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ArcGIS Online Issues Addressed List - December 2017 Release

Published: December 6, 2017


This page contains a list of issues addressed in the December 2017 update to ArcGIS Online that were logged through Support Services.

Defect Number


BUG-000082293Unable to open hosted feature services when navigating to ArcGIS Online (mobile version) on a mobile device.
BUG-000086235Unable to load the ArcGIS Online web maps in iPhone using the Safari web browser.
BUG-000098866There is no option to log in to the ArcGIS Online organization with the enterprise credentials in mobile web browsers.
BUG-000099790In ArcGIS Online, the time zone set on the layer before publishing from ArcMap is ignored if the field name for the Date field is larger than 31 characters.
BUG-000100789Items in ArcGIS Online owned by a user with a custom role showed as not shared on the Item Details page when shared to a group.
BUG-000101564Unable to edit feature attributes if the basemap changes while editing a feature service with full editing control.
BUG-000101593Add the ability to set 'My Organization's Featured Content' as the default tab when opening the Gallery tab in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000104430Charts configured in ArcGIS Online pop-ups only respect the first field from the related table or layer.
BUG-000104803Map services containing a feature class with a relationship to another feature class do not display related records in ArcGIS Online because ArcGIS Online does not select the related records in the attribute table.
BUG-000106231On the new content page, the table view design cuts off the title for items with long names. There is no longer a way to expand the column.
BUG-000106428The native decimal separator ',' (comma) of the Danish language is not recognized correctly while editing the pop-up in ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000106486Sorting shape fields from map service by ascending or descending order results in the attribute table showing no data in the ArcGIS Online web map.
BUG-000106611Featured groups under the Organization settings does not reflect the changes made when the featured group is renamed.
BUG-000106922The Usage tab of Web Mapping applications reports views that are out of the custom time stamp range.
BUG-000108281Update ArcGIS Online documentation to state that both the date and time are displayed for date fields in tables and pop-ups by default, not just the date.
BUG-000108325When a service loads slowly in ArcGIS Online, a warning is returned stating there are too many features to draw even if the maximum record count is not exceeded.
BUG-000108326Time is automatically enabled on a copy of a server service that is originally saved in a web map with time disabled.
BUG-000108446Unable to edit features in the map viewer when the feature layer is shared with a group with full editing control capabilities.
BUG-000108455In the item details of the hosted feature layer view, the interface for feature layer settings reverts after saving any changes, but refreshing the page shows the changes are successful.
BUG-000108483Unable to configure pop-ups for a layer in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer when adding an ArcGIS Server map service after adding the feature service from the same data.
BUG-000108515In an ArcGIS Online group, searching by name to Invite Users does not return the logged in user as an option and only shows if the user name itself is entered.
BUG-000108576Basemap options spin and fail to load in the Map Viewer when the basemap is selected and the organizations basemap group is not public, or viewable to the user.
BUG-000108703Changing date values to Null under the Data tab within the ArcGIS Online Item Details page does not get saved.
BUG-000108857The editor tracking field in a pop-up for a secured feature service with stored credentials in ArcGIS Online incorrectly links to a public user account if the public account username and database username are identical.
BUG-000108874The mobile site home page of an ArcGIS Online organizational account's gallery sort order function does not honor user settings.
BUG-000108954The ArcGIS Online mobile site contains a drop-down menu on the homepage to Select Gallery Group but the full site does not have this feature.
BUG-000109627?The layer was not drawn completely because it has too many features to draw. Try zooming in to a smaller area.? warning comes up in the Map Viewer, when a hosted feature service is published from a zipped Shapefile/File Geodatabase with no features is uploaded to ArcGIS Online.
BUG-000109711In ArcGIS Online, users are unable to adjust the Heat Map Style area of influence when the field type is 'Text' in map viewer.
ENH-000088600Create an option for admin in ArcGIS Pro to restrict user to take the license offline.
ENH-000098359Please provide a way to copy a Shortened URL from the Item Details page of a Feature Layer, Map, or App.
