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ArcGIS Online Issues Addressed List – March 2022

Published: July 21, 2022


This page contains a list of issues addressed in the March 2022 updates to ArcGIS Online that were logged through Support Services.


Defect NumberSynopsis
BUG-000140738In ArcGIS Experience Builder, exporting data with line breaks results in inconsistent CSV formatting.
BUG-000140745Unable to add GeoJSON files generated from ArcGIS Experience Builder to web map or hosted as feature layers.
BUG-000140846In ArcGIS Experience Builder, the Sort option does not work when used on the Table widget.
BUG-000141085Changing the layer style does not update the feature template in Scene Viewer unless a new feature is added.
BUG-000141087When saving a scene in Scene viewer the message sayin "A Scene with this title already exists." disappears if you click out of the Title box.
BUG-000145831In ArcGIS Online Scene Viewer, the long rectangular cube and the long cylinder are missing for a specific feature layer.
BUG-000147568Unable to set up a partnered collaboration if the home page URL contains the same string as the organization home page URL.
BUG-000141646Pop-ups in ArcGIS Experience Builder (Map Element) get stuck after selecting the fifth pop-up on iOS devices.
BUG-000139261Unable to select a feature by selecting a row from an attribute table and zoom to the specific record in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer.
BUG-000146834Serial chart for a date field does not display a single date range in ArcGIS Dashboards.
BUG-000130438In Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, the Business Analyst widget remains stuck on a drive time or walk time when applying it to infographics and reports in the Japanese language.
BUG-000147084In ArcGIS Web AppBuilder, the Distance and Direction widget does not accept values lower than one for the circle Feedback style.
BUG-000147180The Filter widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder does not show the complete list of unique values (countries) when the web map is symbolized using unique values from another field.
BUG-000147971The title element in the Indicator widget for ArcGIS Dashboards does not honor the added attributes for advanced formatting.
BUG-000147342The toggle button to enable or disable the background color for Map Viewer is not functioning correctly.
BUG-000135715The drive time and walk time areas created using the Business Analyst widget are overlapped under the largest area in the infographics report.
BUG-000147844The offline area packaging fails for cached map services when a polygon is used.
BUG-000147914In ArcGIS Experience Builder, when the Edit widget is configured to update 'Geometry and attributes', the error message, "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'destroy')" is displayed.
BUG-000146423The manual and scheduled organization daily or monthly activity reports show major discrepancies in the number of activity records.
BUG-000136546Unable to view the value in the Credits column within the Application Usage dialog box due to incorrect HTML.
BUG-000146607The ArcGIS Online documentation 'Calculate field values' must remove the tip about calculating values for a field from the table in Map Viewer.
BUG-000145820ArcGIS Online Map Viewer displays the track view speed values with incorrect metric unit.
BUG-000146619The drive time and walking time are the same using the Business Analyst widget in ArcGIS Online when the language is other than English.
BUG-000141684In the Table widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder, sheets created from layer views do not display the data when loading the sheet for the first time.
NIM076208ArcGIS for Android crashes when zipped shapefiles are included in a Web map.
NIM075952CSV files added in Explorer online are not honored by ArcMap.
NIM084051If a map document is symbolized with a short or long integer field, it cannot be edited using feature templates in a hosted feature service.
BUG-000117145The German special character, 'ß' is not honored when used in the ArcGIS Online Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Query widget in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
BUG-000136292The Living Atlas tab is missing for Default Administrator as well in ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App if the privilege 'Members can search for content outside the organization' is toggled off in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000138845When changing the editing settings for a hosted feature layer from 'Attributes and geometry' to 'Attributes only', the changes are not saved if a layer is checked under 'Manage geometry updates'.
BUG-000142080Sorting a feature for the Table widget does not sort fields once out from the configuration/settings window.
BUG-000147601Creating an item from a secured ArcGIS Server service does not prompt for credentials.
BUG-000142819In ArcGIS Experience Builder, the Map widget does not zoom to point features when using a custom locator.
BUG-000143091When attempting to export as a CSV, Excel, or shapefile, the export process hangs and the created item is broken if a filter is applied to any date field.
BUG-000143318Unable to change the sharing level permissions in ArcGIS Online if the user belongs to a custom role.
BUG-000146776Sorting by field switches when filtering in ArcGIS Dashboards.
