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ArcGIS Online Issues Addressed List - June 2021

Published: July 12, 2021


This page contains a list of issues addressed in the June 2021 update to ArcGIS Online that were logged through Support Services.


Defect Number


BUG-000140976 Unable to open an OGC Feature Layer created from a hosted feature layer in AGOL in Map Viewer.
BUG-000139276 An error message, "An error occurred. Unable to send the invitation." returns when resending invitation to pending members in the Esri Educational Site License subscriptions.
BUG-000129343 Upload and import of replication package to peer in ArcGIS Online fail due to a timeout.
BUG-000140440 Disable support for callback.html
BUG-000137854 Add-on Collector licenses cannot be reassigned after the user type is changed from Editor to Creator.
BUG-000134101 An ArcGIS Online activation error message returned due to subscription type and account content limitation instantly disappears and is replaced with a misleading general error message.
BUG-000133201 Members remain in shared update groups despite changing the member role from Publisher or Administrator to Viewer or Data Editor in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000139149 The group manager is unable to add members with the Data Editor or Viewer role to the partnered collaboration group.
BUG-000139173 ArcGIS Online does not successfully add a member when adding the member to more than 31 groups.
BUG-000139709 When an ArcGIS Online user type is changed, the licenses previously assigned to the user cannot be revoked.
BUG-000141112 Unable to change the alignment of the Views Navigation widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder.
BUG-000141130 In Experience Builder Menu , spacing and alignment properties are no longer working after June update.
BUG-000138982 When embedding an ArcGIS Survey123 link in ArcGIS Experience Builder using the Embed widget, an error message is returned in the builder mode but not in the preview or published version.
BUG-000139552 In ArcGIS Experience Builder, the Spatial Filter types of filters are reordered depending on the order of the check box is checked next to each option.
BUG-000139415 In ArcGIS Experience Builder, the Filter widget's selection is not honored in a mobile screen size.
BUG-000141152 Image widget in Experience Builder causes the application to go black when scrolling through images.
BUG-000141155 Widgets are stuck in a perpetual loading loop if the 'Render only when filtered' option is used in a category selector.
BUG-000139215 The category selector in ArcGIS Dashboards lacks the option to change the color of the white bubble surrounding multiple selections from the drop-down list, causing text in certain colors to be illegible.
BUG-000139170 Deleting a map with a layer action to filter a related table in a list causes loading issues when re-adding the same list to the dashboard.
BUG-000139532 Configured Media/Image pop-ups for features on Dashboard are large and unappealing for Media pop-ups. Image resolution not taken into account as was previously done in Dashboard Classic.
BUG-000139719 Pop-ups configured in the web map do not display properly in the new dashboard.
BUG-000139715 Dashboard filters configured against indicators do not always filter the indicators reliably or consistently if the dashboard has a large dataset or a large number of indicators or filters.
BUG-000140120 When using large dynamically updated features, the warning message, 'Data is not accessible' is returned in ArcGIS Dashboards (not ArcGIS Dashboards Classic) after an hour.
BUG-000134502 ArcGIS World Geocoding Service does not provide proper suggestions in the Crowdsource Reporter application.
BUG-000136047 The ?Interactive Legend? configurable app fails to display ?custom point symbols? in the web map when the REST URL is used for the URL location.
BUG-000139207 Unable to edit add feature when creating plans in Capital Project Planning ArcGIS Solution through the Capital Project Plan Web application.
BUG-000138417 Unable to add the Social Sharing button on a map when creating ArcGIS Configurable Apps using the Compare template in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000139804 Unable to configure ArcGIS Configurable Apps in a shared update group with the Publisher role.
BUG-000135348 In ArcGIS Online, timeouts or slow performance occurs when performing a 1=1 query on a view.
BUG-000129802 ArcGIS Online hosted services (feature layers and views) which are shared to the public return the following error message at REST, "Unauthorized access."
BUG-000139240 When saving a hosted feature layer in Map Viewer classic with a large amount of custom symbologies, the error message, "Error during serialization or deserialization using the JSON JavaScriptSerializer. The length of the string exceeds the value set on the maxJsonLength property" is returned.
BUG-000139124 Unable to calculate the area of buffered polygons using an Arcade expression in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000126676 In Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, the value for a field with a custom attribute expression set in the web map appears as '[object Promise]', if the attribute expression for the hosted feature layer uses an Arcade expression and FeatureSetByName.
BUG-000139090 The Smart Editor widget returns an error message, "Your account does not have permission to modify this data, or your web map does not contain any editable layers" when using layers created before the April release.
BUG-000138387 The attribute values are missing in the Smart Editor widget when using the Dashboard theme in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder.
BUG-000139795 In ArcGIS Web AppBuilder of ArcGIS Online 9.1, the time input in the Date-Time input option for the Smart Editor widget is editable for the existing values, even though editing is disabled when configuring the widget.
BUG-000122158 In Operations Dashboard, selections made in the Category Selector override the header title when multiple selections are made.

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