Patches and updates

PLTS for ArcGIS 9.2 Foundation Service Pack 4

Published: February 20, 2008


This Service Pack is obsolete. It has been replaced with a more recent PLTS for ArcGIS 9.2 Foundation Service Pack.


We recommend that customers download and install this Service Pack at their earliest convenience. This service pack upgrades PLTS for ArcGIS Foundation to version and updates your build number to 1048. This service pack includes all fixes addressed with previous PLTS 9.2 Foundation service packs and patches.

Issues Addressed with this Service Pack

Foundation Tools:

1350PLTS Feature Metadata—Disable Apply button until change is made
1351PLTS Feature Metadata—Close and Apply buttons chopped off at bottom
1382PLTS Create Contours is not working with SQL or SDE data
1517Creating Target Tab attribute combination causes spatial index error in file geodatabase
3761After you reconcile and post the PLTS Feature Metadata On/Off is turned off
4065Feature Builder—Exception on double click of Parameters under Components Tab of Circle Section on first open
4066Feature Builder—Exception for double click on Parameters for Keyhole
4130Feature Builder—Features created with first point selected after open ArcMap misses information in Components Tab
4967Feature Builder—Buffer functions with elliptic ends will not complete, claims invalid inputs
19138Disable "Populate Z from surface" option when 3D Analyst is not enabled
19326If map topology is selected in ArcMap, ‘Map’ and ‘none’ should be listed in Generalize/Smooth
19708Feature Builder—Bearing buffer components tab listing missing parameters
22071PLTS Create Hole needs to display a message when no features are affected
221894 error messages appear after installing foundation the 1st time.
23101Difference Polygon tool using incorrect spatial filter
23132ArcMap throws error on opening based on PLTS tabs in TOC
23218Feature Builder Geometry Envelopes lack Depth property
23417Convert Part and Copy part command do not function as desired for 3D polygon and 3D polyline feature
24338Metadata Favorites initiate with default values...

GIS Data ReViewer:
1031Polygon Grid Tool—Make polygon grid z-enabled
1049Create Poly Grid Wizard—Change to check for ArcInfo license at beginning of wizard rather than end
2670Reword warning message when feature dataset is not geographic
2997Grid include cells outside the selection extent
3455Unable to create Polygon Grid if Feature class name already exists
3503Polygon Grid Wizard - 3 program error with unknown coordinate system
3508Name already exists after error but no feature class is added
3536In Create polygon Grid Wizard, feature class name should not start with a number.
20350For Intersection on Geometry check get different results depending on order of feature classes
20351Invalid Hole Feature check giving an error
20373Regular Expression check ignoring SQL parameters on run time
22058Allow negative Z-values for the Z-value ReViewer checks
22788All checks property pages fail to reload properly when using certain subtypes with a value greater than 10
22888Getting unexpected error adding a Condition Table Check
23302Allow Evaluate Z Values Check to detect vertices with Z-values equal to a negative number
23324ArcMap Crashes when labeling reference layer in Overview Window
23755Cannot commit feature to ReViewer table when feature has negative z-values
23839Unhandled exception thrown when trying to load an rbj file with polygon/polyline sliver gap check

1879Data Frame Manager—After changing properties there are no events when clicking on a tool or command
1885Database Element Library—If you save an element by overwriting an existing one the description is not erased
1970Grid Designer—Validate returns double errors for shared segments that are identical
1997Start = 16, Stop = 18, and Gap = 1 produces a grid line at 65 degrees latitude
2000Grid Layout Tool—Add details to the message box that a "clip to shape" may be added.
19592Dynamic text does not support East Asian character sets
19714Special character in layer name not producing correct dynamic text result
19736Grid Manager Cluster tolerance error with NAD83
20902Adding dynamic text causes labels to revert to default size
20963Calculate Bridge Overrides does not offset tick lines precisely with main lines
22452Grid Manager—Add Grid Data contains errors in the Group Layer order.
22497Dynamic Text Anchor Point always use Lower Center
22858Grid Manager—Better message when there is a database lock
23323See Spot Color does not work with EPS files that have embedded fonts out of ArcMap
23802Running Grid Wizard on Polygon with hole throws Call Stack Sequence error
23803Trying to run Grid Origin Lower Left on polygon with hole throws call stack sequence errors
24484Map Series not Created with UTM Spatial Refernce
24624Select Area of Interest—List of Selected Features not populated
24721Clicking on the Data Frame dynamic text hyperlink does not bring up a property page
25095Need to update NGA seal for Atlas templates (TLM50, TLM100, JOG)

