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Resolved Issues for ArcGIS 8.3

Published: May 9, 2003


ArcGIS 8.3 resolves a number of issues reported by users on previous releases of ArcGIS. This document highlights some of the major issues resolved at Version 8.3. This is not a comprehensive list of all issues resolved.


In addition to the new features found in ArcGIS 8.3, the following list of bugs and general improvements were made. This list does not necessarily identify all issues that were resolved.


  • CQ00171767 - Text Properties Dialog: adding a leader line to several selected annotation --> all leaders will point to the same location. This happens if you're working with either Geodatabase annotation (standalone) or map annotation. Adding a leader line to selected text elements causes the leaders to point to the wrong place. They all point to the same location. This has been fixed so that if a callout is added, the user will need to set the anchor point accordingly.
  • CQ00164242 - Can not write custom annotation feature due to bad implementation of Annotation Feature's constructor. The problem is due to the Annotation Feature's constructor. It's not allowing for a custom feature to properly aggregate it in. Instead, the custom feature gets prematurely released and and other incorrect things occur. For 8.3 changing the constructor to follow the pattern that all the other features (dimension feature, network feature) follow fixes the problem.
  • CQ00135133 - Annotation gets scrambled after clearing projection (Dutch)
  • CQ00099123 - Users utilize the Set Reference Scale function to set labels to a proper size for their map and to check for label placement. However, the Convert Label to Annotation tool did not take the reference scale into account when performing the conversion. It used the current scale of the data frame as the "reference scale". This results in annotation that is either larger or smaller than the original labels depending on if the data frame scale is smaller or larger than the reference scale. In cases where the data frame scale is smaller than the reference scale (zoomed out past the reference scale), label place conflict occurs and many labels are not placed because they being placed at a larger size than the user is seeing on the screen. In 8.3, the convert labels to annotation dialog now uses the reference scale as the annotation reference scale if a one is set.
  • CQ00169928 - The visible scale range for an annotation layer is not preserved when you change versions in ArcMap. This has been fixed for 8.3; the visible scale range is maintained for the layer.
  • CQ00115770 - Converting coverage annotation should only convert visible (level) features. This works correctly now. Only visible levels are converted. This was tested with conversion of both PC ARC/INFO coverage and Workstation coverage annotation to both map and GDB annotation.


  • CQ00177626 - STANDALONE ArcReader can't read raster catalogs that have 1024 or more rasters. This only occurred in file based raster catalogs and in Standalone ArcReader, not through ArcMap. This is resolved at 8.3.
  • CQ00179300 - ArcReader crash as soon as the hyperlink tool is selected when a PMF has a layer added using the "Add XY data..." option in ArcMap and has a hyperlink field. This is resolved at 8.3.


  • CQ00164787 - ArcCatalog will sometimes crash when exporting Oracle Spatial feature classes to shapefiles. It does not happen for all feature classes. In the odd cases where this was taking place, code was updated to handle this more robustly and therefore no more crashes will occur.

ArcView 3.x Importers to ArcGIS

  • CQ00173949 - Importing AVL File With Multiple Values Causes ArcMap to Crash Without Error. At 8.3, ArcMap won't crash if it cannot import a symbol properly.

Data Frame

  • CQ00177779 - UI: Data Frame Tools: Rotate By Angle combo is initially blank & disabled

Feature Layer

  • CQ00168034 - The FieldInfo on the layer fields isn't maintained when you swap the data source. It now keeps the existing field infofor fields of the same name and same or equivalent type.


  • CQ00102211 - Incorrect label rendering when font smoothing is turned on. The problem could be described as affecting text drawn on top of a solid background. What you are seeing is the smoothed edge of the text where some pixels are made of different colors. You can see a difference with text in layout view with font smoothing turned on, some text will look grayer. But you don't get the broken halo look. Without font smoothing all of the black text will look black.


  • CQ00178079 - If a geocoding request produces more than 32K candidates, then the application crashes. This can happen either when using the Find dialog or when performing a batch geocoding operation. No indication is given to the user as to why the crash occurs. This bug happens when users are geocoding against large datasets and search for addresses with common street names (such as "Main") and don't refine the address with zone information. Verified in 8.3 by geocoding against personal geodatabase, shapefile and ArcSDE database sources. Geocoded an address which returns more than 32K candidates. In batch geocoding, addresses are marked as unmatched. In interactive and Find dialog, the correct error message is displayed.


