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ArcGIS Online Issues Addressed List – November 2022

Published: November 21, 2022


This page contains a list of issues addressed in the November 2022 update to ArcGIS Online that were logged through Support Services.


Defect Number


BUG-000153727The ArcGIS Experience Builder Search widget does not show suggestions in the published application.
BUG-000150469Unable to view labels in a Keyhole Markup Language (KML) file downloaded from an ArcGIS Online hosted feature service in Google Earth and ArcGIS Earth.
BUG-000152803ArcGIS Experience Builder changes the selected query dates to UTC from local time when using the Query widget on a Date field.
BUG-000146594When exporting a PDF of an infographic, an error is returned when the toggle is switched to 'Export' in ArcGIS Business Analyst if more than one page uses the same web map.
BUG-000139624Expanding the Map widget with the Fullscreen tool sends it behind other widgets in ArcGIS Experience Builder on iOS device.
BUG-000082925Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS crashes when searching for local locations from a custom geocoder that does not support xMin, yMin, xMax and yMax values.
NIM096859Unable to include more than ten stops when generating directions.
BUG-000083333The elevation image services available in the WorldElevation folder of do not draw in ArcMap if the data frame is using a projected NAD 1983 coordinate system and the scale is 1:300,000 or larger.
NIM102487The OK button is grayed out in the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS' gauge widget, and unable to save if the attribute table contains no numeric fields and the display type is count.
NIM100316Operations Dashboard: Inconsistent representation of null values between the Desktop and web-based operation views chart widget.
NIM100385In Operations Dashboard 10.2.2, a Bing Maps error message is returned when sharing an operation view with everyone.
NIM100040Applying a filter with a date field in a operation view in ArcGIS Online fails when configured to use 'Relative to current time' in Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.
NIM102275When creating an operation view using an ArcGIS Online web map containing a map service with at least two layers and pop-ups enabled, the pop-ups still appear when one of the layers is turned off and identified in the operation view.
NIM101153The OK button is disabled in the Configure Indicator window when a two-state indicator is set and a field is selected for the target value.
NIM102751Unable to configure the Gauge widget in Operations Dashboard to use a custom value as one value and a field as the other value.
NIM099471An inconsistent behavior occurs when opening an operation view from ArcGIS Online in different web browsers.
NIM099167An Operations Dashboard layer filter based on the date field does not work properly with a web map that uses the Editor field as Unique Symbol for the location tracking feature service.
NIM098310When creating drive times simultaneously (15, 30, and 45 minutes) ArcGIS Online displays the following error message, "Create drive time areas failed."
BUG-000082238Widget search by name does not work on French widget names
BUG-000140721In ArcGIS Experience Builder (Online), the Button widget does not function within the window.
BUG-000081941The Operations Dashboard Query widget does not prompt for all query parameters.
BUG-000082326The histograms and charts do not update when highlighted in the desktop version of the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS application.
NIM101987Unable to create a Gauge widget in Operations Dashboard when values are compared to two columns from an Excel file.
NIM102978Unable to select features without outlines in Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.
NIM103026Hosted tile map services do not display correctly in Operations Dashboard for Desktop operation view.
NIM098654Creating drive time areas consume credits without producing an output and fails with an error.
BUG-000126933Publishing a large file geodatabase from ArcGIS Online does not return the correct size as the front end user interface does not match the correct size returned at the back end.
BUG-000126264After saving a sublayer from a map service as an item in ArcGIS Online, Arcade’s FeatureSetByID can no longer retrieve attributes from other sublayers.
BUG-000153650The content embedded using code in the ArcGIS Experience Builder Embed widget is not loading.
BUG-000143628The Feature Data Store's storage used and the item report's Feature Storage Size match but do not accurately reflect the storage used by the organization.
BUG-000153642Image logos are not displaying in Category Gallery when added via URL.
BUG-000151959Two extra columns are added to a CSV file exported from ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000150248Unable to add a CSV file using a URL in Map Viewer with the following error returned: "Service Error - Unable to identify latitude and longitude fields from the CSV file".
BUG-000151229The Measure tool in the ArcGIS Experience Builder web map does not display the 'Start to measure' message or the New Measure button when initially changing between the Line Measure and Polygon Measure tabs, and does not display measurement information whe
BUG-000145682When using the full-screen tool in the Map widget in an ArcGIS Experience Builder experience on a mobile device, the user is unable to do anything and does not receive feedback on the map until the browser is refreshed.
BUG-000140037The web map's Search widget from one page stays visible on another page when clicked prior to switching pages in ArcGIS Experience Builder.
BUG-000149931ArcGIS Online does not display the total number of partnered collaboration groups in the affiliation list. This restricts the user from searching for a member that is part of a partnered collaboration group.

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