20317Documentation needs to be updated for Multipart Polygon check
20336Finding multipart polygons topic needs text updated for options
22397Length/Precision for DateCollected and DateLastModified must be changed
23288Help doc link Data Validation wtih GIS Data ReViewer is broken
23852Update Polyline/Polygon Slivers and Gaps index entries

Files Installed with this service pack

o New AtlasCommand.exe
o New AtlasCommand.pdb
o New CalculateBridgeOverrides_MPSAtlas.xml
o New CDR_Base_GX.xml
o New CDR_BaseToolVersion_GX.xml
o New CKB_Base_GX.xml
o New CKB_Upgrade_92.640.2.0_GX.xml
o New CKB_Upgrade_92.640.3.0_GX.xml
o New csFeatureBuilder.HLP
o New EditingCoreADF.olb
o New EditingCoreCOM.dll
o New EditingCoreOLB.olb
o New EditingDesktopADF.olb
o New EditingDesktopCOM.dll
o New EditingDesktopOLB.olb
o New ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.EditingCoreADF.dll
o New ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.EditingCoreOLB.dll
o New ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.EditingDesktopADF.dll
o New ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.EditingDesktopOLB.dll
o New ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.Desktop.COM.dll
o New graphic_table_element.lif
o New PCat_Base_GX.xml
o New PNService.exe
o New PropertyManagerInstall.txt
o New RESprjACPLTSToolbar.dll
o Replace AddFeatOnCreate.dll
o Replace AncillaryDataLDR.dll
o Replace AtlasDesktopCOM.dll
o Replace AttCenterExt.dll
o Replace BadGeometryTools.dll
o Replace ContourEnhancement.dll
o Replace CreateVVTs.dll
o Replace creating_features_in_plts.chm
o Replace creating_features_in_plts.lif
o Replace creating_geodatabases_with_plts.chm
o Replace creating_geodatabases_with_plts.lif
o Replace DanglesAndPseudosRenderer.dll
o Replace DbsVPFImporter.dll
o Replace editing_feature_attributes_plts.chm
o Replace editing_feature_attributes_plts.lif
o Replace editing_features_in_plts.chm
o Replace editing_features_in_plts.lif
o Replace ElementsWrapper.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Display.Desktop.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.Core.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.Data.AttributionCenterExt.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.Data.ContourEnhancement.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.Desktop.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.ElementLibraryManager.Engine.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.ElementLibraryManager.UI.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.FoundationToolsMenu.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.FoundationToolsMenu.pdb
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.ImportExport.GDBToCov.GDBToCovCommand.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.ImportExport.GDBToCov.GDBToCovCommand.pdb
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.PMCMainMenu.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.ValidationManager.COM.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Framework.Core.COM.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Framework.Core.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Framework.Desktop.COM.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Framework.Desktop.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.Core.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.Core.pdb
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.Desktop.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.Desktop.pdb
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.Lib.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.Lib.pdb
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.LibUI.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.LibUI.pdb
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.StorableLayout.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.UI.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.UI.pdb
