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Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.6 Patch 2 (Desktop | Server)

Published: May 3, 2018


This patch is obsolete. All fixes have been incorporated into Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.6 Patch 3 for (Desktop | Server).


We recommend Mapping and Charting Solutions customers with the following solutions download and install this patch to ensure the highest quality experience.

  • ArcGIS for Aviation
  • ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry
  • ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting
  • ArcGIS for Maritime: Server
  • Esri Defense Mapping
  • Esri Production Mapping
Note: This patch is cumulative of all previously released Patches and Hot Fixes for Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.6.



  1. Login with a Windows Administrator account.
  2. Select and download the Mapping and Charting Solutions file.
        Checksum (Md5)
    Desktop MappingandCharting106Patch2.msp 01B07F908C77BA3F295031C563F2551D
    Server MappingandChartingServer106Patch2.msp 0491BBBB077AD5B6EA7E4EB77F656B4A
  3. Double-click the msp file to start the install process.
  4. When Setup starts, follow the instructions on your screen.

ArcGIS for Maritime: Server, additional installation instructions:

Note: Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.6 Patch 2 includes updates to Product on Demand (PoD) for Maritime Server which require following the Products on Demand (PoD) for Maritime Server installation steps below. If your system does not have Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.6 Patch 1 installed, you will need to follow all update processes outlined below.

Maritime Chart Service

  1. Login as a Server Manager by launching https://localhost:6443/arcgis/manager.
  2. Click Services.
  3. Stop the map service with Maritime Chart Service capabilities configured.
  4. Move the controlfiles folder from <ArcGIS Server installation drive>\arcgisserver\directories\maritimeserver\maritimechartservice\controlfiles to a backup location.
  5. Copy the new controlfiles folder from <ArcGIS Server installation drive>\MaritimeServer\Server<version>\maritimechartservice to <ArcGIS Server installation drive>\arcgisserver\directories\maritimeserver\maritimechartservice.
  6. If modifications were made to the old control files, they will need to be made to the new control files. The backup control files can be used to consolidate modifications with the new control files. For example Coordinate systems and AutoCellUpdate settings.
  7. If the map service was configured to read S-63 encrypted datasets, copy the S-63 user-permit.txt file from the backup controlfiles folder to the new controlfiles folder.
  8. Delete the .senc files from <ArcGIS Server installation drive>\arcgisserver\directories\maritimeserver\maritimechartservice\sencs. The .senc files must be rebuilt after upgrading. Deleting them will significantly increase creation performance.
  9. Repeat steps 1 through 8 for each map service with the Maritime Chart Service capabilities configured.
  10. Login as an administrator by launching https://localhost:6443/arcgis/admin.
  11. Click Uploads.
  12. Click Upload.
  13. Click Choose File and browse to the MaritimeService.soe file located in <ArcGIS Server installation drive>\MaritimeServer\Server<version>\Bin.
  14. Click Upload to add the SOE to the site.
  15. Copy the Item ID for use in the Update step.
  16. Click Home.
  17. Click Services.
  18. Click Types.
  19. Click Extensions.
  20. Click Update and paste the Item ID.
  21. Click Update.
  22. Navigate to Server Manager https://localhost:6443/arcgis/manager.
  23. Click Services.
  24. Click the map service for which you want to enable the Maritime Chart Service.
  25. Click Capabilities.
  26. Verify that the datasetsDirectory, controlFilesDirectory, and workingDirectory properties point to the correct locations. For more information about these properties, see the 'Modifying Maritime Chart Service capabilities properties' section of Setting Maritime Chart Service properties.
  27. Click Save and Restart to make the Maritime Chart Service available.
  28. Confirm the Maritime Chart Service capabilities are working properly in the map service by verify that the .senc files in the sencs folder are current.
  29. Repeat steps 22 - 28 for each map service with Maritime Chart Service capabilities configured.

Product on Demand (PoD) for Maritime Server
This update is only required for existing Maritime PoD deployments. For a new deployment follow the Deploy Maritime PoD steps.

  1. Ensure Maritime Chart Service has been upgraded, see Maritime Chart Service steps above.
  2. Backup the productsondemand folder at <ArcGIS Server installation drive>\arcgisserver\directories\maritimeserver\productsondemand.
  3. Copy the productsondemand folder installed by this patch at <ArcGIS Server installation drive>\MaritimeServer\Server<version>\ to <ArcGIS Server installation drive>\arcgisserver\directories\maritimeserver\.
  4. Merge modifications made to the productsondemand files in the backup folder with the new productsondemand folder. This may include layout templates, etc. file update for Maritime Server: Products on Demand

  1. Navigate to the file which is typically located at <ArcGIS Server installation drive>\arcgisserver\directories\ maritimeserver\productsondemand\Tools. This is the shared_products_path where productsondemand will be deployed.
  2. Edit the following variables:
    • shared_products_path and output_directory: update machine name, domain and the path if you did not use default settings.
    • output_url: Use localhost for testing only otherwise, update machine name, domain and the path if you did not use default settings.
  3. Save your updates.
  4. For the Calculator service copy the file to <ArcGIS Server installation drive>\arcgisserver\directories\arcgissystem\arcgisinput\POD\Calculators.GPServer\extracted\v101\tools.
  5. For the Gateway service copy the file to <ArcGIS Server installation drive>\arcgisserver\directories\arcgissystem\arcgisinput\POD\Gateway.GPServer\extracted\v101\tools.
  6. In ArcGIS Server Manager click Services and choose Manage Services.
  7. Click Folders and choose POD.
  8. Restart your Calculator and Gateway geoprocessing services.