BUG-000146633Records from a data view are not initially queried in the Table widget.
BUG-000138494The drive time and walk time in the Business Analyst widget display the same result when using non-English languages in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder online.
BUG-000144012Feature attribute pop-ups from an ArcGIS Experience Builder application fail to open on iOS 15 or macOS Monterey when a tile layer is present in the web map.
BUG-000144228ArcGIS Online does not abide by the Update Existing Features property when appending a hosted feature layer with a CSV file using a field, GobalID as a unique identifier.
BUG-000144249When altering the fields in the Chart widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder, the color reverts back to the default blue color.
BUG-000144262A .csv file downloaded from a spatial filter in an ArcGIS Online dashboard shows the wrong record outputs.
BUG-000147428In ArcGIS Dashboards, the Serial Chart widget with Grouped values (sum statistics) does not display any data if only one year is selected.
BUG-000144387Using the 'layers=' URL parameter in combination with the 'webmap=' parameter when building a custom URL does not add the specified layer to the map in Map Viewer, but does in Map Viewer Classic.
BUG-000144424In ArcGIS Experience Builder, the Map widget does not abide by the filters applied over web scene layers.
BUG-000144643Scheduled credit reports are not generated in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000145339In ArcGIS Experience Builder, some fields do not display in the Table widget when the widget includes multiple sheets.
BUG-000145929The dynamic Text widget from the ArcGIS Online Experience Builder web app does not automatically update the feature count text which is set with 'Connect to data'.
BUG-000143703The Batch Attribute Editor widget fails when the feature layer is accessed anonymously.
BUG-000145367Unable to view pop-ups in ArcGIS Experience Builder containing three-point feature classes on an iPhone.
BUG-000147869The Table widget does not populate records when the List widget references the same feature layer and is configured with sorts.
BUG-000145980Specific Web Map Service (WMS) services are not loaded in Map Viewer but load fine in Map Viewer Classic.
BUG-000145991The summary option does not honor the filter applied to the table element in an ArcGIS Dashboards app.
BUG-000145114ArcGIS Online drops the leading '+' from the attribute values stored in a string field when exporting data to Excel and reads those and values starting with '-' as numbers.
BUG-000145189The Map Layers widget does not display symbols in ArcGIS Experience Builder.
BUG-000145387When filtering content in ArcGIS Online, the distributed collaborations with long names are not wrapped and overlap with the list items.
BUG-000145395In ArcGIS Experience Builder, the tooltip does not display for the Arrange and Align tools in the widgets.
BUG-000145245The cluster symbols do not appear on the initial load of a dashboard since the ArcGIS Online December 2021 update.
BUG-000145501Information on where and how to request for the 'legacy home page' extension is missing from the ArcGIS Online Help documentation.
BUG-000145627Unable to share content owned by another user to a group configured to allow members to contribute content when using a custom role.
BUG-000145733In ArcGIS Online, exporting data as a shapefile from a hosted feature layer with related tables created from ArcGIS Survey123 with repeat sections fails.
BUG-000146763There is a possibility of bypassing the 'Cannot set up partnered collaboration to own org' warning when setting up a partnered collaboration using a CSV file and including the organization URL in the CSV file and
BUG-000147559In ArcGIS Online v10.1 BETA, the tooltip in Map Viewer does not disappear after clicking a tool.
BUG-000142453Nested drop-down menus in ArcGIS Experience Builder Developer Edition widgets do not close correctly.
BUG-000130381Split By Field sorting in the legend changes in a serial chart showing statistics (sum) when the data is filtered by a list or Category Selector.
BUG-000139991In ArcGIS Dashboards, the Split-by Order of categories is different between the server-side and client-side Timeseries serial charts.
BUG-000147015Technical article suggests using the Share Package tool if the scene layer package file size is 500 GB or greater, but the Share Package tool has a limit of 500 GB.
BUG-000140156The serial chart in ArcGIS Dashboards does not display the exact count of records and the latest record received from an ArcGIS Survey123 form.
BUG-000140190The snapping function fails for overlapped features and displays inconsistent feature count when identifying features.
BUG-000141010ContentType in Filtering is not fitting with the listing (not translated as for filtering) when switching to the translated UI.
BUG-000147960The ArcGIS Experience Builder Edit widget does not display all fields selected to be displayed.
BUG-000146363In ArcGIS Experience Builder, the text of the header of the Edit widget is placed outside of the header when the text of the header is too long for the size of the widget.
BUG-000140541In the new ArcGIS Dashboards, a link is displayed as plain text instead of a hyperlink in the Details widget.

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