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ArcGIS Online Issues Addressed List - April 2018 Release

Published: April 11, 2018


This page contains a list of issues addressed in the April 2018 update to ArcGIS Online that were logged through Support Services.


Defect NumberSynopsis
BUG-000112581Incorrect German translation when activating Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for the ArcGIS Online organization.
BUG-000110478ArcGIS Online Organisations Home Page URL fails to display the fonts, hyperlinks, groups, apps, and others in iPhones and Android phones for Google Chrome and Safari.
BUG-000109687Invitee loses the desired group membership after being re-invited to the organization.
BUG-000110236An ArcGIS Online organization with the Esri World Geocoder removed from the list of geocoding utility services defaults to using the Esri World Geocode service if a CSV is imported and the address does not match with the custom geocode service configured in the organization, resulting in credit charges.
BUG-000111567Custom labels using Arcade expressions for GeoJSON files of line and polygon geometry are not displayed on ArcGIS Online map viewer.
BUG-000099997Polygon geometry do not zoom in correctly when using URL parameters with lower screen resolution (800 x 600).
BUG-000111639In ArcGIS Online, when accessing with the Internet Explorer (IE) 11 browser, a time enabled layer shows the time slider only when Enable Editing is turned on. The time slider is absent in the IE browser if Enable Editing is off.
BUG-000105508In ArcGIS Online, the filter saved to a feature layer through the Visualization tab is removed in a web map after changing the style or symbology in the map viewer and reloading the map.
BUG-000095279The Sort Options setting is not recognized for the related records in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000110122When the distance between the beginning and end route is large (100 kilometers), the Plan Routes analysis tool using walking time in ArcGIS Online fails to produce an output.
BUG-000110425The symbology reverts to the default after publishing the feature class with custom symbology (Arcade) from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000106644A feature with null value fails to display if the symbology is based on the Null attribute field and the map service's feature layer is added to the ArcGIS Online map viewer.
BUG-000106650When adding a map service and a similarly named but separate feature service to a web map in ArcGIS Online, the display mode parameter is set incorrectly and the feature layer may not render as expected.
BUG-000106761Hovering over records in an ArcGIS Online pop-up line chart configured with a date field displays incorrect date format values.
BUG-000112558The time slider in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer does not maintain the set time interval in ArcMap for a feature service with multiple time-enabled feature layers.
BUG-000112583The ArcGIS Online feature collections created by geocoding addresses do not display in the web browser on a mobile device.
BUG-000102327ArcGIS Online Metadata fails to save information such as Use Constraints under the Constraints tab.
BUG-000112643User cannot configure a chart with a related layer or table from the Configure pop-up window in the ArcGIS Online Map Viewer.
BUG-000110161The message, "User added to a particular group with date mentioned" appears when using the 'Add members of the organization immediately, without requiring confirmation' option.
BUG-000100998The Contents pane of the map viewer does not display the layer options when the layer is added from a zipped shapefile containing an apostrophe (') in the file name.
BUG-000110205Fields added to data in ArcGIS Online are hidden by default.
BUG-000101542Incorrect translation to 'Tous' in French at Filter option in the map viewer of ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000101365The Danish translation for the Analysis button on ArcGIS Online web map is not present.
BUG-000101467Provide warning that multipoint geometry is not supported with heat map style in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer.
ENH-000091708Provide the ability for users without the administrator role to view their own credit usage.
BUG-000112844Error message alerting that user will lose unsaved content when attempting to save new Content Categories
BUG-000109224Unable to edit a feature layer in ArcGIS Online after changing the basemap with a different projection.
BUG-000109099Re-sending pending invitations to a level one user if there are no available level two users fails and deletes the invitation.
ENH-000099670Ability to create folders within ArcGIS Online groups so shared items can be easily organized.
BUG-000111072When filtering by operating system (accordion/Gallery-switch object) in the ESRI Ready-to-Use apps gallery, a JavaScript error is returned in the developer console, and the user cannot switch galleries or filter by operating system.
BUG-000097830The Visualization tab displays items in the Legend even when the Default Visibility is set to false.
BUG-000112338Vector tile basemaps intermittently do not load in both Scene Viewer and Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS 3D applications.
BUG-000111190Setting the fill transparency in a web scene for a layer to 100% results in the entire layer to be 100% transparent, rather than the specific fill.
