to phasesenergized field
  • BUG-000144700 - The error, 'insufficient permissions', can occur on reconcile if the service was published by a database user which does not have permissions to a Utility Network present in the same database by another database user schema.
  • BUG-000144689 - When an export map request including a definition expression on an invalid map layer is performed on a dynamic map service, the service returns incorrect query results until it is restarted.
  • BUG-000144666 - Long running Save Edits operation in branch version results in ArcGIS Pro error "Save Edits Failed".
  • BUG-000144593 - V3 Utility Networks regenerate Association Dirty Areas in incorrect locations
  • BUG-000144420 - Reconcile fails with collation conflict error when database collation is different than instance collation.
  • BUG-000144260 - Slow performance when reconciling a branch version in PostgreSQL using the default work_mem settings.
  • BUG-000144240 - Export Subnetwork taking a long time on specific utility network
  • BUG-000143940 - Validate Network Topology (async) does not include Success flag to statusUrl when "Success = true"
  • BUG-000143892 - Reconcile failed on v3 with (an expected field not found)
  • BUG-000143529 - Error occurs when running "service area analysis" tool: Error DBMS table not found Invalid object name 'sde.sessions_137833_5'
  • BUG-000140779 - When reconciling edits on a feature service with a set time zone, date type fields display incorrectly in the Conflict Manager.
  • BUG-000136842 - Using the Identify tool in the ArcGIS Server Rest API returns one result if a layer is configured as a raster layer.
  • BUG-000135875 - Unable to apply a layer definition to Mosaic Dataset map service layers when published from ArcGIS Pro.


Installing this patch on Windows

This patch should be installed on all ArcGIS Server installations related to the ArcGIS Server site. The ArcGIS Server 10.9.1 Setup Program Patch is a mandatory prerequisite for installing this patch on Windows. Please download and install the ArcGIS Server 10.9.1 Setup Program Patch before attempting to install this patch.

The ArcGIS product listed in the table must be installed on your system before you can install a patch. Each patch setup is specific to the ArcGIS product in the list. To determine which products are installed on your system, please see the How to identify which ArcGIS products are installed section. Esri recommends that you install the patch for each product that is on your system.

Step 1: Download the appropriate file to a location other than your ArcGIS installation location.

ArcGIS Enterprise Version ArcGIS Server Checksum (SHA256)
  10.9.1 ArcGIS-1091-S-UNDM5-Patch.msp E5FC0799E3D4DEA4E1B4EA396FB97FBECAE8A99998B038800D65FEFECC158B4A


Step 2: Make sure you have write access to your ArcGIS installation location.

Step 3: Double-click ArcGIS-1091-S-UNDM5-Patch.msp to start the setup process.

NOTE: If double clicking on the MSP file does not start the setup installation, you can start the setup installation manually by using the following command:

msiexec.exe /p [location of Patch]\ArcGIS-1091-S-UNDM5-Patch.msp


Installing this patch on Linux

Complete the following install steps as the ArcGIS Install owner. The Install owner is the owner of the arcgis folder. This patch should be installed on all ArcGIS Server installations related to the ArcGIS Server site.

The ArcGIS product listed in the table must be installed on your system before you can install a patch. Each patch setup is specific to the ArcGIS product in the list. To determine which products are installed on your system, please see the How to identify which ArcGIS products are installed section. Esri recommends that you install the patch for each product that is on your system.

  1. Download the appropriate file to a location other than your ArcGIS installation location.

ArcGIS Enterprise Version ArcGIS Server Checksum (SHA256)
10.9.1 ArcGIS-1091-S-UNDM5-Patch-linux.tar 5784D39D1BA005AC29C110915C1E731F7629FDC85524FE53DF1973F84946B228

2. Make sure you have write access to your ArcGIS installation location, and that no one is using ArcGIS.

3. Extract the specified tar file by typing:

% tar -xvf ArcGIS-1091-S-UNDM5-Patch-linux.tar

  4. Start the installation by typing:

% ./applypatch

This will start the dialog for the menu-driven installation procedure. Default selections are noted in parentheses ( ). To quit the installation procedure, type 'q' at any time.

Upgrade a geodatabase

When a hotfix or patch for ArcGIS has been applied, it may also be necessary to upgrade your geodatabase depending on the nature of fixes included. See the Upgrade the Geodatabase section on the Geodatabase management page for your individual DBMS platform for more information. Executing the steps below will not cause any harm if your geodatabase is already at the required level, so the recommended approach is to follow the steps as outlined. If your database is already at the required level, you will get a message indicating so.

Upgrading from ArcGIS Server requires the use of Python. If you are working with ArcGIS Server on Windows or Linux, you can access the appropriate Python 3 environment by using the python.exe which is included with the framework/runtime components of ArcGIS Server. Additionally, on Windows a script batch file is available to launch the Python 3 environment.

To perform the upgrade, create a script using this example Python syntax, and name the script

import arcpy
arcpy.UpgradeGDB_management(Connection_File_Name_full_path, "PREREQUISITE_CHECK", "UPGRADE")


On Windows, run the upgrade script explicitly using the Python 3 environment. If ArcGIS Server is installed to the default location, the script can be executed with either of the following commands:

"C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Server\framework\runtime\ArcGIS\bin\Python\scripts\propy.bat" C:\temp\


"C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Server\framework\runtime\ArcGIS\bin\Python\envs\arcgispro-py3\python.exe" C:\temp\


On Linux, launch the Python 3 environment using the following commands:

source /<arcgis_server_installation_directory>/arcgis/server/framework/etc/arcenv

And then execute the upgrade script with the following command:

wine "Z:\<arcgis_server_installation_directory>\arcgis\server\framework\runtime\ArcGIS\bin\Python\envs\arcgispro-py3\python.exe" <path_To>\

Uninstalling this patch on Windows

To uninstall this patch on Windows, open the Windows Control Panel and navigate to installed programs. Make sure that "View installed updates" (upper left side of the Programs and Features dialog) is active. Select the patch name from the programs list and click Uninstall to remove the patch.

Uninstalling this patch on Linux

To remove this patch, navigate to the <Product Installation Directory>/.Setup/qfe directory and run the following script as the ArcGIS Install owner:


The script allows you to uninstall previously installed patches or hot fixes. Use the -s status flag to get the list of installed patches or hot fixes ordered by date. Use the -q flag to remove patches or hot fixes in reverse chronological order by date they were installed. Type removepatch -h for usage help.

Restart your ArcGIS services.

How to identify which ArcGIS products are installed

To determine which ArcGIS products are installed, choose the appropriate version of the PatchFinder utility for your environment and run it from your local machine. PatchFinder will list all products, hot fixes, and patches installed on your local machine.

PatchFinder for Windows

PatchFinder for Linux/Unix

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