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ArcGIS Online June 2019 Update

Published: June 27, 2019


This page contains a list of issues addressed in the June 2019 release of ArcGIS Online that were logged through Support Services.


Defect Number


BUG-000116931 ArcGIS Online fails to properly read the aggregate metadata of the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) federation if the Extensible Markup Language (XML) namespaces used in the EntityDescriptor element are defined in the EntitiesDescriptor element rather than the EntityDescriptor element.
BUG-000121277 When using the 'Add members using their enterprise ID without sending invitations' method in ArcGIS Online, the interface becomes unresponsive instead of displaying an error message if the imported CSV file has many rows with blank fields.
BUG-000121090 When inviting a new member in a trial organization, the email message does not appear in the email invite.
BUG-000111641 Related records are not visible in ArcGIS Online when a map service is added to the map and the visible range of the layer is changed.
BUG-000100007 An image uploaded as an item in ArcGIS Online and used as a custom symbol does not display when printing from ArcGIS Online Map Viewer, if the 'Allow access to the organization through HTTPS only' check box is not checked for the organization.
BUG-000111621 ArcGIS Online exports a feature service to the Microsoft Excel format incorrectly if the data contains comma-separated numbers.
BUG-000095255 Unable to perform analysis or show credit usage for a map service layer when time animation is enabled on the layer in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000122351 Attempting to log in to an organization with a short name longer than 16 characters returns the error message: "The short name may not be longer than 16 characters."
BUG-000121329 Configuring ArcGIS Online web scene templates do not work on data with coordinate systems other than WKID 4326.
BUG-000119047 Specifying a credit allocation of 0 when inviting new users to an ArcGIS Online organization does not work if the default credit allocation in the organization is greater than 0 credits.
BUG-000122248 Unable to save an ArcGIS Online organization setup if the URL starts with a hyphen, despite the setup page displaying the URL as 'Available'.
BUG-000122230 Unable to extract features using the Extract Data tool under Perform Analysis in the web map in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000121718 Searching for members to add to a group does not always find all users when similar usernames exist.
BUG-000121759 When logged in to the ArcGIS Online organization, the folder item count refers to the user home folder even after deleting all contents from the folder.
BUG-000121823 When configuring pop-ups for a service with related records, the Show Related Data option is absent if labels are created in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer.
BUG-000120335 A web map in ArcGIS Online fails to write JSON parameters under applicationProperties until the map application settings are reset.
BUG-000120862 ArcGIS Hub does not display search results for server services that are shared with everyone.
BUG-000122426 Accessing the Item Details URL of a hosted vector tile layer from a web map item details page, returns an error message, "We're sorry, the page you're looking for can't be found."
BUG-000121171 In an ArcGIS Online web scene, using the Slice tool on a 3D model disables face culling for the entire session.
BUG-000121315 Hosted tile layers in a group in an ArcGIS Online web scene do not turn off when the group is turned off. 
BUG-000114527 The web scene visibility range is not honored in ArcGIS Online Scene Viewer after publishing from ArcGIS Pro.
BUG-000120374 Secured Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) (Esri or third party) does not load in ArcGIS Online Scene Viewer.
BUG-000120291 Spelling errors in the Options tab of the Category Gallery (beta) configurable application.
BUG-000119702 In the Minimal Gallery web application created using referenced to a group in ArcGIS Online, the search returns no results if the tags are in capital letters.
BUG-000120810 Web apps created using the Local Perspective template in ArcGIS Online become unresponsive for the first few seconds when launched on mobile devices.
BUG-000108027 Feature class with time zone set on Date field through layer properties does not convert the values to UTC when published to hosted feature service and values are not able to display as expected in ArcGIS Online interface.
BUG-000107195 ArcGIS Online Utility Proxy fails to include an access-control-allow-origin header when attaching certain files to secure feature services added to ArcGIS Online with stored credentials.
BUG-000122260 When editor tracking is enabled for a feature class, using a text field with a length of 10 produces an empty hosted feature layer when published to ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000120554 Hosted feature layer views do not update the nullable properties of fields when the original feature layer is overwritten in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000122576 The Filter widget causes the layer go missing when the field selected contains the symbol for micro (µ).
BUG-000121033 Unable to configure expressions with Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS's Filter widget after the March 2019 release of ArcGIS Online
BUG-000121136 The URL provided in the link preview of the Share widget works in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge but not in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
BUG-000109906 The Direction widget does not take the attribute values when searching for a direction like in the web map Direction option.
BUG-000121552 The Smart Editor widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS in ArcGIS Online does not create new features after editing a field value type.
BUG-000120290 When the 'Add the measure graphic as an operational layer of the map' option is activated in the Measure widget, the 'More option' button fails to open for the Measurement layer.
BUG-000085917 For pop-ups configured with a bar chart in the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS application, long-length characters exceed the tooltip bounding box.
BUG-000121265 The Coordinate widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS in ArcGIS Online only shows elevation values from the terrain layer even for objects from the scene layer.
BUG-000121366 If the length of a string field used in the legend in the pie chart template of the Infographic widget exceeds a certain length, the legend locks up and does not allow scrolling in any direction.
BUG-000121426 The Full Screen widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS does not work in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.
BUG-000116402 The Zoom Scale parameter in the Search Source Settings section of the Near Me widget in ArcGIS Online Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS is not honored.
BUG-000118010 Values and functionality are not available for the Query widget when used in the ArcGIS Online web application with the Dart theme.
BUG-000118922 The Infographic widget in ArcGIS Online Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS forces commas to appear with numerical values despite configuration of the underlying attributes.
BUG-000121347 Unable to expand filters in the Filter widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS when the 'Group filters by layer' box is checked and the input type for the expression in the filter is set to Value.
BUG-000121462 The Filter widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS in ArcGIS Online does not work with the Catalan language.
BUG-000118841 When the Select widget is added as a dashboard widget in the Dashboard theme of Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, the Select widget is automatically enabled in an inconsistent behavior.
BUG-000119262 The Search widget does not redirect or zoom to a feature if the underlying map service pop-up windows are configured with custom attribute expressions, and the web map or the Search widget is set to find locations based on a layer.
BUG-000119394 In Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, the pop-up window of the Near Me widget does not remain at the center of a feature when zooming out.
BUG-000119531 GDA2020 projected coordinate systems are unable to be configured with the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Coordinate widget.
BUG-000121820 Multiple Query widgets in the same Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS app do not work.
BUG-000120324 In Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, when configuring the Percentage Stacked Bar template in the Infographic widget with nine value fields, the maximum value on the horizontal axis is 1.2. However, if there are more or less than nine value fields, the maximum value on the horizontal axis is 1.
BUG-000121982 The Percentage Stacked Bar in the Infographic widget sometimes shows the maximum value on the horizontal axis of 1.2 instead of 1.0.
BUG-000122011 Unable to disable the My Location widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS if the 'Watch for location changes' option is checked.

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