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ArcGIS Online Issues Addressed List – December 2021

Published: January 5, 2022


This page contains a list of issues addressed in the December 2021 update to ArcGIS Online that were logged through Support Services.


Defect Number


BUG-000140873 Unable to duplicate stories in ArcGIS StoryMaps and returns with the error message, "Error duplicating Story Map. This Story currently cannot be duplicated." for ArcGIS Online organizations in Europe and the Asia Pacific hosting regions.
BUG-000141274 When uploading a table (CSV or Excel) through the Add Item window in ArcGIS Online, the option states 'create a hosted feature layer' even if the user is publishing a hosted table.
BUG-000118813 In ArcGIS Online, if a feature service and a map service (for the same data) are added to a web map, the default pop-ups work in the web map initially. A web app created from this web map does not have the pop-ups turned on by default.
BUG-000143573 Prevent external DNS/HTML interaction in the Home application search.
BUG-000143222 A custom URL in a web map configured with the ability to search by field works in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer Classic but not in Map Viewer.
BUG-000142499 When using the 'Forgot username?' or the 'Forgot password?' option to retrieve the username or reset the password, the email or the username provided by the user is not validated against the existing accounts.
BUG-000143532 When updating an email address in ArcGIS Online after typing the new email, the warning message, 'New Email values must match' is displayed in the Confirm Email box.
BUG-000142963 Unable to display certain WMS, WMTS and TML layers in the new map viewer.
BUG-000144836 The more options menu for a notebook in ArcGIS Online 9.4 (Beta) is not visible in a wide browser window.
BUG-000144212 ArcGIS Online returns a misleading error message when requesting an activity report which has already been generated.
BUG-000139948 The embedded Zone Lookup app in ArcGIS Experience Builder concatenates the field records when making changes in the data attribute.
BUG-000136286 A duplicate page redirects to the original page when selecting a list item in the Place Explorer theme in Web Experience Builder.
BUG-000139127 The Feature Info widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder fails to recognize the custom pop-up when configured with the Selected Features option.
BUG-000143268 In ArcGIS Experience Builder, the Chart widget does not display the value range.
BUG-000143658 Modifying the colors of the tools in ArcGIS Experience Builder after changing the primary color of a project, returns the primary color selection to the default.
BUG-000144250 When edits are made to the minimum or maximum value axis and color in the Chart widget, the changes are not applied in the preview or publish view unless Category Axis Label is selected.
BUG-000141186 In ArcGIS Dashboards, the map's Layer actions option does not recognize group layers, and making selections is not possible.
BUG-000143568 Creating an ArcGIS dashboard from a web feature service (WFS) cause the pie chart to load continuously.
BUG-000141776 In ArcGIS Dashboards, when filtering data using a Date selector with a dynamic date range, all features load on the map first before being filtered out.
BUG-000145144 In ArcGIS Dashboards, an error message, "Data Limit Exceeded" is returned in error post 12/9/2021 for ArcGIS Online release. Users adding data to ArcGIS Online via SDE Database/REST Endpoints are showing this error in ArcGIS Dashabords that rely on the view layer for data.
BUG-000140169 The ArcGIS Dashboards indicator does not update correctly when set as a map action and displays an inaccurate count, for example, three, when the map only contains two visible points.
BUG-000134565 Incidents submitted from the Special Event Field Reporter are missing location information when accessed in the Special Event Field Manager.
BUG-000142316 Unable to publish the Interactive Legend instant app from a web map published from Survey123 Connect when the form consists of Start and End fields.
BUG-000143223 Unable to sort the order features by attributes in the Attachment Viewer configurable app which the feature order is always based on ObjectID regardless of the field selected to sort by.
BUG-000143261 The text configured in 'About' disappears when applying a filter in the Nearby Instant App.
BUG-000144187 Search does not work in the ArcGIS Instant Apps Basic template created from Map Viewer.
BUG-000144308 The metric units option is missing from the Scalebar in the Portfolio template in ArcGIS Instant Apps.
BUG-000142540 Hosted feature services with Image Imagery or Imaging included in Title or Summary are listed as Dynamic Imagery in credit reporting.
BUG-000144251 Saving a public web map with a privately hosted feature layer does not automatically prompt the user to update sharing permissions.
BUG-000144721 In ArcGIS Field Maps, offline areas containing two or more hosted views with two uniquely defined filters from the same primary layer fail to sync when non-required values are different in each view at the time of sync.
BUG-000140888 The ArcGIS Web AppBuilder Visibility widget does not create a report when using the NZ Imagery Basemap.
BUG-000115176 In Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, the Print widget does not print features that is filtered by date.
BUG-000142759 The Emergency Response Guide widget produces a downwind protection action zone polygon for materials that should not have one in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000113636 In Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, loading the app is slow and the map freezes when the List widget is configured with a large number of Maximum Features Displayed.
BUG-000143742 Using the Living Atlas layers with a different CRS than the basemap as input for an Overlay analysis fails when using the option 'Use current map extent'.
BUG-000132078 The TravelTime UseHierarchy setting is overridden if the straight line distance between any origins and destinations exceeds 50 miles even when 'useHierarchy' is set to 'false' in the request parameters.
BUG-000142591 The subheading text formatting in the ArcGIS StoryMaps Text widget does not appropriately reflect the Hebrew language's right-to-left text alignment.s
BUG-000142100 The ArcGIS StoryMaps homepage redirects to the authentication page in a loop when using Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

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