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ArcGIS Online Issues Addressed List – February 2023

Published: May 15, 2023


This page contains a list of issues addressed in the February 2023 update to ArcGIS Online that were logged through Support Services.


Defect Number



Unable to delete existing folders (created using a Python script) through the ArcGIS Notebook interface.


Special characters allowed by Snowflake in a password cause the ArcGIS Insights database connection to return null.


The ArcGIS Experience Builder Map element does not auto-refresh symbology when there is a Refresh Interval set on a layer either in the ArcGIS Experience Builder app or in the related web map after the February 2023 ArcGIS Online update.


The Results window is located in the upper left corner of a page when the Search widget is placed in Widget Controller in ArcGIS Experience Builder. The window must be located below the Search widget.


Include the dataset's 'modified' date property in the ArcGIS Hub DCAT-AP 2.0.1 feed (as it is included in the DCAT-US 1.1 feed).


When a feature layer created from a service URL is included as a layer source for a Search widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder, the 'Zoom to' action is not triggered for certain search sources depending on the order.


Unable to add a blank feature service from ArcGIS Server to ArcGIS Online as an item.


Reflected XSS vulnerability in Portal for ArcGIS.


Data in a publicly shared ArcGIS Dashboards dashboard with map actions enabled is dramatically altered.


The Usage tab of the item details page for some feature layers display a significant drop in requests since the ArcGIS Online November 2022 update.


In ArcGIS Dashboards, a page is unresponsive when a category selector has filter actions, and the 'Render only when filtered' option is enabled for two serial charts with filter actions selected against each other.


Pop-ups do not work in the ArcGIS Instant Apps Slider template with any layer after the first layer.


The scrollbar for the result panel in the Nearby ArcGIS Instant Apps does not change when a feature is selected on the map panel if the ArcGIS Instant Apps is embedded.


Applying a filter causes labels in a Chart widget to be reversed when the locale is set to Hebrew in ArcGIS Experience Builder.


The introduction panel is not working in the Interactive Legend of ArcGIS Instant Apps.


The option to add a custom symbol in the new ArcGIS Online Map Viewer is not available.


A grey background appeared after adding a transparent graphic vector picture (.svg) to ArcGIS StoryMaps.


A chart fails to load when a message action for the List widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder uses attribute records with the apostrophe symbol.


When Map Viewer Classic is the primary map viewer, selecting "Save Layer" after making styling changes in the Visualization tab of a feature layer's Item details page in ArcGIS Online presents a 'Save changes?' pop-up window continuously loading.


Unable to view the StoryMap in the Content tab, if it is duplicated from a partnered collaboration group.


When a legend is included in the Print widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder, grouped layers are not displayed in the legend.


In ArcGIS Insights Desktop's Data Engineering workbooks, when reopening a workbook after creating a new column with a name containing Japanese characters, the Japanese characters are replaced with '_'.


Improper handling of special characters when using Suggest API.


The attribute information in Japanese is distorted when exporting selected features from the Query widget to CSV in the ArcGIS Experience Builder web app.


The 'Update' Administrative Priviledge allows users to edit all features, even when the 'Edit Features' and 'Edit with Full Control' privileges are turned off


Webhooks on feature services do not consistently trigger after the change events in ArcGIS Online.


[BETA] Unable to disable 'Only search in <Organization Name>' filter when searching for content or groups outside of Organization


When using the Smart Editor widget in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder, the administrator cannot edit feature attributes created by other members.


Users registering for a new community account are not automatically added to the followers group when the Follow button is used to follow an ArcGIS Hub initiative.


In ArcGIS Experience Builder, text widgets with dynamic content display the SUM statistic function (for example SUM({Field Name})) instead of '0' if there are no records for the selected field.


Improve the documentation on Region filter options available when searching for content on


Unable to use the GlobalID or global unique identifier (GUID) fields for join features analyses using the Join Features tool in Map Viewer.


The geocoder in the search bar yields inconsistent 'No Results' when two or more search sources are present in the Search Configuration in ArcGIS Instant Apps.


All elements of a dashboard become unavailable when one or more layers are not available in the referenced maps or app elements.


The ArcGIS Business Analyst infographic does not display points referenced from a feature collection in the map element when exported as a PDF file.


Duplicate rows are displayed when opening a table in the ArcGIS Hub gallery card.


