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Esri Roads and Highways 10.7 Issues Addressed

Published: March 29, 2019


This announcement contains the list of issues addressed with the release of ArcGIS Location Referencing 10.7 specific to Esri Roads and Highways.


Esri Roads and Highways


  • BUG-000115339Make Feature Layer on a layer that participates in the ALRS ignores the SQL expression set in the script.
  • GIT233Conflict Prevention: Acquire locks is giving an anonymous lock in a small number of cases.
  • BUG-000118024Ability to choose ‘Null’ when creating or reassigning route is not present, for extra attribute fields which are not a part of the route ID, with domains.
  • BUG-000118489Incorrect measure values are assigned on events when a whole part of a gapped route is reassigned and the event behavior is set to Snap.
  • BUG-000118639Incorrect measure values are assigned to events when a whole part of a gapped route is realigned with the Split Value, To Measure is set to the end of the gap and the event behavior is set to Cover.
  • BUG-000119546Extend route does not apply the Cover event behavior correctly on gapped routes.
  • BUG-000119545Realign route does not apply the Cover event behavior correctly and applies incorrect measure values on gapped routes in different situations.
  • GIT270Create route fails when single field route ID includes the single quote character.
  • BUG-000120670 Reassigning a portion of one gapped route to another gapped route shows incorrect calibration point values.


  • BUG-000115036Line events created on a redline in Event Editor returns Route measures are null after creating the route and applying updates in ArcMap.
  • ENH-000115193Add a note to the Event Editor Deployment Guide to specify that data must be in an enterprise geodatabase.
  • BUG-000116475In Event Editor, the From Measure doesn't change location after changing station location on a second linear event created when Stationing method is used to create linear events.
  • BUG-000116664In Event Editor, selecting events by the route highlights the route which results in indistinguishable linear event features.

Desktopand Server

  • GIT166Export Network: Some lollipop routes are returned as points in the LRM translation table.

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