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ArcGIS Online Issues Addressed List - June 2020 Update

Published: July 6, 2020


This page contains a list of issues addressed in the June 2020 update to ArcGIS Online that were logged through Support Services.


Defect Number


BUG-000130605 The reset password email says 'ername' rather than the username value of the member resetting the password when the language is set to French.
BUG-000127891 Renamed attachments are not found in the pop-up windows of a dynamic layer in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000119176 Users are unable to sign in with different Organization credentials, enterprise logins, and social networking credentials in a Scene Viewer shared with everyone.
BUG-000110944 When in edit mode in a web map viewer, the populated domain attribute does not display in pop-up.
BUG-000112654 The rows to navigate between pictures are hidden in the pop-up when the size of the browser window is changed in Scene Viewer.
BUG-000129523 Usernames preceding with 'esri_' cause a failure when used in Distributed Collaborations.
BUG-000131669 When the Google Chrome cookie settings, 'cookies without SameSite must be secure' and 'SameSite by default cookies' are set to enabled (the upcoming default settings, postponed due to COVID-19), private apps which require an ArcGIS Online login embedded in public sites with a non-ArcGIS website domain prompt for authentication each time the public site is visited or reloaded in the same browser.
BUG-000122188 Attempting to append data from an Excel of .csv file to an ArcGIS Online hosted feature service with a large number of fields returns the error message: "Error: Unable to Append Data."
BUG-000130130 In ArcGIS Online, when changing the color ramp to anything other than the default, the user-defined renderer of certain image services yields no result.
BUG-000130184 When inviting a member, the assigned license for ArcGIS Pro does not display as selected in the selection window upon reopening.
BUG-000128025 When switching between two slides or bookmarks where the basemap changes, the content is not rendered properly in the web scene layer.
BUG-000129508 Clicking the service URL for a secured ArcGIS Server service with stored credentials returns the following error message, "Error 403: You do not have permissions to access this resource or perform this operation."
BUG-000130496 Unable to change the Start page to 'Group' for a member with the Viewer user type and Viewer role.
BUG-000114444 Web Map Services from Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) do not render in the ArcGIS Online scene viewer.
BUG-000128490 Enabling 'Labels on a Multipoint Geometry' layer in a web map disables the redrawing of symbols when zooming, and the labels are not displayed.
BUG-000129578 The sharing level changes from Organization to Owner when saving a web map that has a layer being shared to a different group.
BUG-000128204 A hyperlink to a QuickCapture project breaks when it is launched from a feature pop-up in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000130095 The Slice tool does not work when creating a web app with Configurable Apps.
BUG-000130677 Search suggestions display behind the welcome screen in the Nearby application when first loaded.
BUG-000128771 An error ?You do not have permissions to access this resource or perform this operation? Error: 403, is returned while attempting to download a PDF from the Category Gallery web application.
BUG-000125825 In ArcGIS Online, if the map units are set to metric, the scale bar unit changes to imperial (US Standard) format in a web app created with Map Styler template.
BUG-000122195 Changing the display order and disabling fields in the GeoForm app does not save the changes in the preview mode or when publishing.
BUG-000127590 When using a visibility range in the Nearby application in ArcGIS Online, the result layer flashes but does not appear in the buffer zone search.
BUG-000123927 Pop-ups in a web map that are configured to show related records, fail to show the related values in several web app templates.
BUG-000125866 The Category Gallery template launches the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS item details page instead of launching the application in a new tab.
BUG-000127405 The welcome splash screen describing the Nearby app does not appear intermittently.
BUG-000126602 Attribute values are split incorrectly across fields in a hosted feature layer of the CSV export if the string contains commas and quotation marks.
BUG-000128930 Adding, deleting, and adding a field again to a hosted feature layer does not maintain the correct field type in associated hosted feature layer views.
BUG-000124543 When appending an excel table to a hosted feature service in ArcGIS Online, the first sheet in the table is appended although a different sheet is selected in the user interface.
BUG-000118116 Data with field names exceeding 32 characters returns the error message, "Accessing data failed." The same data with manually truncated field names does not return an error.
BUG-000129387 The GetFeature request for a web feature service (WFS) created from an ArcGIS Online hosted feature layer returns incorrect and different URLs for the HTTP and HTTPS layers.
BUG-000129056 When exporting a survey in CSV format, the answers entered in a new line of multiline questions are separated by half width space.
BUG-000131462 The FAQ answers on related table access using Arcade appears dated with the introduction of FeatureSets.
BUG-000130852 When editing the output symbology of the Geoprocessing widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, editing one color class unexpectedly adopts the color of a different class, making it difficult to configure.
BUG-000129263 The Batch Attribute Editor widget in ArcGIS Online Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS loads continuously during an edit if the field has a description (or Field Value Type).
BUG-000131314 The Threat Analysis widget fails with an error message, ?Create widget error:widgets/ThreatAnalysis/Widgets? if the web map contains a non-editable layer.
BUG-000131524 When creating a web app using ArcGIS Web AppBuilder, adding the Query widget and the Attribute Table widget in the same app leads to a large blank space on the app when opening and then closing the Attribute Table widget.
BUG-000107737 The Group Filter widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS does not honor the web map settings to remove 1000 separator on number formatted fields.
BUG-000110675 The Query widget does not display or export time data to a CSV file from Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.
BUG-000100353 Editing is completely disabled when the Edit widget is set in the Jewelry Box theme, and the theme is changed and then changed back to the Jewelry Box theme.
BUG-000117967 When selecting points in a web app through a mobile web browser using an iOS device, the ellipses in the pop-up window appears below the visible screen and cannot be selected.
BUG-000118708 The option to export to CSV does not generate the CSV file when run through the attribute table and returns the following error: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'query' of undefined."
BUG-000130044 The Smart Editor widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS rounds the latitude/longitude/x-coordinate/y-coordinate value in the 'Move feature to XY location' dialog to three decimal places.
BUG-000130744 A geoprocessing (GP) tool, with optional parameters, published as a service to ArcGIS Server is not allowed to run as a Geoprocessing widget in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder in ArcGIS Online unless all the parameters of the widget are filled in with a value.
BUG-000124249 The Smart Editor widget has a row length limit that truncates longer strings in both the edit and view modes of Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS when editing is disabled for that field.
BUG-000126558 The Smart Editor widget features with the Arcade expressions are not drawing when the attribute table is open in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.

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