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ArcGIS Online Issues Addressed List - September 2020 Update

Published: October 7, 2020


This page contains a list of issues addressed in the September 2020 update to ArcGIS Online that were logged through Support Services.


Defect Number


BUG-000129853 The Close button is not visible when creating features with mandatory fields and unique values in the ArcGIS Online Map Viewer.
BUG-000131842 Sentinal-2 image services provided by Esri display 'No information available' in the pop-up window when a feature layer has time animation enabled in the web map.
BUG-000132244 Creating a configurable app in ArcGIS Online using the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and changing the Web Map ID does not work - the application continues to point at the original web map ID.
BUG-000129657 Groups with special characters are not returned when searching for them under the My Organization's Groups tab in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000132283 Assigning Pro extension licenses in bulk in ArcGIS Online revokes ArcGIS Pro license or the license for other extensions.
BUG-000132343 The Add Item dialog box displays an incorrect time zone name for Atlantique Time (Canada) when the user profile language is set to French.
BUG-000128341 Hatched fill symbology is not honored in Scene Viewer.
BUG-000128992 Search suggestions and dynamic filtering are not enabled when sharing an item to a group.
BUG-000119638 Unable to save new changes in the pop-up field alias into a hosted view generated by the Join Features analysis in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000131428 In ArcGIS Online, administrators are not able to invite themselves to groups owned by other members in the organization.
BUG-000127584 In ArcGIS Online, there is a translation error in French for 'ArcGIS Runtime' in the Licenses tab.
BUG-000132704 Filtering Groups in My Organization's Groups in ArcGIS Online by Viewable by > Everyone (Public) shows all groups viewable to the public across the entirety of ArcGIS Online and not just the groups in the organization.
BUG-000131098 The private or organizationally shared ArcGIS Online username is not searchable if it contains keywords that are part of a longer, publicly shared ArcGIS Online profile username.
BUG-000131867 The ArcGIS Experience Builder map widget allows feature selection even when feature selection pop-up is not enabled in the layer.
BUG-000131708 Scroll slider is unavailable when selecting widgets in a project containing a lot of maps in ArcGIS Experience Builder.
BUG-000132076 In the Microsoft Edge browser, ArcGIS Experience Builder widgets fail to read, and display the information of the feature service layer.
BUG-000129375 Creating a Web AppBuilder application using a Near Me widget which is embedded within ArcGIS Experience Builder returns the following error message, "Geolocation has been disabled in the document by Feature Policy."
BUG-000133665 A web application made using the Compare template does not display the Bookmark widget in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000131701 Configurable parameters are not saved in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000131822 The Zone Lookup application search function does not work as expected on mobile devices.
BUG-000131924 Google Chrome developer tools display a console warning when launching an ArcGIS Online web application created from the Media Map template.
BUG-000132335 The Media Map configurable app template does not have brackets on the time slider when displaying time-enabled data.
BUG-000132373 Incorrect fields are displaying in the Search fields drop-down when adding a new search source to the Minimalist app via a URL for a layer from a MapServer in ArcGIS Server 10.7.1.
BUG-000132549 Unchecking the Legend Panel option in the Minimalist app template displays the legend after launching the application.
BUG-000132694 While configuring a search in the Attachment Viewer application, the drop-down list in the Search and Display field does not honor the selected layer of the web map.
BUG-000129250 'Preserve editor tracking info' does not preserve created_date and last_edited_date fields when publishing to ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000131788 The URL parameter cacheHint= is set to true by default in ArcGIS Online. This causes feature layers to not update when data is received from sync. This only occurs to feature layers that have a hosted view layer created from it.
BUG-000132157 When using a CSV file to append data to a hosted feature layer, the editor tracking information is updated with the data or layer owner information.
BUG-000133151 There is a slow response from the filtered polygon hosted feature layer when accessed through the ArcGIS Web AppBuilder in Hive 7 compared to other hives.
BUG-000134254 Managed offline areas fail to package in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000132872 Extremely slow performance with ArcGIS Tracker track views when adding the track views into a web map in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer.
BUG-000127316 When editable layers are checked on or off in the layer list while the Smart Editor widget is opened, pop-ups do not open until the widget dialog is closed.
BUG-000130614 Applying the Group Filter widget in Web AppBuilder zooms in to the filtered polygon but does not show the complete extent.
BUG-000131074 The Group Filter widget does not apply preset values to the Smart Editor widget as stated in the documentation.
BUG-000116764 The 'Export to CSV' action in the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Select widget exports coded values instead of the description.
BUG-000116548 When drawing a line with the Distance and Direction widget and then printing the result, the Print widget hangs and generates an error.
BUG-000130291 The Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Infographic chart's display range scroll bar disappears when a small number of features are being displayed, making it difficult for users to view all of the data if the display range is set to automatic.
BUG-000116344 Exporting results from the Query widget do not include the time information if the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS web app contains time and date information.
BUG-000118367 In the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Select widget, selectability is reset to the initial configured settings after adding data via the Add Data widget.
BUG-000121779 The Insert Image button does not work in the 'About' or 'Splash' widget in a Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS app on certain touchscreen systems.
BUG-000120065 Coordinate Conversion widget does not zoom to a map location when the basemap is in the EPSG 102067 (5514) coordinate system.
BUG-000118531 When in Modify layout mode and dragging to add multiple widgets in the layout mode, the numbers given to the widgets do not appear in the configuration panel if adding three or more widgets in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS with the Dashboard theme in ArcGIS Online .
BUG-000119709 Using the Batch Attribute Editor widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS in ArcGIS Online, populating a Date field as 'New Date' in the pop-up window disables the Save button when the 'Number and date format' field of the ArcGIS Online user profile is set to Canada-Canada.
BUG-000127185 The hosted tile layer is unable to expand in the Layer List widget of Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS when a .tpkx file created in ArcGIS Desktop is added using the 'Add item > From my computer' option.
BUG-000127234 The Batch Attribute Editor widget does not correctly build queries when the associated web map contains a filter that applies an OR operator.
BUG-000127598 Category and Date selectors as buttons are misaligned when both are added to a header element in Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000133925 Running the Create Drive-Time Areas tool in ArcGIS Online ends abruptly with a blank message stating ?Error? and consumes credits.
BUG-000091328 The Extract Data tool in ArcGIS Online fails to export many features with attachments to a file geodatabase.
BUG-000133583 The 'Choose Best Facilities' tool in ArcGIS Online fails when using a large dataset.
BUG-000114230 GeoEnrichment service enrich requests with EsriFrance analysisVariables parameters defined take much longer than other analysisVariables, sometimes exceeding 30 seconds which prompts the service proxy requests to timeout with an HTTP 504.
BUG-000122678 Publishing an Excel (.xlsx) table as a hosted feature service to ArcGIS Online with a date field named 'open' returns a generic error when attempting to create drive times.
BUG-000132748 The Join Features tool returns empty output table and 'No Data Found' intermittently in ArcGIS Online.

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