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ArcGIS Online Issues Addressed List – June 2022

Published: August 17, 2022


This page contains a list of issues addressed in the June 2022 updates to ArcGIS Online that were logged through Support Services.


Defect NumberSynopsis
BUG-000149090Remove the deprecated 'Forgot password?' interface in
BUG-000141100The 'Zoom to' functionality does not work with grouped layers in ArcGIS Experience Builder.
BUG-000141403Sorting tabs in a list fails in ArcGIS Dashboards.
BUG-000135310The size of a feature service is not updated after deleting a large number of features.
BUG-000147383When coded value domains and associated subtypes in a hosted feature layer are edited in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder using the Edit widget, amending the coded value field does not display the correct subtype values in the drop-down.
BUG-000150358The 'Split by Field' option for date fields being sourced from server services causes serial charts to appear blank.
BUG-000139520The ArcGIS Dashboards category selector does not work on a hosted feature layer with points using the heat map symbology.
BUG-000139871Unable to add attachments to services from servers federated with Portal for ArcGIS with stored credentials in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000141750In ArcGIS Dashboards, selecting features by area also selects the features that have been filtered out from the map.
BUG-000121075Using Select by Layer saves the choice but if clicked a second time, randomly selects another layer
BUG-000107308The Group filter widget in a Web AppBuilder application does not honor the filter set in the web map, and shows all the features in the dropdown list even though the features are not displayed in the map.
NIM096225Adding features with a domain value in a field to a feature class causes the feature service published from it to crash Operations Dashboard.
NIM090001Adding a PDF document stored on the web to ArcGIS Online and sharing the document with a group used for the Maps and Apps Gallery application, it prevents all the items referenced by the Maps and Apps Gallery application from loading unless user adds a thumbnail to the document within ArcGIS Online.
NIM092862When a value is set in the Value Field in the Configure Bar Chart dialog box, it is not maintained in the Operations Dashboard.
NIM084339If a web map used in the Maps and Apps template application is saved in a subfolder in ArcGIS Online, the ratings slider in the map gallery does not function properly.
NIM090063Unable to open ArcGIS Online hosted feature service attachments in ArcMap.
NIM087468An error occurs when creating a printed map in the ArcGIS Online Web Map if the it includes a shapefile that was symbolized using unique values on the FID field.
NIM094305Coded value domain fields display the value of a text field as code of coded value, but the value of a numeric field is displayed as a description of coded value in all widgets of the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS application.
NIM095241Layer Filters in Operations Dashboard fails to limit the displayed features if the query is based on a date/time field.
BUG-000134245When a feature service includes more than 35 layers, exporting data using the 'Export to FGDB' option from the item details page fails.
BUG-000129709Hosted feature layer views with area of interests (AOIs) cannot obtain newly added fields from the parent hosted feature layer.
BUG-000139014In ArcGIS Business Analyst, if the county-level data is filtered using the state of Arkansas, an additional county is returned outside of the state boundary.
BUG-000150290In ArcGIS REST API, truncating data with 'async = True' returns the status, "failed" but the features are truncated.
BUG-000148369In ArcGIS Dashboards, searching for a location on a map does not mark the result with a point symbol in Mozilla Firefox browser.
BUG-000148393In ArcGIS Experience Builder, the Map widget Select tool requires a selection to be performed twice to register in the Query widget as selected features.
BUG-000149020Adding a Dynamic Image widget to a view that is linked to a List widget button prevents items from being selected in the List widget if its filtered by a 'contains' SQL Expression.
BUG-000149638The Export Data operation from the Location Tracking Services layer only contains tracking data for the user logged in to ArcGIS Online even when the user has permission to view all track data.
BUG-000149720In ArcGIS Experience Builder, the List and Image widgets do not show the option to dynamically display feature service attachments when the service is published using ArcMap.