ENH-000100631Modify AGOL web help to make it clear that services from a web-tier authenticated ArcGIS Server cannot have their credentials saved to the item.
BUG-000106163When using the Citizen Problem Reporter template in ArcGIS Online, if a custom geocoding service is used, and a point is clicked on the map, the address of the location does not get populated in the specified field.
BUG-000108332The Minimal Gallery page does not load in Internet Explorer 11.
BUG-000108626In the Minimal Gallery (Beta) app, the setting for 'Define number of items per page' is ignored and the default of 20 items per page persists.
BUG-000109658ArcGIS Online Minimal Gallery (Beta) app template only shows 100 items from a group, even though more than 100 public items have been shared to the group.
BUG-000105046In ArcGIS Online Web AppBuilder, subscriber and premium content layers that have been enabled to use proxy are still seen in the Attribute tab of the Edit interface after they have been removed from the web map.
BUG-000105467An error, "Unable to fetch results" opens when using the Near Me widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.
BUG-000105836Features remain at fixed scale when zooming in after using Situation Awareness widget in Web AppBuilder if the analysis is set to either Summary and Grouped Counts.
BUG-000106521When a single feature falls in the buffer for the Near Me widget, the distance does not display as it does for multiple features.
BUG-000106745The pop-up to apply a filter from the attribute table in Web AppBuilder does not resize for smaller screen mobile devices.
BUG-000106986The Batch Attribute Editor widget in Web Appbuilder adds another set of selection tools each time the widget is opened on an Android device or iPhone.
BUG-000107141The Screening widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS does not keep an area of interest (AOI) polygon if the widget is in a group in the Header Controller.
BUG-000107662An ArcGIS Online WebApp Builder application does not accept a custom logo image for the application after one has been specified, removed, and specified again.
BUG-000107974In ArcGIS Web AppBuilder's (WAB) Infographic widget, displaying a date field by category only reflects current date.
BUG-000108210In the documentation for querying a feature using URL parameters in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, include that the parameters need to be separated by semi-colons instead of a comma when the where clause contains a comma.
BUG-000108372The Chart widget does not display any chart when Chart Display is set to 'Display attribute values as charts' in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.
BUG-000108442The Sum and Average functions do not provide decimal values while working with the double field type in the Infographic widget in web apps.
BUG-000108527Vector tile layers do not render in the Edit page of Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.
BUG-000108642Web AppBuilder: Popup of results of search widgets does not have edit option after Sept 2017 update
BUG-000109207The Full Screen widget appears pink in a Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS application with the Box theme when the style is set to any custom color.
BUG-000109869The Web AppBuilder Basemap Gallery widget does not display dynamic image service basemaps.
ENH-000096741Allow for protocols other than HTTP:// and HTTPS:// to be used in the Add Link field in Web AppBuilder.
ENH-000101165Add ability to turn off or turn on all layers in the select widget
ENH-000101660Add the ability to add a MAILTO link in Web AppBuilder Attribute tab to display in the app's banner.
ENH-000106790Provide support for the ArcGIS Online Web AppBuilder "Near Me" widget to retain the previous configuration of selected search layers in the Search Settings tab.
ENH-000106987Provide the ability to Select Parameter ? ?Zoom To? within Filter Widget Configuration while working with Web App Builder.
ENH-000107528Using Infographic widget in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder, when selecting infographic chart, corresponding data on the map is highlighted with a transparent white fill and cyan outline. The underlying map layer symbology disappears thus it can be visually confusing for the user. Additionally, the chart colors do not correspond with the map layer symbology.
ENH-000107695ArcGIS Online - To provide an option to stack different graph bars in the Column Charts of Infographic Widget in Web App Builder.
ENH-000109526Provide a functionality to change date format within "Filter" widget in WebApp Builder.
BUG-000107640In the Story Map Tour web app template of ArcGIS Online, the Danish translation of 'Select or Drop Picture' in Danish 'Vælg eller slip billede' is incorrectly translated as 'Select or Delete Picture' - 'Vælg eller slet billed'.
BUG-000108602In Story Map Shortlist, if browsing through places by clicking the image instead of using the < > arrows, the app gets confused when returning to a tab after browsing in a different tab.

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