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Utility to Eliminate References to the DBThemes Extension in ArcView 3.1 Project (APR) Files

Published: August 1, 1998


The Database Themes extension no longer exists in ArcView 3.1. This extension has been replaced by the Database Access extension. If you have projects created in ArcView 3.0a that have the Database Themes extension loaded, you will have to remove that extension from the project if you want to use those projects in ArcView 3.1.

This DBTheme.avx extension is a dummy Database Themes extension that cleans up the project and automatically unloads the extension. This will only work on a project that is dependent upon Database Themes extension but does not have any DBThemes in it. It removes the two menu options that Database themes extension added to the project and then unloads itself. Now the project will work and will no longer have a dependency on the Database Themes extension.

If you have any projects that are dependent upon Database Themes extension and these projects have DBThemes in them, you will have to recreate the project using the Database Access extension. The DBTheme.fix extension will not clean up these projects. The extension will display a message telling you to recreate the project instead.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the self extracting file db_fix.exe and save the file to your hard drive.
  2. Open Windows Explorer or a similar file navigation tool and locate the file on your hard drive.
  3. Double click the db_fix.exe and you will be prompted for a location to store the two unzipped files, it will automatically default to C:\temp. This location is fine but can be changed if you like.
  4. Copy the file dbtheme.avx into your $AVHOME/ext32 directory. Your $AVHOME directory is likely esri\av_gis30\arcview\ext32. You only need to place this file in the ext32 directory in your arcview 3.1 installation.

You DO NOT need to turn the extension on by checking it on in the list of extensions. When you open up ArcView Version 3.1, you will now be able to open projects created in Arcview 3.0a that were made with the DBthemes extension turned on.

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