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ArcGIS Maps for Office 2020.1 Issues Addressed List

Published: March 17, 2020


This page contains a list of issues addressed in the ArcGIS Maps for Office 2020.1 release that were logged through Support Services.


Defect Number


BUG-000122209 Symbology reverts to original color theme when adding data using only a non-numerical value under Map Style by Column.
BUG-000122192 Referencing a service with unique numeric ID's in the Map Service causes a selection shift in the resulting field selection when using a custom locator.
BUG-000126880 Clearing filters of geocoded data in ArcGIS Maps for Office previous versions can causes geocoding to fail.
BUG-000126948 Drive time Area layer is missing option to change the Layer Style in ArcGIS Maps for Office.
BUG-000094960 Export items to Excel from the Water Utility Network Reporting toolbar in ArcGIS for Desktop returns an error message.
BUG-000096247 Geocoding a table of country names returns an output with generalzed country boundaries.
BUG-000107355 A peristed excel workbook with mulitple sheets will switch to the sheet with anchored map upon opening.
BUG-000106299 Geocoding with a custom locator will cause the 'fix error' option to fail.
BUG-000106782 ArcGIS Maps for Office 4.1 crashes or disappears from the Microsoft ribbon when disabling and re-enabling the Add-In.
BUG-000108771 Filtering a spreadsheet is experiencing delays to complete after upgrading the version of ArcGIS Maps for Office.
BUG-000097785 Adding a new map requires the user to login into the organization every time with changes made to the ArcGIS URL connection.
BUG-000095934 The 'ESRI_MAPINFO_SHEET' appends to spreadsheets without initial sign-in.
BUG-000106158 A feature layer's field value in a pop-up window becomes duplicated with the common field of a custom location type.
BUG-000101552 The warning message “You do not have sufficient user level to access this application” is not localized when sign in with a Level 1 account in Excel and PowerPoint.
BUG-000110385 In ArcGIS Maps for Office PowerPoint the names of sub-layers of a service are not visible in the Legend.
BUG-000110673 Mid Century, Modern Antique, and Nova Vector basemaps fail to render at zoomed levels.
BUG-000113979 Signing into ArcGIS Maps for Office 4.1.1 fails with error message: Error missing valid connection URL in the backstage area.
BUG-000112549 Unable to Share Layer using the country locator for a table containing large and small area countries.
BUG-000098803 Using pivot tables can cause time-animated data to become unusable.
BUG-000120429 Making a selection of locations and selecting 'Show only selected rows' takes a long time to update the spreadsheet in ArcGIS Maps for Office.
BUG-000119723 Deleting ArcGIS Maps for Office configuration files in '%AppData%' does not revert the state of the software to its base form.
BUG 000122977 Unique symbols and colors are inherited by other features after applying filter in an excel worksheet.
BUG-000119647 Applying a filter to the table data used in ArcGIS Maps for Office 5.0 (Excel), the symbology reverts back to the default color scheme.
BUG-000124438 Layer visibility is not remaining consistent after performing a Hotspot Analysis.
BUG-000124618 Log-in fails to authenticate with a Portal for ArcGIS that is configured with IWA with "fall back to cloud resources" enabled.
BUG-000126851 Unable to selectively toggle map layers on and off.

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