BUG-000111953When creating a GeoForm web application using superhero style, the attribute information is invisible in the table unless they are selected using the pointer.
BUG-000110591The Search function in Crowdsource Manager returns all results if the web map has a Search function defined and contains a hosted feature layer that has a set of filters applied using the expression 'Any'.
BUG-000106637The Find address or place functionality does not produce a buffer and points in the Local Perspective web application template.
BUG-000107645In the ArcGIS Online Crowdsource Reporter app when the mobile display settings uses 'Show map first' and the app contains two or more web maps, submitting a report in mobile view shows the error 'Cannot read property 'clear' of null'.
BUG-000111894Clicking the Twitter icon in ArcGIS Online Public Information web app template does not load the sign in link until the map has either been zoomed or panned.
BUG-000108740Map Tools app displays the Find Location tool when the Search and Find Locations are disabled.
BUG-000110933The Submission Message fails to display on adding a comment in the Crowdsource Polling application.
BUG-000111085ArcGIS Online does not support adding a GeoJSON file encoded in UTF-8-BOM as a hosted feature layer.
ENH-000104896Include Metadata when downloading File Geodatabase from ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000111244The Select widget does not able to select features that have been added with the Add Data widget.
BUG-000111308The in-panel widgets adjust automatically after being deleted from the Header controller under the Widgets tab in WebApp Builder, however, off-panel widgets do not change positions.
BUG-000111380The Zoom To functionality in the Select Widget in an ArcGIS Online web application does not zoom to the feature if a single point feature is selected.
BUG-000111429The Situation Awareness widget does not honor the buffer distance when the minimum buffer distance is set greater than 0.
BUG-000111431Applying a filter expression in the Near Me widget of Web AppBuilder is irreversible and the Filter menu is inaccessible if the number of records returned from the Near Me query is one.
BUG-000111385In ArcGIS Online Web AppBuilder, loading in Edit mode hangs or becomes unresponsive when an inaccessible proxy URL is stored in the JSON of the app.
ENH-000088089Allow the ability to change the icon for a group widget in the web appbuilder.
BUG-000109366The Add Data widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS adds Web Map Service (WMS) with all layers even though the WMS only has one layer in the MapViewer.
BUG-000100164The chart disappears when the Related Table Charts widget window is expanded horizontally, if the web application uses the Dart Theme.
BUG-000108915The Screening widget does not provide correct area of multipart features that are overlapped by features of another layer, when using the Placename option to search multipart features.
ENH-000111651In Web App Builder Near Me widget configuration settings, allow removal of ?Approximate Distance: ft? feature.
BUG-000110052Vector tile layers do not work in the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Basemap Gallery widget when imported as custom basemaps.
ENH-000100182Allow Share widget in Web AppBuilder in ArcGIS Online to include the organization's URL even for a public application.
BUG-000110081When drawing in the Screening widget using an extent in ArcGIS Online, Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS selects the whole polygon when covering a hole in it.
BUG-000105597The 'Add (+)' button is missing when editing a related record for a feature class to a feature class relationship using the Edit widget in a Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS application.
BUG-000105606The Group Filter widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS does not work on the date and time field when using a map service.
BUG-000110547In ArcGIS Online, the widgets in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder header are misplaced when opening the application in the browser for the first time.
BUG-000110590The Info Summary widget does not honor symbology from a feature collection layer when Refresh is applied.
BUG-000110079In Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS application with the Dashboard theme, accessing widgets from mobile devices are not working when changing the language of an ArcGIS Online profile to Hebrew and some other languages.
BUG-000109047The Infographic Widget Gauge template does not show any changes in numbers when the 'Use Selection' option is set to fetch the infographics information.
ENH-000105798Time slider widget settings are not honored when selecting 'Playback position saved with map'
BUG-000105944Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS online directions widget does not respect the custom print service set in the organization.
BUG-000110618The Info Summary widget does not honor rotation on feature collection layers with the Single Symbol style.
ENH-000106509Allow adding background color when configuring Scalebar widget in Web AppBuilder.
ENH-000106569Add some explanatory text on the information side about the 'set refresh interval' option in Web AppBuilder that you have to activate refresh interval for the layers in the web map first.
BUG-000112467Some widgets in the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS application disappear when viewed using mobile devices.
