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PLTS for ArcGIS 9.3 Foundation Patch 1

Published: August 22, 2008


This Patch is obsolete. It has been replaced with a more recent PLTS for ArcGIS 9.3 Foundation Service Pack.


ESRI® is pleased to announce the PLTS for ArcGIS 9.3 Foundation Patch 1. We recommend that customers download and install this patch at their earliest convenience.

Please note that this patch can be installed if you are running PLTS for ArcGIS Foundation build 1444.

Issues Addressed with this Patch

  • 24939Feature Builder—Vertices tab should number the vertices similar to edit sketch list
  • 29622Product Library—Error while checking in product
  • 31604Feature Builder—The Input and Vertices Tabs need the ability to insert rows anywhere in the grid.
  • 32918Receive error when opening rich text help from the PLTS Target and PLTS Selection tabs
  • 32971Product Library—Connection failure error while checking in product that has multiple instances.
  • 32980Product Library—Error checking out product after implementing and populating instance
  • 32983Product Library—Check In failing
  • 33105Feature Builder—Unable to view DMS coordinate output when in projected data frame
  • 33280Geo on Geo check not saving the tolerance value
  • 33529Visual Specifications—Hanging Conflict Version after running Reconcile/Post
  • 33612Field Configurations not being created/stored/referred back to after changing production database
  • 33620Product Library—Layers on product mxds not getting re-sourced with MDF instance databases
  • 33656ReViewer—Validation errors when in SQL express personal databases
  • 33702PLTS Target/PLTS Selection tab data picker not honoring date format listed in FFT
  • 33890Unexpected error when running CNT validation in PLTS Target tab
  • 33994Product Library—Check Out failed after successful populate
  • 34040Enable Field Configurations not getting enabled in the PLTS Selection tab
  • 34066Atlas—Save loses data frame manager properties
  • 34103Export Map Sheets—Cannot batch export with All Map Sheets option
  • 34104Print Map Sheets—Cannot batch print with All Map Sheets option
  • 34180Field Configuration Editor—Blank Set Production database form displayed with direct connect SDE dataset
  • 34192Field Configuration Editor—Data model Version is not getting created when using oracle Data as Prod Database
  • 35064Exporting Current Map Sheet throws unhandled exception error
  • 35104Cannot print the Current Map Sheet


Files Installed with this Patch

  • Replaceadministering_the_product_catalog.chm
  • Replaceadministering_the_product_catalog.lif
  • ReplaceAtlasDesktopCom.dll
  • ReplaceAttCenterExt.dll
  • ReplaceEditingCoreADF.olb
  • ReplaceEditingCoreCOM.dll
  • ReplaceEditingCoreOLB.olb
  • ReplaceEditingDesktopADF.olb
  • ReplaceEditingDesktopCOM.dll
  • ReplaceEditingDesktopOLB.olb
  • Replaceediting_features_in_plts.chm
  • Replaceediting_features_in_plts.lif
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.Core.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.Data.AttributionCenterExt.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.Data.ContourEnhancement.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.Desktop.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.EditingCoreADF.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.EditingCoreOLB.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.EditingDesktopADF.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.EditingDesktopOLB.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Framework.Core.COM.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Framework.Core.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Framework.Desktop.COM.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Framework.Desktop.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Desktop.ADF.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Desktop.DotNet.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Engine.ADF.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Engine.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Engine.DotNet.dll
  • ReplaceesriPLTSReviewerDesktopADF.olb
  • ReplaceesriPLTSReviewerDesktopCOM.dll
  • ReplaceesriPLTSReviewerEngine.dll
  • ReplaceesriPLTSReviewerEngineADF.olb
  • ReplaceFrameworkCore.olb
  • ReplaceFrameworkCoreCOM.dll
  • ReplaceFrameworkDesktop.olb
  • ReplaceFrameworkDesktopCOM.dll
  • ReplacePLTSAttCenterTabs.dll
  • ReplacePLTSDatePicker.ocx
  • ReplacePLTSNavTextFile.ocx
  • ReplacePLTSPickList.ocx
  • ReplaceResPLTSAttCenterTab.dll
  • ReplaceStorableLayoutCore.dll
  • ReplacevbTree2.dll
  • Replaceworking_with_the_product_catalog.chm
  • Replaceworking_with_the_product_catalog.lif


Installing the Patch

  1. Check that the PLTS Foundation build number is 1444 by clicking the Start button, pointing to Programs, pointing to PLTS, and clicking Desktop Administrator.
  2. If the build number is something other than 1444, you do not need to install this patch.
  3. You must have administrator privileges and ensure that ArcMap is not currently open.
  4. Copy the patch .zip file locally and unzip.
  5. Double-click the .exe to install the patch.


Service Pack and Patch Updates

Check Online Support Center periodically for the availability of additional service packs and patches.


Getting Help

Domestic sites, please contact ESRI Technical Support at 909.793.3774, if you have any difficulty installing this Service Pack. International sites, please contact your local ESRI software distributor.


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