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ArcGIS Location Referencing 10.6.1 Patch 2 (Desktop | Server) for ArcGIS Roads and Highways

Published: January 14, 2020


This is a general cumulative maintenance patch for Location Referencing in support of Roads and Highways. Please download and install at your earliest convenience.


Issues Addressed with this Patch


  • BUG-000122121: When performing a cartographic realignment that is larger than the M tolerance but smaller than the default XY tolerance and the network is configured to update the measure for cartographic realignments, no calibrate edit log records are written, resulting in incorrect event behaviors being applied.
  • BUG-000123422: When Registering an Event from the ALRS Properties window, Event behaviors will reset to defaults.
  • BUG-000125618: Delete Routes Geoprocessing tool fails unless the data owner user is connecting to enterprise geodatabase.
  • BUG-000121008: Retiring a portion of a gapped route will sometimes retire the wrong portion.
  • BUG-000122029: Incorrect measure values are applied to the line events when a realignment between a gap is performed and the event behavior is set to Cover.
  • BUG-000122224: Incorrect measurement values on line events after realigning a part of a gapped route.
  • GIT149: When realigning to partially fill an existing gap and events touch the ends of the gap, apply cover to the realigned portion.
  • BUG-000115036: Line events created on a redline in Event Editor returns Route measures are null after creating the route and applying updates in ArcMap.
  • BUG-000117296: Conflicts are introduced on routes when doing calibration point edits while the route edits are being posted in another version.
  • BUG-000118024: Ability to choose ‘Null’ when creating or reassigning route is not present, for extra attribute fields which are not a part of the route ID, with domains.
  • BUG-000118489: Incorrect measure values are assigned on events when a whole part of a gapped route is reassigned and the event behavior is set to Snap.
  • BUG-000118639: Incorrect measure values are assigned to events when a whole part of a gapped route is realigned with the Split Value, To Measure is set to the end of the gap and the event behavior is set to Cover.
  • BUG-000119545: Realign route does not apply the Cover event behavior correctly and applies incorrect measure values on gapped routes in different situations.
  • BUG-000119546: Extend route does not apply the Cover event behavior correctly on gapped routes.
  • BUG-000120670: Reassigning a portion of one gapped route to another gapped route shows incorrect calibration point values.
  • GIT270: Create route fails when single field route ID includes the single quote character.


  • BUG-000122847: Certain decimals change after manual inputting certain numbers in attributes within Event Editor.
  • BUG-000126147: Concurrency operation on a linear referencing (LRS) enabled map service does not return expected results.
  • BUG-000126639: geometryToMeasure functionality for LRSServer map service shows route points locations even outside of the specified tolerance value.

Desktop and Server

  • BUG-000121031: Relocate event tool error message Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • GIT166: Export Network: Some lollipop routes are returned as points in the LRM translation table.


Installing this Patch

  1. Login with a Windows Administrator account.
  2. Select and download the files.
        Checksum (Md5)
    Desktop ArcGISLocRef10.6.1Patch2Desktop.msp a8cc70007c6bd755dc0ca0006eb83b8c
    Server ArcGISLocRef10.6.1Patch2Server.msp 555866557d297394d8d2473325e5e5dc
  3. Double-click the msp file to start the install process.
  4. When Setup starts, follow the instructions on your screen.
  5. Note: Installing this patch will automatically restart your ArcGIS Services.

Patch Updates

Check the Patches and Service Packs page periodically for the availability of additional patches. New information about this patch will be posted here.

How to identify which ArcGIS products are installed

To determine which ArcGIS products are installed, choose the appropriate version of the PatchFinder utility for your environment and run it from your local machine. PatchFinder will list products, hot fixes, and patches installed on your local machine.

Getting Help

Domestic sites, please contact Esri Technical Support at 1-888-377-4575, if you have any difficulty installing this patch. International sites, please contact your localEsri software distributor.

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