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Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.4.1 Patch 7 Update 1 for Defense (Desktop | Server)

Published: February 16, 2018


This is a targeted maintenance updated for Esri Defense Mapping Solution. See issues addressed list below. This update is only required if you are running Esri Defense Mapping.


We recommend Esri Defense Mapping customers install this patch to ensure the highest quality experience. This patch is cumulative of Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.4.1 Patch 7 Update 1.

Note: This patch is requires that Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.4.1 Patch 7 is installed.



  1. Login as Windows Administrator.
  2. Select and download the Mapping and Charting Solutions file.
        Checksum (Md5)
    Desktop MappingandCharting1041Patch7update1Defense.msp 80b744c74a920b086ac62aeece55c015
    Desktop MappingandChartingServer1041Patch7Update1Defense.msp eff2d3e6121cdc265d5558897f303bae
  3. Double-click the msp file to start the install process.
  4. When Setup starts, follow the instructions on your screen.

Enhancements and Issues Addressed with this Patch


Defense Mapping
Desktop and Server

  • BUG-000110387:MTM Label Expression for RigwellP is incorrect.
  • BUG-000110728:Create Bands From Raster GP tool returns Hydro exclusion features exclude entire AOI, unable to create bands. Failed to execute (CreateBandsFromRaster).
  • BUG-000110893:Layers in the MTM50 and MTM100 lyr files and map templates should not label the Global Feature Identifier.
  • BUG-000111084:Label Expression for the MiscpopP layer in the MTM .lyr file needs to include AL010 Facility Point.
  • Git358:FGM VST and Labeling has MTM and TM errors.
  • Git388:Building Offsets GP Tool is hiding too many structure surfaces.
  • Git402:There is an error in the SQL statement for Not Portrayed (curve) in TDS_6_1_TM_Visual_Specification.gdb for all specifications.


  • BUG-000111123:Calculate Coordinates GP run on a versioned feature class returns ERROR 000584: Implementation of this Tool's Validate is invalid.
  • Git185:Add EVC Grid XMLs.
  • Git375:Split Features GP Tool is not working properly with curves.
  • Git381:TDS 6.1 ICM Schema reference scales for ICM anno feature classes need to be updated.
  • Git382:ICM_TDS_6_1_Portrait MXD dynamic elements need recreated for lower left side.
  • Git397:Calculate Vertical Obstructions Elevation is not populating elevation values.


  • Git377:Add Override Fields for Symbol Rotation.

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Getting Help

Domestic sites, please contact Esri Technical Support at 1-888-377-4575, if you have any difficulty installing this patch. International sites, please contact your local Esri software distributor.

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