ArcGIS Dashboards table element is unable to filter fields with a coded domain value of zero (0).


After changing a public ArcGIS Hub site name, the browser tab briefly displays the previous site name when loading.


[BETA] Enable or disable attachments button does not work a expected.


Users with a custom role that cannot 'create groups with any organizations members' can still select 'allow any organization members to join' when creating a group even though they do not have that privilege.


Feature counts in the ArcGIS Instant App Interactive Legend template do not show the total counts.


The status bar display is inconsistent in the Citizen Problem Reporter web application from the Citizen Problem Reporter solution.


Unable to update the Data Source URL for web mapping apps created in ArcGIS Online, including ArcGIS Web AppBuilder and ArcGIS Instant Apps.


Domain codes are displayed instead of descriptions in the ArcGIS Dashboards List widget and Data table when the layer is symbolized using unique values.


No option to 'Set filter' or 'View in table' presented with the Add Data widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder.


After the February 2023 ArcGIS Online release, the ability to track credit consumption for custom applications has been removed.


When using the 'null' string in a suggest request to the World Geocoding Service, a 400 error is returned.


Creating attribute and full-text indexes are failing when configuring search by layer in web map settings.


ArcGIS Insights does not show the documentation if the View Documentation option is selected and the browser language is set to Dutch.


Unable to change the configuration parameters and save the changes made to the Purpose and API settings for a web app in ArcGIS Online.


When adding an elevation layer by URL to ArcGIS Online as an item, the type keyword 'Elevation 3D Layer' is not added for services with Limited Error Raster Compression (LERC) format, and the item shows up as an imagery layer.


In ArcGIS Insights (Desktop), the print functionality leads to unusable results.


When using multi-field requests with the ArcGIS World Geocoding Service, there are accuracy problems with specific Chinese addresses.


A misleading error message is returned when creating a view layer with an ampersand, '&' in the title in ArcGIS Online.


Charts in an interactive experience do not update when switching between the rings, drive times or walk times areas in an infographic.


ArcGIS Online does not accept break values above 1000 in the Interpolate Points tool when the OS language is Finnish.


Exporting the GeoJSON from a view created from an ArcGIS Survey123 layer deployed from the browser only works the first time unless the service definition is modified.


In the Instant Apps Attachment Viewer, attachments are not displayed in the map focused app layout when the hosted service that contains attachments, has a related table and the related table is not included in the map used to create the app.


The group count increases on the item details page after navigating from Overview to Settings to Overview.


The Shared Theme logo image is corrupted when publishing in ArcGIS Instant Apps using the Basic and Media Map layout. This issue started to occur one week after the ArcGIS Online November 2022 release.


ArcGIS Online: A vague error message "Unable to change owner on item" is returned when an item's owner cannot be changed due to group sharing issues.


Unable to add a new member to groups that a default administrator does not own when only group owners and managers can contribute content.


Users are able to change the ArcGIS Hub site name to include Unicode characters (such as '_'), resulting in sites which cannot be cloned.


Filter checkboxes do not display on newly created ArcGIS Hub sites/search pages but show up in edit mode and the filters work when are passed as URL parameters.


For ArcGIS Online organizations with negative credit balances, users with credits allotted to them receive hourly email notifications alerting them that they are exceeded their usage threshold if they run the 'import GIS' Python code in ArcGIS Notebooks.


When opening a published story, the page automatically jumps to an embedded web app.


The 'Adjust layer transparency' option in the Map Layers widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder is incorrectly translated into Danish.


ArcGIS Experience Builder deletes the top item from the Framework cards rather than the item selected.


Unable to combine multiple infographics exported as a PDF file with third-party PDF merger applications. The resulting PDF file is blank.


When a user in Czechia places data from ArcGIS Online to the ArcGIS Open Data hub site, the decimal delimiter (which is a comma) used are not holding their place within the data.


In ArcGIS Dashboards, the serial chart shows wrong data when the dashboard is public.


The Near Me widget does not select entirety of one polyline feature when vertices overlap.


In ArcGIS Experience Builder, the Query widget displays the domain list of the previous field after changing the source field of the query in SQL Expression Builder.


In ArcGIS Online, the title for the pop-up configured in a web map containing the <br> tag does not display when viewing the title in a web app using the Near Me widget.


