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ArcGIS Online Issues Addressed List – September 2021

Published: October 5, 2021


This page contains a list of issues addressed in the September 2021 update to ArcGIS Online that were logged through Support Services.


Defect Number


BUG-000141829 After saving a filter on a date field with the ?is blank? expression in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer, the filter can no longer be viewed or edited.
BUG-000141260 In ArcGIS Online, the Add Item window states the upload as CSV when uploading an Excel file.
BUG-000141261 Excel table published as a hosted table is initially displayed as a hosted feature layer after publishing.
BUG-000141302 The Refresh Interval setting does not retain on the Map Viewer.
BUG-000141489 Unable to add a secured ArcGIS Server feature service to an ArcGIS Online organization when the 'Store credentials with service item' option is enabled.
BUG-000141676 ArcGIS Online incorrectly labels a Google Sheets file as a Microsoft Excel file during the upload process and the error message, "Cloud Drive File not found" is returned when attempting to overwrite from the item details page.
BUG-000134614 Cross Sire Reference Forgery (CSRF) in Map Viewer pop-ups with img src tags and onerror DOM element.
BUG-000131434 Disable web server banners on ArcGIS Online and utility server images
BUG-000134650 After exporting a file geodatabase from a hosted feature layer's item details page, the resulting feature class is corrupted if the hosted feature layer name contains certain Polish characters, for example, ogonek (?, ?); and stroke (?).
BUG-000142030 A publicly shared blank web map created in ArcGIS Map Viewer using an ArcGIS Developer account prompts users to sign in.
BUG-000141217 In ArcGIS Online, when adding a public feature server service from ArcGIS Server 10.8.1, there is an error connecting to the services.
BUG-000137557 When an administrator changes the share setting of another member's item shared to the organization and a group that the administrator is not a member of, the item becomes unshared to that group.
BUG-000100406 Unable to authenticate enterprise logins in ArcGIS Online using Salesforce as an identity provider.
BUG-000137103 When browsing ArcGIS Configurable Apps templates with a public account, a random symbol appears instead of an arrow.
BUG-000141907 Unable to add a feature service with a related map service containing a group layer to ArcGIS Online via New item > URL.
BUG-000142329 ArcGIS Online does not prompt for credentials when adding ArcGIS World Geocode Service as an item after the June 2021 release.
BUG-000126271 The View link on item details pages for the Web Feature Service (WFS) services does not append GetCapabilities to the service URL, causing the link to return an error page.
BUG-000140073 When attempting to add a partnered collaboration with a hub community organization, the screen becomes unavailable.
BUG-000140278 Disabling members in ArcGIS Online disables the multifactor authentication (MFA) on the accounts of the members after re-enabling the members.
BUG-000140721 In ArcGIS Experience Builder (Online), the Button widget does not function within the window.
BUG-000142301 When using tile layers within a group in a web map in ArcGIS Experience Builder causes the bookmark widget to hang and returns the following error message, 's.getCurrentQueryParams is not a function'.
BUG-000140816 In ArcGIS Experience Builder with multiple Filter widgets, selecting more than one filter value in a particular filter returns inconsistent results.
BUG-000142030 ArcGIS Experience Builder returns the error: "a.getCurrentQueryParams is not a function" when a group layer containing a feature layer and a tile service is added.
BUG-000137885 In ArcGIS Experience Builder, the Zoom trigger of the List widget does not work as expected for the Hong Kong 1980 Grid projection system.
BUG-000138635 Unable to configure fields in the Query widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder.
BUG-000143134 Unable to load ArcGIS Experience Builder web apps with the error message, "Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'useDataSources')" returned.
BUG-000139805 The 'Zoom To' action in the List widget on web scenes does not work properly in the web experience if the spatial reference is not WGS84.
BUG-000140176 In ArcGIS Experience Builder, the Zoom trigger of the List widget does not work as expected for the Ain el Abd 1970 UTM Zone 39N projection system.
BUG-000141837 When changing the series label for a serial chart in ArcGIS Dashboards, it changes the label of the actual data series name in the Data tab.
BUG-000139816 In ArcGIS Dashboards, after changing the selection color, the selection color reverts to blue after refreshing the dashboard.
BUG-000140168 Hosted feature layers added to ArcGIS Online from .csv files display the date fields in Unix time in the ArcGIS Dashboards Serial Chart widget.
BUG-000140011 In the new ArcGIS Dashboards, the line breaks exactly after 15 characters in the pop-ups.
BUG-000141832 When using the Include filter in ArcGIS Dashboards, it is not possible to select multiple domains one by one for coded string fields.
BUG-000141355 The error message, "Invalid Date Range" returns when selecting a date on the same day after adding timeframes in the Date Selector feature of the Header Element in ArcGIS Dashboards.
BUG-000142426 When setting Default distance to 0, it will default to 1.2 rather than 0 in Nearby Instant Apps
BUG-000123588 Sharing surveys from the Viewer tab in the Survey123 for ArcGIS website fails with a timeout error if the survey contains around 100 repeats.
BUG-000143093 Unable to publish a hosted map notes layer.
BUG-000140270 Adding a comma-separated values (CSV) file from Add Item on ArcGIS Online does not read the input address field of a custom geocode service.
BUG-000138440 The Screening widget in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder produces incorrect or inconsistent results when querying a large number of layers.
BUG-000138014 The ArcGIS Online Web AppBuilder Group Filter widget setting checkboxes are sticky.
BUG-000115637 The Batch Attribute Editor widget does not honor the 'ownership-based access control on feature' while updating the attributes.
BUG-000143116 Unable to edit features by clicking directly on the map when using the Smart Editor widget with the 'Update Only' configuration.
BUG-000143147 Unable to add attachments in the Smart Editor widget when the 'Update Only' option is checked in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder.
BUG-000123859 In Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, the Group Filter widget filters off of UTC time and not local timezones.
BUG-000140027 The Select widget opens up the Smart Editor widget in an ArcGIS Online web app if the Smart Editor widget is used on the selected feature in the same session, and the 'Enable Geometry Edits by Default' option in the Smart Editor widget is enabled.
BUG-000140144 After opening then closing the Smart Editor widget in a web app created in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder, clearing a selection for a single layer clears the selection in all layers in the Select widget.
BUG-000121454 The Esri World Geocoding Service returns inaccurate location for the following address: 625 Lincoln Ave SE, Saint Cloud, MN, 56304, USA.

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