ENH-000099485When clicking "zoom to" of a layer in web appbuilder, it should zoom to an extent that is far enough that every feature is visible on a full screen desktop browser window.
BUG-000109459The Smart Editor widget does not open in the dashboard theme of Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS in ArcGIS Online
BUG-000106626A hosted feature service in ArcGIS Online projected in a WGS84 coordinate system exports XY information from the Attribute Table widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS in a UTM coordinate system.
ENH-000106711Allow Smart Editor widget to edit related records
BUG-000106897Adding new minimum zoom levels to the Web AppBuilder app with Launchpad Template corrupts visibility range settings for layers in the underlying web map that are set to below 1:10,000 (Streets).
BUG-000106866When the pop-up contents is set to 'A custom attribute display' or 'A description from one field' and only a few fields are selected, all fields are automatically displayed in the attribute table in the associated web application.
BUG-000105227Using a logo with a rectangular aspect ratio causes the search bar to overlap the title of a Web AppBuilder application with the Launchpad theme when previewed.
BUG-000110417Unable to add a service URL for tables as an extra data source in ArcGIS Online Web AppBuilder.
BUG-000112608The Save button in the Smart Editor widget does not save geometry edits.
BUG-000107028Unable to view 'More Options (...)' from the attribute pop-up when Web AppBuilder in ArcGIS Online is launched in a full screen mode.
BUG-000107181The Screening widget does not print using a template from a custom print service.
BUG-000110167Cannot add a hosted table in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder using the Add Data widget.
BUG-000112084The Percentage Stacked Bar template in the Infographic widget in ArcGIS Online Web AppBuilder gives NaN% values when changing ArcGIS Online language to French.
BUG-000110169ArcGIS Web AppBuilder widgets in the Billboard theme are missing options to close and minimize the widgets.
BUG-000112758the Filter widget in the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS is not picking up newly added features from the Smart Editor widget unless the application is refreshed.
BUG-000096451The Related Table Charts widget truncates the time from a date field when it is used as the label field.
BUG-000109066Unable to add a custom logo through the Link option in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.
BUG-000110208The Swipe widget in ArcGIS Online Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS appears but no layers are present.
ENH-000100819Allow configuring the 'Filter' widget using 'no date' and 'today's date'
BUG-000111853Turning off the 'Show pop-up for the found feature or location' setting in the Search widget of Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS is not honored when searching for a feature layer.
ENH-000104812Add the ability to add legends into line graphs made with the chart widget in Web App Builder.
BUG-000112276In ArcGIS Online Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, the Smart Editor widget actions do not work as expected when Field is used as type in value object of the expression.
BUG-000101876The Reset button in the Group Filter widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS does not work when the map references an ArcGIS Server map service that contains a group layer.
BUG-000107990In ArcGIS Online Web AppBuilder, using the Save As in the Builder mode stops responding if the Attribute tab's includes settings configured with a URL created through adding an item to Content and sharing publicly.
BUG-000107991Related tables do not appear in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS pop-ups when viewing a feature on a tablet. This only occurs if the pop-up requires the user to scroll down to see fields in the pop-up.
BUG-000107655Query widget does not zoom to a single point result n Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.
BUG-000107924Queries using URL parameters in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder do not work for 'Less Than' and 'Greater Than' operations.
BUG-000109596When creating a new feature in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS using the Edit widget, the value of the field for this feature used in the Group Filter widget does not get added automatically.
BUG-000110444Widgets are not visible during the initial launch of a Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS application using the Jewelry Box and Foldable theme.
BUG-000109590Performance of Web AppBuilder is slower in loading the layers during/after zoom in and zoom out while opening the Layer List widget
BUG-000108247Symbology disappears after using the Directions function of the Near Me widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS when time is enabled on the point layer.
BUG-000108466The Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS app adds the first point without allowing attribute updates if the Edit widget is open at the start of the app and the splash screen is turned on.
ENH-000108613Edit widget in Web AppBuilder does not show any message when Level 1 user edits a Hosted Feature Layer, shared with the Organization.
BUG-000108730In Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, enabling Use proxy for subscriber content access after the app is first created gives the error 'Failed to create proxy for <service URL>'.
BUG-000108743In Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, the default copyright text in the Print widget is cut off when printed in the A3 Portrait layout.
