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ArcGIS GeoEvent Server 10.5 Patch 1

Published: March 21, 2017


This is a general cumulative maintenance patch for ArcGIS GeoEvent Server 10.5 (Windows and Linux). It addresses several issues, including problems with establishing and maintaining data store connections, static and synchronized GeoFences, and hosted Feature Service updates through ArcGIS Online. It addresses issues with Stream Service Store Latest projections, adding spatiotemporal datastore layers to a Web Map, and connector error recovery. It also includes improvements to the GeoEvent Manager user interface, the GeoEvent Simulator, error logging, and the localization of help and admin interfaces. Please download and install this Patch at your earliest convenience.



  • Clearing the browser cache will be required after this patch is installed to properly load the updated GeoEvent Manager User Interface.
  • Depending on your product configuration you may need to ensure your inputs, outputs, and GeoEvent Services are started by using the ArcGIS GeoEvent Manager. If they are not started, you will need to manually restart them in the ArcGIS GeoEvent Manager.
  • ArcGIS GeoEvent Server 10.5 must be installed before you can install this patch.

Enhancements and Issues Addressed with this Patch

  • Bug-000094258Stream Services occasionally are not sending all of the events.
  • Bug-000096705The HTTP output connectors stop or crash when there is a network issue with the website it is posting to and cannot be started from ArcGIS GeoEvent Manager even after the website is back up.
  • Bug-000099448Feature service outputs which transition to an error state when a Portal connection registered over web tier authentication is interrupted do not recover (requiring a GeoEvent restart).
  • Bug-000100502The default data store connection for ArcGIS for Server GeoEvent extension becomes invalid after approximately 24 hours when using built-in or domain credentials.
  • Bug-000100874GeoEvent data is being corrupted randomly when received using a ‘Receive CSV on REST’ input connector.
  • Bug-000102634Companion feature service published along with the stream service does not follow the transformation when the inputs are using British National Grid as its native coordinate system.
  • Bug-000102992Stream Service is unable to publish the "buddy" feature service (store latest) capabilities when the spatiotemporal big data store is not enabled.
  • Bug-000103015The Help link in GeoEvent Manager directs to the English (US/ENU) help file when clicking it instead of the correct localized file.
  • Bug-000103016Access links in top right corner of GeoEvent Manager are labeled incorrectly and should be updated to connect to the ArcGIS Server Manager.
  • Bug-000103018Customized connectors are not imported from GeoEvent configuration XML files.
  • Bug-000103019Imported GeoFences do not persist through GeoEvent Service restart.
  • Bug-000103022Requests to update feature records can fail under heavy load when output has deleted the records through the 'Delete Old Features' settings.
  • Bug-000103023Update a Feature Output fails to write events to a hosted ArcGIS Online Feature Service.
  • Bug-000103025HTTP outbound transport cannot be stopped when in an error state.
  • Bug-000103026Newly imported/synchronized GeoFences are not recognized by Processors/Spatial Filters.
  • Bug-000103028The GeoEvent Admin login/token request page does not support explicit UTF-8 character codes.
  • Enh-000103027Log an WARNING when the Incident Manager prematurely closes an incident (Maximum number of opened incidents has been reached).

Installation Instructions for Windows

  1. Login with an Administrator Windows account.
  2. Download the patch to a location other than your ArcGIS installation location.

      Checksum (Md5)
    GeoEvent-10.5-Patch1.msp f65fe0cb2e3eebb9f094c89e9489ca2b
  3. Double-click GeoEvent-10.5.0-Patch1.msp to start the install process.

    Note: If double clicking on the MSP file does not start the setup installation, you can start the setup installation manually by using the following command:

    msiexec.exe /p <location of patch>\GeoEvent-10.5-Patch1.msp

  4. After the setup is complete, restart the ArcGIS GeoEvent Windows Service.


Installation Instructions for Linux

  1. Log in as the user that installed ArcGIS Server.
    Note: For the Amazon AMI this is the user arcgis.
  2. Download the patch to a location other than your ArcGIS installation location.

      Checksum (md5)
    GeoEventServer-10.5-Patch1.tar.gz d91a644c2ccc1f8a3da0fd0bf3c8ebce
  3. Extract the package:

    % tar -xzvf GeoEventServer-10.5-Patch1.tar.gz

  4. Copy the GeoEventSimulator.exe file from ./ArcGISGeoEvent/Support/ to a Windows machine.
    Note: The GeoEvent Simulator can only be used on a Windows machine.
  5. Start the installation:

    % ./ArcGISGeoEvent/

  6. After the setup is complete, restart the ArcGIS GeoEvent Daemon.


Files Installed by this Patch

  • \rest-support\403.html
  • \system\com\esri\ges\framework\datastore\agsconnection-datastore\10.5.0\agsconnection-datastore-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\ges\manager\agsconnectionmanager-api\10.5.0\agsconnectionmanager-api-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\arcgis\discovery\arcgis-stream-container\10.5.0\arcgis-stream-container-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\ges\framework\core\10.5.0\core-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\ges\rest\cxf-datastorerest\10.5.0\cxf-datastorerest-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\ges\rest\cxf-rootrest\10.5.0\cxf-rootrest-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\ges\rest\cxf-service\10.5.0\cxf-service-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\ges\discoveryServer\10.5.0\discoveryServer-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\ges\framework\transport\featureservice-transport\10.5.0\featureservice-transport-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\ges\framework\transport\http-transport\10.5.0\http-transport-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\ges\framework\httpclient\10.5.0\httpclient-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\ges\framework\httpclient-proxy-properties\10.5.0\httpclient-proxy-properties-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\ges\manager\internal-aoimanager\10.5.0\internal-aoimanager-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\ges\manager\internal-incidentmanager\10.5.0\internal-incidentmanager-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\ges\framework\messaging\jms-messaging\10.5.0\jms-messaging-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\ges\framework\security\10.5.0\security-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\ges\framework\condition\spatial-condition\10.5.0\spatial-condition-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\ges\framework\adapter\text-adapter\10.5.0\text-adapter-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\geoevent\manager\webapp\10.5.0\webapp-10.5.0.war
  • \system\com\esri\ges\persistence\zookeeper\zk-persistenceutility\10.5.0\zk-persistenceutility-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\ges\persistence\zookeeper\zk-utils\10.5.0\zk-utils-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\geometry\geometry-api\10.5.0\geometry-api-10.5.0.jar
  • \system\com\esri\ges\framework\datastore\bds-datastore\10.5.0\bds-datastore-10.5.0.jar

Patch Updates

Check the Patches and Service Packs pageperiodically for the availability of additional patches. New information aboutthis patch will be posted here.


How to identify which ArcGIS products are installed

To determine which ArcGIS products are installed, choose the appropriate version of the PatchFinder utility for your environment and run it from your local machine. PatchFinder will list products, hot fixes, and patches installed on your local machine.

To determine which version of ArcGIS GeoEvent Server is installed append /version.txt to the GeoEvent Manager URL. For example:

  • https://localhost:6143/geoevent/manager/version.txt

Getting Help

Domestic sites, please contact Esri Technical Support at 1-888-377-4575, if you have any difficulty installing thispatch. International sites, please contact your local Esri software distributor.

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