  • CQ00166320 - Editing geometric networks at the edge of the view extent (which was used to create the edit cache) bypasses edit cache when expanding the spatial region envelope for detecting geometric coincidence.
    Issue is that the edit cache has not taken into account the autodensificationtolerance used by the geometric network - thus the region envelope can be larger then the current edit cache by-passing the cache and hitting the server.
  • CQ00176875 - Some edit operations fatal ArcMap due to reference counting problems of relationship classes not loaded in ArcMap (using SDE). This is no longer a problem in 8.3.
  • CQ00170286 - Updating destination feature that has a relationship class with forward messaging opens the origin featureclass. This caused unnecessary performance hits on data in relationship classes. This no longer occurs in 8.3.

Geodatabase Dimensions

  • CQ00179712 - If coverage annotation exists in a map and the dimension toolbar is opened, when creating a new dimension feature, ArcMap will crash. This is fixed for 8.3.


  • CQ00161625 - Adding multipatch (3D geometry) based feature class to ArcSDE results in crashes ArcCatalog. This has been fixed in 8.3.
  • CQ00160731 - Polygon feature classes that exist within a personal or ArcSDE geodatabase will disappear when reshaping if the polygon has a "bowtie". Meaning, the same polygon has two borders that share a same point or a vertex. This is fixed in 8.3.
  • CQ00148738 - The reshape command does not work as expected for data in some cases. In 8.3, the reshape command has been made more robust.


  • CQ00148353 - Line becomes shorter when toggling it's thickness (Width in Properties, Symbol tab). To see this bug, using 8.2, Open ArcMap, switch to layout view, and draw a straight, horizontal line. You can also draw two vertical lines at both ends for the reference.
    Open Properties of horizontal line, go to 'Size and Position' tab, and write down the width, then go to Symbol tab, and change the line Width from default 1 to 2 or any other number, back in 'Size and Position', click Apply and notice that width changed, at this point very little. Go back and change the line Width (under Symbol tab), back to 1 - width changed again, but not to what it was before. Repeat this process couple times (10 or more), and you notice that the length of line changes - line becomes shorter and shorter. If the line is initially slightly tilted, by toggling the line symbol Width between 1 and 2 eventually makes Height (in 'Size and Position' tab) = 0, so the line not only shrinks, but changes the overall look.
  • CQ00137308 - When editing multi-line text inside data frame, font size changes.
  • CQ00148403 - Line (graphic) moves when its length is changed. Change the length of the line - i.e. Extend it about 1 inch, in Width (Size and Position tab). Notice that the X coordinate value shifted to the right. If you keep extending the line, eventually it moves to the right significantly. This is resolved in ArcGIS 8.3.
  • CQ00134928 - Marker/text symbol size out of sync with height and width. Changing the size of a marker or text does not take effect if you switch to the size and position tab, before or after applying the change, but before clicking okay.
  • CQ00155836 - After editing some graphics, size/position changes slightly. This happens with circles, lines, curved lines, freehand lines, callout text, and spline text, but not rectangles, polygons, ellipses, markers, or simple text. To reproduce:
    • create any graphic element from the affected list
    • open its properties and edit the width or height to a round number
    • click okay
    • open the properties again and look at the size
    • size gets changed to some non-round number with multiple decimals
    • values for size and position also get messed up if I switch to different tabs in the property dialog and then switch back to Size and Position, even without making any changes
  • CQ00134152 - When you visit the"Size and Position" tab in the text properties page, and edit the text string, the width of the text block remains static and the font size adjusts to fit the new text. This has been fixed for 8.3.


  • CQ00167617 - If you are rotating labels by a field value, and there are conflicts, if you've selected "Place overlapping labels" the labels should still be rotated and then placed on top of existing labels. Currently they are "unrotated" which yields undesirable results. - For 8.3, rotated labels are no longer defaulting to a '0 angle' when there are conflicts with other labels.

