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ArcGIS Online Issues Addressed List - April 2021

Published: April 20, 2021


This page contains a list of issues addressed in the April 2021 update to ArcGIS Online that were logged through Support Services.


Defect Number


BUG-000130558 When attaching some specific images to a secured service in ArcGIS Online using ArcGIS Online Utility Proxy, the following error message is returned, "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()."
BUG-000129343 Upload and import of replication package to peer in ArcGIS Online fail due to a timeout.
BUG-000136208 The refresh interval does not work as expected for some map services in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer.
BUG-000135402 When a layer from a web map tile service with a large number of layers is added to a web map, and the web map is shared to the organization's basemap gallery, the browser is unresponsive when trying to create a new scene.
BUG-000134785 In ArcGIS Online, inviting new members from a CSV file ignores the Role when it is a custom role which includes the 'View Location Tracks' privilege.
BUG-000135353 Unable to use the Share Esri default basemaps button to the custom basemap gallery group if the item update capability is enabled.
BUG-000135451 Web map in ArcGIS Online malfunctions after refreshing if the WFS service has labels enabled on it.
BUG-000136721 The length of a distance is not updated in the callout in a web scene.
BUG-000138326 Unable to upload file to Notebook.
BUG-000136799 Using the No Fill color in the symbology for a polygon in Scene Viewer results in a gray polygon symbol in the legend.
BUG-000135944 The first and last name's order is changed when the ArcGIS Online language is set to Japanese.
BUG-000133254 Attempting to download a suspended organization's activity history log returns the error message, "Error: 403 Subscription is disabled."
BUG-000137039 When inviting members in ArcGIS Online, a suggested username auto-populates if a taken username is entered, and the message, "This username already exists" does not clear even though the suggested username is now populating the space.
BUG-000137180 When creating an administrative group in ArcGIS Online, there is no warning message showing a group membership is limited to the organization.
BUG-000137203 Publish polygon feature class with transparency as a web layer from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Online results in an empty hosted table.
BUG-000137344 Public usernames are unable to activate a new organization or join an existing organization. A login page bounces back to another login page, then logs in to a public account instead of the organization.
BUG-000111981 Unable to add attachments to services from servers federated with Portal for ArcGIS with stored credentials in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000136578 The character length of the summary field in ArcGIS Online item details page is not honored when publishing from ArcGIS Pro.
BUG-000121504 When searching an exact tag with dashes in ArcGIS Online, results other than the exact match are returned.
BUG-000133569 Adding large LAS (lidar) files to ArcGIS Notebooks fails and returns an error message.
BUG-000138863 Unable to edit map areas for offline use in ArcGIS Online web maps.
BUG-000138245 The Configure Charts menu items fail to load reliably.
BUG-000138594 Unable to scroll through 'select fields' when configuring pop-ups in the new Map Viewer when using Safari.
BUG-000129762 The generateToken endpoint for ArcGIS Online successfully returns a token when users specify the parameters in the query string. The equivalent request to Portal's generateToken endpoint fails with the error message, "POST request should not contain username and password in the query string."
BUG-000135155 If the List widget is configured before the Filter widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder, adding a button (Pill selector) selector in the Filter widget returns the following error message, "Error: Too many values for this style. Please choose another one."
BUG-000136763 There are missing parentheses in an ArcGIS Experience Builder data view query when the underlying map layer has preset filters
BUG-000134957 The 'Active on loading' setting from the Bookmark widget in the ArcGIS Experience Builder web app is not honored from the related web map or web scene.
BUG-000138715 Unable to 'zoom to' map after querying in Live View in Experience Builder
BUG-000137011 The console error, ?Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded? is returned when toggling the layer visibility in ArcGIS Experience Builder.
BUG-000136315 The ArcGIS Experience Builder Filter widget does not apply filter automatically when multiple filters are used.
BUG-000137607 The Sidebar widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder automatically collapses when altering the size of the column.
BUG-000133142 ArcGIS Experience Builder takes over the initial extent during a page change if the Record Selection Changes action is set.
BUG-000138640 Popup configurations are not respected in Experience Builder, instead the Query results page shows the full list of attributes.
BUG-000138177 Removing the homepage of ArcGIS Experience Builder, then undoing the change does not properly restore the homepage and returns the following error, "Cannot read property "header" of undefined."
BUG-000137003 An underscore at the end of an ArcGIS Online username causes errors when trying to open ArcGIS Notebooks.
BUG-000136317 The Screenshot setting to include results does not always show results and when legend is included, the map area fails to draw at the place of the legend in the Nearby configurable web app.
BUG-000136764 Adding any configurable app created with the 'Nearby' template to the Home Screen from the browser on the phone directs to a specific app (Nearby: Juarez).
BUG-000136986 In the Minimalist web app, if the web map?s pop-up is configured with arcade expressions, the search result in the app does not display the pop-up field if it is not configured under the search results settings in the app.
BUG-000132354 Country code is not honored when an address is searched in the Crowdsource Reporter application.
BUG-000107664 Unable to change back the theme color from custom to dark or light color scheme in the Minimalist web application.
BUG-000137195 The information message on the Nearby app disappears upon refreshing the page.
BUG-000138941 The buttons to toggle between attachments do not work in the Attachment Viewer app on mobile devices.
BUG-000139020 Minimalist Configurable App Template cuts off content in panels when using horizontal layout
BUG-000129334 Enabling synchronized pop-ups in the Compare configurable web app causes unexpected behavior.
