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Patches and updates

ArcGIS Monitor 2023.3 Release Notes


ArcGIS Monitor 2023.3 is a minor release introducing new features, enhancements, and stability improvements.

ArcGIS Monitor 2023.3.1 is a cumulative maintenance release addressing several stability issues.

Features and enhancements

  • FEAT: Serial chart series can be sorted by a statistical aggregation
  • FEAT: Analysis serial chart series can now be limited
  • FEAT: Database maintenance jobs can now be scheduled or run manually
  • FEAT: Analysis chart series names may now be customized
  • FEAT: Added "Metrics" page to simplify global metrics management
  • FEAT: Metric default alert rules may now be edited
  • FEAT: Analysis section headers are now collapsible
  • FEAT: Added default color swatch options to Labels
  • FEAT: Label colors may now be batch edited
  • FEAT: ArcGIS Server custom data feeds can now be monitored
  • ENH-000156403: Databases that require SSL encryption can now be monitored
  • ENH-000157746: ArcGIS Server Hosted Feature Services can now be monitored
  • ENH-000157760: Metric alert rules can now be batch edited
  • ENH-000158179: Table "items per page" selection is now persisted between user sessions
  • ENH-000158215: Expression builder now supports multiple having clauses
  • ENH-000158966: Components now have metrics that track the status of their connectivity
  • ENH-000162284: Table columns can now be resized and reordered
  • ENH-000162896: Overview pages now show their resource ID
  • ENH: Improved readability of Analysis indicator numbers
  • ENH: Alerts retention policy can now be configured in the ArcGIS Monitor database
  • ENH: Alerts can now be filtered by their component labels
  • ENH: Improved chart performance by consolidating the number of necessary requests
  • ENH: Viewers can no longer create or edit Analysis views

Issues addressed

  • BUG-000156463: ArcGIS Monitor server could not support SSL encrypted connections to Postgres database
  • BUG-000156698: Labels failed to attach to components when accessing Monitor over remote desktop connection
  • BUG-000157634: Collection status popover would present all open alerts, rather than those for the Collection itself
  • BUG-000157683: Manager role was unable to edit Metric alert rules
  • BUG-000157692: Link under "Linked Components" on the collections overview page now filters the components as expected
  • BUG-000158755: Manager role was unable to create Notifications
  • BUG-000160586: Notification emails continued to send after disabling
  • BUG-000160909: Host process metrics entered an error state when the process no longer exists
  • BUG-000161164: Alert popover content failed to render over remote desktop connection
  • BUG-000161901: Some Notification event fields would not persist in the UI


  • BUG-000163852: Database maintenance job would not run on configured schedule
  • BUG-000163853: Software Authorization Wizard was unavailable after upgrading to 2023.3
  • BUG-000164022: A duplicate Component would sometimes appear after Component registration
  • BUG-000163855: ArcGIS Monitor database schema updated would not be applied after upgrading to 2023.3
  • BUG-000163848: Agents advertised version would be incorrect after upgrading to 2023.3
  • BUG-000163809: ArcGIS Monitor database total storage size would always be incorrectly reported as 0 GB
  • BUG-000163854: Collection Feature services would not resolve
  • BUG-000163920: Links in Notification emails would not resolve
  • BUG-000163857: Analysis serial charts would sometimes clip the most recent data point
  • BUG-000163859: Analysis charts legend would overlap with chart area

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