BUG-000149309Item storage sizes are displaying incorrectly using base-10 units (1000 B=1 KB) instead of base-2 units (1024 B=1 KB), when ArcGIS Online uses base-2 unit storage for storage and credit calculations.
BUG-000141885The ArcGIS Web AppBuilder application shows blank values in the attribute table if a domain is removed from the feature layer in ArcGIS Online
BUG-000143072In ArcGIS Online, when trying to type or backspace the name of a report in Status > Create Report, the cursor will skip around
BUG-000143586When tiled imagery layers are added to an ArcGIS Web AppBuilder web app through the Add Data widget, the tiled imagery layers are not displayed.
BUG-000149596In ArcGIS Experience Builder, the changes to the route URL within the Directions widget are not honored after saving and republishing the experience as the route URL always reverts back to the ArcGIS World Route Service.
BUG-000143756The error message, "Page Unresponsive" is returned in ArcGIS Experience Builder when trying to style the Chart widget that is small sizes.
BUG-000143826The 'Add items to group' button in a group's Content tab is not displayed for group members even when the group setting allows all group members to contribute content in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000148719In ArcGIS Experience Builder, the theme colors of the experience do not apply to the Edit widget. The widget has a light theme outside of the Map widget but has a dark theme on top of the Map widget.
BUG-000144844Scheduled ArcGIS Notebooks tasks do not adjust for daylight saving time.
BUG-000150235The date filter function on all ArcGIS Dashboards widgets returned the "cannot access data" and a data source error when the data is hosted in Portal for ArcGIS 10.8.1 or 10.9.1 and brought into ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000150279Pop-ups in ArcGIS Dashboards still appear in the map element after disabling pop-ups from the map element settings.
BUG-000150281The Switch input option is not available for domain lists in smart forms after the June 2022 update.
BUG-000144354In ArcGIS Experience Builder, the Chart widget displays the field name instead of the alias when hovering over data.
BUG-000145924The visible range of a hosted tile layer on the ArcGIS Online Item Details page does not match with the visibility range configured from ArcGIS Pro.
BUG-000150473In a map element in ArcGIS Dashboards, overlapping polygon features with the Layer actions configured cannot be selected using the Point, Rectangle, Lasso, or Circle options if one of the layers is set to not visible in the Layer Visibility list.
BUG-000150499The serial chart does not display in ArcGIS Dashboards when filtered by Parse Dates on Seconds and Minutes with the 'Split by field' data.
BUG-000150484Publishing a GeoJSON file that contains key values with a space does not retain the values in the field.
BUG-000145267In ArcGIS Web AppBuilder, the Edit widget fails to add related features to the original features after adding the first feature with related records.
BUG-000150328Overwriting a hosted feature layer published from a GeoJSON file using a GeoJSON file corrupts the hosted feature layer.
BUG-000149424When applying the URL parameter to the USA zip code points layer from the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World in ArcGIS Dashboards, zooming in to a specified scale fails.
BUG-000147942The reference text in the executive summary report is inconsistent where the 'Population' section references the 30-minute study area, while the 'Median Age' section references the 10-minute study area in ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App.
BUG-000129166The GUID field is not populated consistently with a value when creating a related record using the Edit widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS in ArcGIS Online. Only the first edit to the related table or feature is populated.
BUG-000149689Filtered features in ArcGIS Dashboards are still returned when selecting in a map element if the features overlap.
BUG-000150410Receiving "Cannot access data" error on ArcGIS Dashboards elements after the June 2022 release.
BUG-000146252In ArcGIS Experience Builder, the Map Layers widget redirects to the layer's REST endpoint instead of the item details page when the 'View layer details' option for the widget is enabled and clicked.
BUG-000148443Map Viewer does not support adding Web Map Service (WMS) layers with the CRS 3301 projection as a basemap when Esri default basemaps are utilized.
BUG-000149073Selecting a feature from the List widget zooms to the north of the actual location on the map in ArcGIS Experience Builder.

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