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ArcGIS Online Issues Addressed List - March 2020 Release

Published: April 6, 2020


This page contains a list of issues addressed in the March 2020 update to ArcGIS Online that were logged through Support Services.


Defect Number


BUG-000128214 Unable to add trusted servers in all ArcGIS Online trial organizations and in some ArcGIS Online subscriptions.
BUG-000128278 In ArcGIS Online, when a group is configured as featured content in the ArcGIS Online home page, and that group contains web maps with offline map areas, the home page featured content is filled with additional thumbnails for map areas, feature layers, and the basemap imagery.
BUG-000127678 When certain data is added to Map Viewer, modifying the symbology for the Counts and Amounts (size) symbology causes usability issues on the side panel.
BUG-000127679 There is no response returned and the expected graphical user interface (GUI) is not shown when clicking the Counts and Amounts (Color) option as the map symbology in Map Viewer.
BUG-000127096 Enriching labels in ArcGIS Online web maps remove the ability to further manage the labels.
BUG-000127511 Tilting a local scene in ArcGIS Online Scene Viewer displays lower resolution basemap tiles.
BUG-000126359 A string, 'amp;' is unexpectedly added to the URL of a hyperlinked image in a web map pop-up configured using an Arcade expression.
BUG-000127529 Custom images in the Unique symbology field in web maps do not fully render if too many unique images are used.
BUG-000111960 Enabling pop-ups on a hosted tile layer in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer and then saving the layer removes the pop-up configuration.
BUG-000124960 When the group settings for 'Who can contribute content to the group?' is set to 'Only group owner and managers', administrators in the organization are unable to contribute content to groups that they do not own.
BUG-000122248 Unable to save an ArcGIS Online organization setup if the URL starts with a hyphen, despite the setup page displaying the URL as 'Available'.
BUG-000114820 A custom ArcGIS Online role with administrative privileges is unable to modify the members email address.
BUG-000124829 Performance issues occur while accessing the training portal when the ArcGIS Online language is set to 'Norwegian - Norsk'.
BUG-000127837 ArcGIS Developer subscriptions are missing the Administrative contacts section in Organization Settings.
BUG-000117557 Configuring a pop-up for a hosted feature layer with related tables results in a delay when opening the pop-up window.
BUG-000118488 The 'Show Related Records' option fails to honor the pop-up configuration for related tables in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer.
BUG-000119231 When a web page contains a 3D scene within an iframe, the page automatically scrolls to Scene Viewer when the page is loaded.
BUG-000128009 Unable to create a web app when adding a logo to the Shared theme section of an ArcGIS Online organization.
BUG-000126995 In ArcGIS Online, unchecking the By Address check box in the Find Locations section of a web map settings still allows searching for addresses.
BUG-000128409 The Unique value does not recognize 0 as a valid input when applying a filter to a layer in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer.
BUG-000126796 Administrators in ArcGIS Online are able to bypass permissions by adding themselves to secure groups without requesting permission from the group owner.
BUG-000120202 Launching the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS app from the Home page of an Organization loads in the same tab instead of a new blank tab.
BUG-000128625 The "Display an option in your Sign In panel to allow members of other organizations to sign in using their ArcGIS Online credentials solely to access the organization content your members have shared with them" policy setting redirects users to a general login, and then logs them in to their organization, not the organization originally trying to be accessed.
BUG-000126731 For a custom attribute expression in a related table, the attribute table displays the returned value of the FeatureSetByRelationshipName function as "Data Error."
BUG-000119462 Adding a Web Map Service (WMS) service to Map Viewer using the 'Use as Basemap' option does not respect the specified custom parameter.
BUG-000128097 Unable to set an outline for a symbol in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer if the symbol applies 'No Color' as a previous outline.
BUG-000127603 Unable to modify a date filter in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer when a MapServer URL is added.
BUG-000126877 The warning message, "Maximum number of default apps selected" is displayed when selecting five add-in licenses in the New Member default settings, but there is no mention of this limitation in the documentation.
BUG-000128101 The description for ArcGIS Online role-sharing privilege 'Make groups visible to organization' is inaccurate.
BUG-000122576 The Filter widget causes the layer go missing when the field selected contains the symbol for micro (ยต).
BUG-000126899 When inviting users to a group in ArcGIS Online, the 'Invite users' window closes if the space outside of the window is clicked.
BUG-000127636 The ArcGIS Online administrator is unable to unshare an item that is not owned by the administrator if the item is shared to a group with update capabilities.
BUG-000109906 The Direction widget does not take the attribute values when searching for a direction like in the web map Direction option.
BUG-000127357 A web map configured with the By Layer search option fails to display the layer name in the search bar of the web map, when pop-ups are enabled on the layer.
BUG-000127330 Unable to change the user settings when selecting 'Invite members to join using their enterprise logins.'
BUG-000126818 The National Park symbols are distorted in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000127492 In ArcGIS Online, custom roles with administrative privileges can be assigned during the invitation process when selecting 'New Members from a File'.
BUG-000126367 Time slider and other widgets disappear from the Media Map application when entering a negative duration time.
BUG-000129188 Nearby configurable application fails to sort features depending on the distance when the browser language is set to French.
BUG-000127317 The GeoForm web application redirects to the Rate the GeoForm (Live) page when the Enter tab is pressed from keyboard for a string type of question.
BUG-000127507 Duplicate text boxes are displayed for the layer parameter under the Extract Changes operation.
BUG-000121330 Polygons with large number of vertices fail to draw in ArcGIS Online when published as Web Feature Service (WFS) services.
BUG-000127579 Incorrect JSON when using the new Asynchronous delete on the delete features REST API function for ArcGIS Online REST API.
BUG-000125960 The default value for date field changes from None to 12/30/1899 when a hosted feature service is exported to a file geodatabase.
BUG-000127484 ArcGIS REST API query returns invalid GEOJSON when 'Return Extent Only' is set to True.
BUG-000128284 When accessing the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS in Google Chrome, the Filter widget shows the double scroll bar if the expressions have 'Ask for values' checked while setting the filters.
BUG-000126608 The Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Query widget does not execute if an Arcade expression is applied in the pop-up configuration of a feature layer with a related table in a web map.
BUG-000128365 The 'More filter actions' button in the Filter widget hides the toggle button of the filters.
BUG-000128133 Filters applied to features in a web mapping application are only honored the first time a geoprocessing tool is run.
BUG-000127373 The Smart Editor widget hangs when saving edits.
BUG-000128215 The pop-up renders incorrect information for a map layer in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS if the same layer is added as a feature layer.
BUG-000126167 When setting the impedance of a default travel mode to be 'miles', any resulting analysis from the travel mode shows up with the wrong distance and units (kilometers instead of miles).
BUG-000118882 Attempts to search for the address '412 Sonoma Isles Cir, Jupiter, FL, 33478, USA' and other addresses in the vicinity do not return the correct locations using the WGS 84 map projection.
BUG-000118766 The hosted feature layer view created by the Join Features analysis tool in ArcGIS Online does not inherit the attachments added to the original hosted feature service.
BUG-000115583 Suggestions for zip code 81232, associated with Hillside, CO, generate different results in the World Geocoding Service.

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