Configuring the Maritime Server: Products on Demand web application

  • Updated layout templates.
  • Updated or published a new map service with Maritime Chart Service enabled.
  • Updated file and restarted the Calculator and Gateway geoprocessing services.
  1. Move the pod web application folder to a backup location. For IIS it would be the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\pod folder.
  2. Navigate to <ArcGIS Server installation drive>\MaritimeServer\Server\WebApplications and copy the folder called pod to C:\inetpub\wwwroot if using IIS to deploy your web application.
  3. Optionally rename the folder pod. The folder name will be the name of the application you access over the web.
  4. Consolidate any modifications from the backup pod web application with the new pod web application.
  5. Edit your podconfig.js file located under pod\js with your published POD service:
    • Update serviceURL to the location created in step 2 of Publishing Service Definition Files. If defaults were used, then the path is
    • Update the MCSURL path, which the pod web application will use for viewing, to the map service path used in your layout template. The default location is The layout template WMS service will be used by the print service to create the chart export.
    • Optionally change the basemap from the Esri Ocean Basemap by modifying the BasemapWithMCS variable.
  6. Save your changes to the podconfig.js file.
  7. You are now ready to use Products on Demand by browsing to http://<your server>/<web application name>

Enhancements and Issues Addressed with this Patch


ArcGIS for Aviation

  • TFS106211Export AIXM 5.1:ExportAim51 creates output that is out of order to export template.
  • TFS107848Update Geodatabase Schema:UpdateGeodatabaseSchema ParseDouble fails when regional settings uses comma decimal separator.
  • BUG-000111668Export AIXM 5.1:ExportAixm51 reports domain mapping errors for values that do not require domain overrides.
  • BUG-000111694Import AIXM 5.1:ImportAixm51 and ExportAixm51 data mapping files should handle domain overrides for values found in customer data.
  • BUG-000111826Import AIXM 5.1:ImportAixm51 failing to import DesginatedPoint features with Index out of range error.
  • BUG-000111817Import AIXM 5.1:ImportAixm51 is not populating SurfaceArea_Threshold M:N attributed relationship table.
  • BUG-000112143Export AIXM 5.1:ExportAixm51 incorrectly exports all ADHPSurfacePoint Subtypes to RunwayCenterLine.
  • BUG-000112446Import AIXM 5.1:ImportAixm51 gives runwaycenterlinepoint SUBTYPE_CODE valid value error.
  • BUG-000112519Import AIXM 5.1:ImportAixm51 Needs domain override for UseBackCourse_Code.
  • BUG-000112732Import AIXM 5.1:AIS:Code_Marking_Pattern uses US English spelling for MONOCOLOUR and CHEQUERED which causes an ImportAixm51 error.
  • TFS109230Import AIXM 5.1:ImportAixm51 gndtwy map into proper type_code.
  • TFS109381Import AIXM 4.5:ImportAixm45 NavaidIndication - AngleIndication rel overrides.


ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry

  • Cumulative of previous 10.6 patches.

ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting

  • Cumulative of previous 10.6 patches.

ArcGIS for Maritime: Server

  • TFS109349 PoD: Deprecate AOI preview option because it is redundant. The Display Settings option Display frame text allows AOI frame and name preview.
  • TFS108516 PoD: Implemented new robust Move behavior.

Esri Defense Mapping
Desktop and Server

  • Git460Rapid Graphic fails to resource invalid standalone tables in the map template.
  • BUG-000112318 Production PDF returns the error The encoding (CMap) specified by a font is missing. when clicking Evaluate Map on the Color Mapping Rules dialog.
  • BUG-000112672 Arcpyproduction.mapping.ExportToSeparatedTIFF executed through a script will create the tfw file in the parent directory if the out_tiff_path parameter contains a period in the path.
  • Git479The Geodatabase to Shape tool is not exporting descriptions for data without subtypes.
  • Git491GridsAndGraticules.cpp::CalculateExtent can hang.


  • BUG-000112028 There is too much latency when loading the Visual Specification Workspace for Calculate Visual Specifications geoprocessing tool.
  • Git488Update the topology xmls files for TRD 4.1-4.4.

Esri Production Mapping

  • TFS109125 PoD: Frequent time outs are experienced during various PoD operations.

Patch Updates

Check the Patches and Service Packs page periodically for the availability of additional patches. New information about this patch will be posted here.

How to identify which ArcGIS products are installed

To determine which ArcGIS products are installed, choose the appropriate version of the PatchFinder utility for your environment and run it from your local machine. PatchFinder will list products, hot fixes, and patches installed on your local machine.

Getting Help

Domestic sites, please contact Esri Technical Support at 1-888-377-4575, if you have any difficulty installing this patch. International sites, please contact your localEsri software distributor.

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