BUG-000102434A layer that contains fields with duplicate aliases does not export properly as a CSV from the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Attribute Table widget.
BUG-000110313With the December 2017 update for ArcGIS Online, when using the Search widget in Web AppBuilder to search a polygon or parcel, the search area is highlighted with a fill color.
BUG-000110318The Situation Awareness widget doubles the results when Summary analysis type is configured after clicking into another widget and clicking back.
BUG-000108879The Export to CSV operation in the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Attribute Table widget improperly delimits columns when the field alias name includes commas.
BUG-000110258Dynamic text in the print service incorrectly displays time when only date is specified.
ENH-000097639Create the option to configure or disable the Advanced print settings in the Print Widget in Web App Builder to prevent loss of copyright text.
BUG-000108882On iOS for iPad, the link to access related records does not display in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS pop-ups if there are more than 10 attribute fields displayed in the pop-up.
BUG-000108896The Situation Awareness widget does not respect the filters applied on the hosted feature layers and returns all features within the selected incident area regardless of the filters applied in the associated web map or by the Filter widget.
BUG-000112179Subtitles set for an application built using the Launchpad theme in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS do not load when the application is launched.
ENH-000110971When using widgets that create an output the application should offer an option for the user to sign in so they can save the results to their ArcGIS Online content.
BUG-000110982The shared theme logo and text color are not displayed when viewing a public Web AppBuilder application without being signed in to an ArcGIS Online organizational account.
BUG-000111026In ArcGIS Online, credit budget is not honored by Analysis tools in Web Apps.
BUG-000103806Selecting two or more polygon features in a Web AppBuilder application prints with a solid selection fill.
BUG-000112199In ArcGIS Online, group Header Controller does not honor 'Open this widget automatically when the app starts' in Web AppBuilder.
ENH-000109764Web AppBuilder - The decimal places which had been set in Configure Pop-up in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer and it should be as same as in Screening Widget report.
BUG-000109092The layer name in the layer list of Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS is disabled when zooming in to the maximum extent of a tiled map service.
BUG-000111065In ArcGIS Online, using a '&', '<' or '>' sign in the title while creating a bookmark in the Bookmark widget replaces these signs with the HTML values of themselves.
BUG-000104075In ArcGIS Online, the font color picker in the Draw widget of Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS does not pick the correct color when using the Microsoft Edge browser.
BUG-000111095The Dashboard theme in ArcGIS Online Web AppBuilder resizes the contents of the credentials box for a secured service based off of how long the server URL is.
BUG-000111081When the Batch Attribute Edit widget is opened in a Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS application, the symbology of the editable layer defaults to the original symbology until the Batch Attribute Edit widget is closed.
BUG-000105357The Attribute Table widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS does not automatically update with new fields after a service is overwritten.
BUG-000111113The Edit widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS greys out when updating a related table that has the editor tracking enabled.
BUG-000111127The GeoJSON files exported from the Geoprocessing widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS are encoded in UTF-8-BOM.
BUG-000098535The attribute pop-up in the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Online does not provide the option to edit the feature if the Smart Editor widget is used.
BUG-000102025Layers in the Layer List pane of Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS are grayed out when the map is zoomed to the exact same scale as the layer scale limit even though the layers must not be grayed out for the scale.
ENH-000104525Ability to set a fixed extent within the Summary Widget to be utilized when filtering summarized features from the Summary Layer Filter drop-down list.
BUG-000112174Unable to scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up window in the Edit widget in iPad.
BUG-000109305Viewer role is able to edit ArcGIS Server feature layers with the Edit widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.
ENH-000102115Please allow for reordering of Web AppBuilder widgets.
BUG-000109310The pop-up settings for a feature layer or image layer are not honored after adding it to the Web AppBuilder application through the Add Data widget.
BUG-000111221When using an ArcGIS Server service which contains data registered with an SQL Server in the Infographics widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, the count for the data fails because the request wants to create a field called 'Count', which is a reserved keyword in SQL Server.
BUG-000108913The Web AppBuilder Attribute Table widget CSV documentation states, XY values exported use data's spatial reference but the XY values are exporting as Web Mercator spatial reference.
BUG-000106735The 3D Search widget configuration interface in Web AppBuilder indicates a feature layer can be a search source but the documentation states it does not support feature layers when using 3D.

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