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Esri Roads and Highways 10.6 Issues Addressed

Published: January 11, 2018


This announcement contains the list of issues addressed with the release of ArcGIS Location Referencing 10.6 specific to Esri Roads and Highways.


Esri Roads and Highways

Desktop and Server

  • TFS55018Export Network GP tool fails with Object reference not set to an instance of an object in certain datasets.
  • TFS55019Export Network GP tool warning about multiple route concurrencies does not include route segment identifying information.
  • TFS55108Export Network GP tool fails on certain lollipop route types.
  • TFS55206Realigning a route with hundreds of calibration points on the route results in unhandled exception error.


  • TFS54450Reverse Route causes calibration point measures to change beyond the tolerance decimal place.
  • TFS54471Reassigning a portion of a gapped route to a different gapped route results in non-monotonic measures in certain cases where the difference in measure is smaller than the tolerance.
  • TFS54505Translate Events from LRM to LRM GP fails with H Result E Fail error when executed on certain datasets.
  • TFS54720Apply Updates tool may return the error message The coordinates or measures are out of bounds when retiring a calibration point.
  • TFS55357Loading supplemental routes sometimes crashes ArcMap or returns the error message Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • TFS55358Retiring the upstream part of a multi gapped route to widen one of the gaps results in events downstream of the gap with incorrect measures.
  • TFS55361Title/Header/Column Headers/Text of certain UIs are truncated in German.
  • TFS55477Create New/Update Existing Intersection Class returns HResult error if used with Basic or Standard licenses.
  • TFS55488Provide a clear error instead of a database error call stack when registering an existing feature class as an LRS event and the tolerance/resolution of the existing feature class and LRS minimum schema don't match.


  • TFS54717When identify feature window is moved in Event Editor, it snaps back to the next identified feature instead of staying where it was moved to.
  • TFS54718Mileage report fails with TypeError: getFieldMap() takes at least 3 arguments (2 given) if less than two Summary Fields are set in Roadway Reporter.
  • TFS54719Event Editor displays coded domain value rather than domain description for Redline route editing.
  • TFS55020Location Referencing for Server does not show up in patchfinder when installed on server.
  • TFS55474The Zoom to Measure window from the Find Route Tool in Event Editor does not display correctly in Internet Explorer.
  • TFS55478When selecting records to return an attribute set in Event Editor from a network that does not have events registered to it and the two networks have different geometries, incorrect results are returned.

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