Layer Symbology

  • CQ00169452 - Using dot density symbology does not display all of the dots. This has been fixed in 8.3 by changing the drawing of the dots. The random points are now predetermined on an "by area" basis and placed in to this areas by using the polygon dicer. We also improved checking if we have more dot area than polygon area by taking the percent blackness of the dot symbol into account.
  • CQ00168311 - To rotate marker symbols based on a value in a field, you cannot use a field that has a field alias defined on it. This has been fixed for 8.3.


  • CQ00119948 - Can't copy text out of metadata tab: modify style sheets to enable context menu when viewing metadata. Now in 8.3, users can copy/paste text in the body of the metadata.

Network Utility Tools

  • CQ00177869 - If multiple network classes with same FeatureClassID are in the map, trace results are incorrect. This has been fixed in 8.3.
  • CQ00177871 - Opening a featureclass from an unopened geometric network in the middle of an edit operation causes errors in the undo/redo stack and will then cause problems during editing. This is fixed in 8.3.

Page Layout

  • CQ00166976 - Legends with titles shift upwards when layers are turned off and on in the TOC. This has been fixed in 8.3 so that the legend will not reposition itself on the page layout.
  • CQ00160019 - Scale bars change position after clicking on property pages while in map layout. This has been resolved for 8.3.
  • CQ00169016 - Map scale (in scale text box in ArcMap) changes when using layout tools, even when a fixed scale is set. This has been fixed for 8.3.
  • CQ00139096 - Scale bar with the adjust number of divisions property set, changes after switching from layout to data view and back. To reproduce, make a map and go to layout view.
    Insert a scale bar and set the resizing behavior to "Adjust number of divisions". Switch to data view and back to layout view. Every time you switch back to layout view the number of divisions is different. This has been fixed in 8.3.
  • CQ00139100 - On a scale bar, with units label below the bar, the scale bar moves to bottom of bounding box, and units label goes below box, after switching to data view and back to layout view. Make a map and insert a scale bar > select scale line 3. Leave the scale bar selected.
    Switch to data view. Switch back to layout view. The bounding box and scale bar move. Switch back and forth between views some more and sometimes the scale bar goes outside the bounding box. This has been resolved for 8.3.
  • CQ00144874 - If you edit a legend's columns, then edit other properties without first clicking the Apply button, the resulting bounding box is wrong. This is fixed in the 8.3 release.
  • CQ00162345 - Relative scale text (the style in the selector called Relative) starts out with unknown units when inserted, and only updates after accessing the properties of the scale text or resizing it with the handles or editing the font properties using the Draw toolbar shortcuts. It doesn't update if the scale text is only dragged around on the display. For 8.3, such an action would report the correct/appropriate scale.


  • CQ00133225 - When exporting a layout containing text to Postscript (or printing with ArcPress), the resulting postscript file contains an error when exported on Korean Windows NT. The file cannot be printed or viewed using ArcPress. Fixed for 8.3.
  • CQ00169003 - Canceling a print operation from ArcMap, then pan causes one or more layers failed to draw error and removes labels. This is fixed in 8.3.

Symbols (in ArcMap)

  • CQ00157987 - Made formatted text tags work on text w/ multi-point baseline (splined text).

Tables and Table Joins

  • CQ00128933 - Relates on source table should be applied to the new event layer. This occurred when created new XY data (event data), the related info was not being carried over to the new feature class/shapefile. This is resolved for 8.3.
  • CQ00173130 - A join from an Oracle table to a local dbf table, then Display XY Data in ArcMap causes crash, has been fixed in 8.3.

ArcGIS Extensions

ArcGIS 3D Analyst

  • CQ00176789 - A z-factor is automatically set when opening a tin that has a prj file with z units that differ from xy. This is fine. The problem is if the tin is edited or copied the z's of "super nodes" persisted to disk are factored. Subsequent IsVoidZ requests will return False. Super node Z values should not be factored when edits are saved. For ArcGIS 8.3, the z-factor will not be applied to the super nodes.

ArcGIS Publisher

  • CQ00175470 - Clicking on the map contents summary button in ArcMap Publisher hangs ArcMap. This is fixed in 8.3.

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