BUG-000123942 No error message is returned when choosing basemap with a different spatial reference in the web map application.
BUG-000129314 When a hosted feature layer with attachments has dependent hosted feature layer views, clicking the attachment link in the pop-up in a view returns '404 error' after the feature layer is overwritten from ArcGIS Pro.
BUG-000136617 The option to make a hosted layer view created from a join is selectable, although the layer is read-only.
BUG-000134059 The List Value switches from the default 'Values based on the previous expressions' to 'All unique values of this field' when reopening the edit session for the Filter widget in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder.
BUG-000134915 The ArcGIS Web AppBuilder Threat Analysis widget creates too small zones.
BUG-000137320 The Query widget in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder does not always save expression when editing the Filter widget settings after it has initially been created.
BUG-000127133 When using the Query widget with the Launchpad theme in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS to select a date, Sunday until Friday are shown on the calendar, and Saturday is excluded by default.
BUG-000115397 The export to CSV file option in the Query widget in a Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS application does not honor the display fields set in the 'These field attributes will display:' setting in the widget configuration.
BUG-000118486 When using the encoded ampersand '%26' in Query Parameters of a Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS URL, the search bar incorrectly display '&' instead of '&' which results in missing matches in the search.
BUG-000118325 The Smart Editor widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS does not respect hint pop-ups for editing features on a feature layer.
BUG-000123554 The calendar in the Filter widget does not display 'Saturday' when using the Launchpad theme in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.
BUG-000127014 The compass orientation in the My Location widget fails on iOS devices.
BUG-000138138 Polygon is generalized when copying features from one non-editable layer to an editable layer in the Smart Editor widget.
BUG-000126589 Operations Dashboard is unable to show pop-up image with custom URL created from the Arcade expression.
BUG-000136485 Text is truncated after 36 characters in one word in the ArcGIS Dashboard Details widget.
BUG-000126976 Pop-ups for the 'USA Weather Watches and Warnings' Living Atlas layer do not appear in Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.
BUG-000134659 Deleting the source item for an ArcGIS Dashboards widget prevents access to the widget's configure menu. The 'Loading Layer' message buffers endlessly when accessing the widget's configure menu.
BUG-000136212 The hyperlink in the pop-ups from the map is not honored in ArcGIS Dashboards.
BUG-000136218 The extent URL parameter is not honored in ArcGIS Dashboards when multiple web maps are connected to each other via Map Actions.
BUG-000136233 ArcGIS Dashboards does not load all the features on the map. The same filters display different features on the dashboard's map and Map Viewer.
BUG-000135952 In ArcGIS Online, Operations Dashboard does not display Arcade expressions in pop-ups when using FeatureSetByName(), $datastore global variable when a refresh interval is set for the layer.
BUG-000131784 Negative values are rounded to negative zero instead of zero.
BUG-000136969 The map extent loads incorrectly in ArcGIS Dashboards when switching to a different tab while the dashboard is loading.
BUG-000122134 The 'Search by Feature' function does not work in Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, if the layer is a map service.
BUG-000114712 Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS generalizes point, polyline and polygon features.
BUG-000126509 Symbology and label settings are not preserved when a referenced feature service with more than one layer is published from ArcGIS Pro has a refresh interval set on all layers, and is used in Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.
BUG-000130274 The map extent set in a web map is not honored in ArcGIS Dashboards when using a vector basemap unless the vector basemap uses a spatial reference with WKID 102100.
BUG-000109457 In Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS desktop app, a Map containing a layer with a Saved Refresh interval does not display Filters or Labels.
BUG-000121489 Pop-ups in Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS in ArcGIS Online display incorrect information for the USA Storm Reports layer.
BUG-000127559 Label settings are not preserved when a referenced feature service with one layer is published from ArcGIS Pro has a refresh interval set, and is used in Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.
BUG-000118530 If an Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS application contains multiple maps with matching extents, restoring the browser down and up again causes map extents to zoom at various levels.
BUG-000121915 The Series chart in ArcGIS Online Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS does not recognize '0' counts.
BUG-000114024 The Share link in the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS editor creates a link that includes the organization shortname in the URL, unlike the Map Viewer Share link.
BUG-000120838 ArcGIS Online Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS indicators format dates in epoch format in the data table preview.
BUG-000119113 The Show Pop-up action in an Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS List does not respect the pop-up configuration of maps containing ArcGIS Server map services with more than one layer.
BUG-000122812 Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS does not refresh or update the information from the 'USA Weather Warnings and Watches' layer if the refresh interval is set to 5 minutes in the web map.
BUG-000129062 Category selector actions fail to function when it has been configured using a map service published from a joined feature layer.
BUG-000133661 In ArcGIS Dashboards, features disappear from the map after setting a map filter action on the data that comes from a database view published as a referenced feature layer
BUG-000128508 The Layer visibility widget in Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS displays layers that are not present in the group layer in a Web Map Service.
BUG-000135258 The 'Create results as hosted feature layer view' option in the Join Features tool has to be disabled if the input layers are not hosted layers.

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