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Patches and updates

Esri Roads and Highways 10.4 Announcement

Published: December 8, 2016


This page contains the list of issues addressed at the release of Esri Roads and Highways 10.4.


Desktop and Server

  • TFS43067GP: Export Network tool LrmTraslation table reports the incorrect measure for loop routes at the beginning/end of the route.
  • TFS43947GP: Relocate Events tool fails to complete when there are a large number of routes (>130,000) in the edit log.
  • TFS44838GP: Concurrencies table in Export Network tool does not report the correct measures when the concurrency begins/ends at the endpoints of a loop route or at the meeting of the loop and stick portion in a lollipop route.


  • TFS45635Adding a calibration point, applying updates, then deleting the calibration point results in a No Edits to Apply message and no calibration updates when applying updates.
  • TFS43218Cartographically realigning a route by reshaping part/all of a centerline into an arc doesn't acquire a lock if conflict prevention is enabled.
  • TFS43928Cartographically realigning a route to create a small gap then closing the gap causes the route to become non-monotonic.
  • TFS42890Create clear error message when cartographic realignment is not possible due to insufficient network editing permissions.
  • TFS44037Create Route creates a retired route after populating/clearing the To Date in the UI.
  • TFS45606Creating a route then adding a calibration point doesn't result in recalibration downstream being applied when checked.
  • TFS45251Direction of digitization changes for route when deleting all calibration points then pasting replacement calibration points and applying updates.
  • TFS45605Editing CP measures, applying updates, then editing the measure again doesn't result in downstream calibration being applied.
  • TFS43494Event shapes not updated when a cartographic realignment of less than 1 foot is made at the start of the route.
  • TFS42846Executing event behaviors after performing a cartographic realignment on extremely dense routes causes out of memory error and ArcMap crash.
  • TFS44036Force Apply updates to run when reconciling and posting using ArcMap tools without saving edits.
  • TFS42104GP: Detect Measures Out of Range tool reports erroneous results when no tolerance is configured.
  • TFS44432GP: Detect Non-Monotonic Routes tool reports lollipop routes as non-monotonic.
  • TFS42900GP: Overlay Route Events tool fails when global IDs are present.
  • TFS42549GP: Update Intersections tool acquiring unnecessary locks in certain cases.
  • TFS43378Multiple reassignments of the same route out of chronological order results in overlapping routes during certain time slices.
  • TFS43483Realign route activity doesn't complete when launched from certain workflow manager jobs.
  • TFS44038Realigning a route results in concurrent routes/events being unnecessarily timesliced.
  • TFS41373Realigning the beginning of a route when other concurrent routes are present doesn't result in point events at the beginning of the route having event behaviors applied correctly.
  • TFS42397Retiring a route with the retire entire route option selected and snap behavior configured results in events snapping to entire route instead of just the concurrent portion.
  • TFS43186Route timeslice becomes uncalibrated after performing Realign/Reassign in the middle/Extend at end/two Retires followed by a Cartographic Realignment on the edited portion of the route.
  • TFS43941Selecting custom field names for minimum schema items in ALRS field mapping results in GUI showing those fields as empty after finishing ALRS configuration, system still uses the selected fields during editing operations as expected.
  • TFS40870Unhandled Exception error when opening the retire route UI and unchecking the network layer in the map before clicking OK.


  • TFS41500Event Editor: Cannot edit an attribute set in IE 10/11.
  • TFS43512Event Editor: DGN/DWG file dialog does not appear when clicking on the right edge of the Next button in IE 10/11.
  • TFS43946Event Editor: Invalid Token error when doing a spatial query after leaving EE open for over 1-2 hours.
  • TFS44350Event Editor: Reconcile and Post fails with an error when route locks are held by the user in the same version.
  • TFS44355Event Editor: Address Management: Addressing widgets do not load when using token based security.
  • TFS45922Event Editor: Show time slice of the current time view in the Identify and Identify Route tools.
  • TFS41669Roadway Reporter: Error when creating a query expression in a Mileage Report.


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