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PLTS for ArcGIS 9.3.1 Nautical Solution Service Pack 1 Patch 1

Published: July 16, 2010


This Patch is obsolete. It has been replaced with a more recent PLTS for ArcGIS 9.3.1 Nautical maintenance release.


ESRIĀ® is pleased to announce PLTS for ArcGIS 9.3.1 Nautical Service Pack 1 Patch 1. We recommend that customers download and install this required patch at their earliest convenience.


Issues Addressed with this Patch

  • NIM055181 Unable to create Master/Slave relationships using Relationship Manager when connecting to NIS as CDR_EDITOR
  • NIM057749 The Urgent_Horse_Shoe Flag is reset when an 'Attribute' only change is applied
  • NIM057973 Conflated features that cross the M_CSCL object boundary are being deleted from the product
  • NIM057975 Conflated collections that are to be clipped when applied to the product need to be handled
  • NIM058612 Duplicate NAME values occurred while importing ENC data into the desktop environment
  • NIM058832 The Generate Depth Area tool does not function when a raster is loaded into TOC
  • NIM058837 NIS_EDITOR field needs to remain unchanged instead of being replaced by the Reviewer users login after updating the verification field


Files Installed with this Patch

  • Replaced ESRI.PLTS.Nautical.S57DesktopNET.dll
  • Replaced S57Library.dll
  • Replaced ESRI.PLTS.Nautical.DesktopNET.dll
  • Replaced ESRI.PLTS.Nautical.Desktop.dll
  • Replaced S57FileCore.dll
  • Replaced esriNauticalDesktop.olb
  • Replaced NauticalEngineCore.dll
  • Replaced NauticalDesktopCore.dll
  • Replaced CLB_proudct.xml
  • Replaced ESB_product.xml
  • Replaced LBO_product.xml
  • Replaced MFF_product.xml
  • Replaced RAL_product.xml
  • Replaced SBO_product.xml


Installing the Patch

  1. You must have administrator privileges and ensure that ArcMap is not currently open.

  2. Save the patch locally.

  3. Double-click the .msp to install the patch.

Service Pack and Patch Updates

Check Online Support Center periodically for the availability of additional service packs and patches.

Getting Help

Domestic sites, please contact ESRI Technical Support at 909.793.3774, if you have any difficulty installing this Service Pack. International sites, please contact your local ESRI software distributor.


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