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Esri Roads and Highways 10.4.1 Announcement

Published: December 8, 2016


This page contains the list of issues addressed at the release of Esri Roads and Highways 10.4.1.



  • TFS46752Adding a CP with a different From Date then the route doesn't result in the route being timesliced.
  • TFS46759Adding then editing multiple CPs on a route results in measures changing back to earlier measures.
  • TFS48018Event field configuration dialog does not automatically select the Route Name that was previously configured when Route Key configuration is enabled.
  • TFS47632GP: Dominant Error Value of -1 when running Calculate Route Concurrencies tool and concurrency can't be determined based on configured rules.
  • TFS48105Retiring/Reassigning the entire portion of a route upstream of a physical gap results in incorrect recalibration downstream.
  • TFS47383Unhandled exception when setting view date, removing a group layer then changing the view date in the map.
  • TFS48248XY tolerance mismatch error when using an existing feature class with XY tolerance/resolution different than the centerline at the 16th decimal place in the create LRS network wizard.


  • TFS46729Event Editor: Change the order of results in the Identify tool to show the current time view then most recent to furthest in the past.
  • TFS47414Event Editor: Disable options to "Add to Current Selection", "Remove from Current Selection" when using "Return attribute set".
  • TFS47415Event Editor: Unable to create a Data Reviewer session with a '&' or other special characters in it.
  • TFS47416Event Editor: Version does not change for Redline layer if Redline layer is in a separate map service from the LRS map service.
  • TFS47567Event Editor: Linear Event Widget Jumps Around to different attribute in table.
  • TFS47582Event Editor: DGN / DWG fails when Windows file type extension .prj changed in registry.
  • TFS47942Event Editor: Lock username comparisons are case-sensitive when Conflict Prevention is enabled.


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