In ArcGIS Instant Apps, the map data does not update in the Slider app when a point data is symbolized as a heat map.


The callout option is not displayed in the Scene Viewer for the hosted feature layer published from ArcGIS Pro with a custom expression set for the Labels.


When an administrator attempts to view the profile of any member with a username containing the '@' character, the administrator is automatically signed out from the ongoing ArcGIS Online session.


Limited ArcGIS Hub or ArcGIS Open Data documentation for the action table or chart functionality in the items' About pages.


When publishing or overwriting a service in ArcGIS Desktop using datasets containing a geometric network, the job fails.


Exporting selected records as a CSV file using the Table widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder does not encode Hebrew characters correctly and shows unreadable characters in the exported file.


Users with custom roles with admin privileges are unable to view the organization members tab.


The legend in the Instant Apps Interactive Legend template is no longer interactive.


Custom Admin roles in ArcGIS Online are unable to assign members to organization groups without requiring confirmation.


Unable to scroll the results table in the search address pane in the Nearby template in ArcGIS Instant Apps when the header is disabled.


Cannot open links in the ArcGIS Insights Desktop table.


The error message, ""error":"code":400,"extendedCode":-2147467259,"message":"Unable to complete operation.","details":["trying to read out of file"]" is returned for some inputs into the findAddressCandidates operation.


[BETA] Uploading or publishing a CSV file to ArcGIS Online, location settings do not drop down to specify the type of location.


Enabled export options for viewers are removed from cards in a shared ArcGIS Insights page after a scheduled update.


Enabling sync or change tracking on hosted feature services causes failure in applyEdits with the error message, "Failed to submit. Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type int." returned in some ArcGIS Online organizations.


The character '&' when used in an Arcade expression, shows as '#38' in the pop-up of ArcGIS Instant Apps built using the sidebar template.


Inserting an image via a URL that has multiple special characters into a row of an ArcGIS StoryMaps story corrupts the story map and returns the error message, "Hmmm there seems to be an issue."


Some geocoding inputs take a longer time to process and eventually result in a 504 error.


Calculating fields with Arcade expressions never finishes in ArcGIS Online.


Images in ArcGIS StoryMaps randomly appear blurry on iOS and macOS devices.


Users with administrative privileges are able to view members' account information but are unable to view the members' settings in ArcGIS Online. 


ArcGIS Online item view count report returns only 290 items in some reports.


The Map widget Measure tool in ArcGIS Experience Builder does not function on small web browsers or mobile browsers held in the vertical orientation.


Icons for custom image styles appear blurry in ArcGIS Dashboard List element when decreased in size in Map Viewer.


The Introduction Panel button in ArcGIS Instant Apps Media Map template does not provide an audio description of its function when accessed with a screen reader application.


There is a reflected cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Portal for ArcGIS.


When there are more than 4 categories included in a dataset and there is a locale specified in the ArcGIS Hub site URL, users are unable to download from the About page.


When using the suggest operation from the World Geocoding Service, if the text string contains 'T ?. #' (where the first three dots are one single ellipsis character), the following error message is returned, "{"error":{"code":400,"extendedCode":-2147024882,"message":"Unable to complete operation.","details":["bad allocation"]}}".


In ArcGIS Online, the empty feature layer in Map Viewer cannot be symbolized using Arcade expressions as the Styles pane freezes and the ArcGIS Arcade editor never opens.


Unable to automatically refresh the ArcGIS Experience Builder Feature Info widget.


Unable to show relationship data built from tables in ArcGIS Insights Desktop.


Map widgets are no longer functional with the full-screen option in ArcGIS Experience Builder.


Importing ArcPy fails in ArcGIS Notebook's Python 3 Advanced with the GPU support 7.0 runtime and returns the error message: "Error: WSLib: failed initializing arcpy. Check if environment was activated correctly."


The Resource usage for 'Last 24 hours' timeframe and 'Last hour' timeframe in the Feature Data Store window are empty.


ArcGIS Online does not allow the deletion of a user if the user still has content in the ArcGIS Notebooks workspace.


Importing the ArcGIS Insights workbook fails in Portal for ArcGIS if ArcGIS Server Services Directory is disabled.


The auto-refresh parameter on a layer is not functional when the webmap is integrated into ArcGIS Experience Builder (AGOL).

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