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ArcGIS Pro 3.0 Defense Mapping Product Data Announcement

Published: October 3, 2022


ArcGIS Pro Defense Mapping Product Data is now available for download.


ArcGIS Pro Defense Mapping Product Data is now available for download from My Esri. To download Esri software, go to the My Organizations tab, then click the Downloads sub tab. You must have Download software permission in order to access the Downloads sub tab. If you do not see this sub tab, you may need to request permissions.


  • This is a full install of the Product Data files which includes all updated and previously released configuration files.
  • Any edits made to configuration files should be preserved before installing this update.

Enhancements and Issues Addressed

  • TM/MTM: Move Northern One-Second Note Further Off Sheet Edge.
  • TM/MTM: Enhance Road Symbol Merging.
  • TM/MTM: Update Layout PAGX Files With New Notes.
  • JOG: Alignment Issues & Elevation Tint Layering.
  • JOG: Update JOG Location Diagram Grid XML.
  • Create a Replace Colors CCRX file for Spot to CMYK tool.
  • Update the default values for metric fields in the Cartographic Schema geodatabases.
  • Update the MTM geodatabase for carto feature classes to include the missing attributes.

Download ID:8067

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