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.GridManager.UI.CreateGridWizard.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.MPS.GridManagerVB.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Desktop.DotNet.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Engine.dll
o Replace esriPLTSReviewerDesktopCOM.dll
o Replace esriPLTSReviewerEngine.dll
o Replace FeatureCount.dll
o Replace FeatureDisplaySettings.dll
o Replace
o Replace FoundationTools.dll
o Replace FrameworkCore.olb
o Replace FrameworkCoreCOM.dll
o Replace FrameworkDesktop.olb
o Replace FrameworkDesktopCOM.dll
o Replace GdbToShp.exe
o Replace GDBToXRef.exe
o Replace GenericCNTExtensions.dll
o Replace getting_started_with_plts.chm
o Replace getting_started_with_plts.lif
o Replace gis_data_reviewer.chm
o Replace gis_data_reviewer.lif
o Replace graphic_table_element.chm
o Replace grid_manager.chm
o Replace grid_manager.lif
o Replace GridManager.dll
o Replace GridManager.reg
o Replace GteCore.dll
o Replace GteDesktopExt.dll
o Replace GteUI.dll
o Replace ImportExportSettings.exe
o Replace ImportExportSettings.pdb
o Replace ImportTopoErrs.dll
o Replace interop.msscript.dll
o Replace interop.riched20.dll
o Replace interop.scrrun.dll
o Replace knowledge_base_creation.chm
o Replace knowledge_base_creation.lif
o Replace KnowledgeBaseLoader.exe
o Replace MagneticCalculator_foundation.xml
o Replace MagneticIsolines_foundation.xml
o Replace map_production_system.chm
o Replace map_production_system.lif
o Replace MapHelper.dll
o Replace MetadataExtension.dll
o Replace MGExtension.dll
o Replace mps_atlas.chm
o Replace mps_atlas.lif
o Replace MPSAddField.exe
o Replace MPSBridgeRenderer.dll
o Replace MPSCartoTools.dll
o Replace MPSCompileRoutine.dll
o Replace MPSCreateMap.dll
o Replace MPSDesignSeries.dll
o Replace MPSDistributor.exe
o Replace MPSGENERICCN.ocx
o Replace MPSGENERICGL.ocx
o Replace MPSGENERICLG.ocx
o Replace MPSGENERICNT.ocx
o Replace MPSGENERICSB.ocx
o Replace MPSGENERICTG.ocx
o Replace MPSICMAS.ocx
o Replace MPSICMBG.ocx
o Replace MPSICMCL.ocx
o Replace MPSICMMR.ocx
o Replace MPSImporter.exe
o Replace MPSJOGACG.ocx
o Replace MPSJOGAET.ocx
o Replace MPSJOGAGR.ocx
o Replace MPSJOGALD.ocx
o Replace MPSJOGAMR.ocx
o Replace MPSJOGARD.ocx
o Replace MPSJOGLEGEND.ocx
o Replace MPSTLM50BG.ocx
o Replace MPSTLM50CG.ocx
o Replace MPSTLM50MR.ocx
o Replace MPSTLM50MS.ocx
o Replace MPSTLM50NA.ocx
o Replace MPSTLM50SG.ocx
o Replace MPSTLMAS.ocx
o Replace MPSTLMEG.ocx
o Replace MPSUSGS75NA.ocx
o Replace MPSUSGSState.ocx
o Replace OverviewWindow.dll
o Replace plts.awa
o Replace plts.chm
o Replace plts.chw
o Replace plts.lif
o Replace plts_foundation_production_procedures.chm
o Replace plts_foundation_production_procedures.lif
o Replace plts_foundation_toolbox.chm
o Replace plts_foundation_toolbox.chm
o Replace plts_foundation_toolbox.lif
o Replace plts_foundation_tools.chm
o Replace plts_foundation_tools.chm
o Replace plts_foundation_tools.lif
o Replace plts_mpsatlas_toolbox.chm
o Replace plts_mpsatlas_toolbox.chm
o Replace plts_mpsatlas_toolbox.lif
o Replace plts_mpsatlas_tools.chm
o Replace plts_mpsatlas_tools.chm
o Replace plts_mpsatlas_tools.lif
o Replace PLTS_MPSAtlas_Tools.tbx
o Replace PLTS_PAAT.dll
o Replace PLTS_PAATCalcs.dll
o Replace PLTSAttCenterTabs.dll
o Replace PLTSAttCenterTabs.reg
o Replace PLTSCreateAOI.ocx
o Replace PLTSDataLoader.exe
o Replace PLTSDatePicker.ocx
o Replace PLTSDesktopAdmin.exe
o Replace PLTSDesktopLicense.dll
o Replace PLTSExtractData.dll
o Replace PLTSFdInstall.dll
o Replace PLTSFdSolInstall.dll
o Replace PLTSFoundation.bat
o Replace PLTSFoundationUn.bat
o Replace PLTSGacUtil.exe
o Replace PLTSImageAccessLib.dll
o Replace PLTSMapGridToFeatureClass.dll
o Replace PLTSMPSAtlasTools_TOC.chm
o Replace PLTSNavTextFile.ocx
o Replace PLTSOutputExtensions.dll
o Replace PLTSOutputExtensionsUI.dll
o Replace PLTSPickList.ocx
o Replace PLTSRenderer.dll
o Replace PLTSRenProp.dll
o Replace PLTSSubRenProp.dll
o Replace PMC.dll
o Replace PMCReportWord.dll
o Replace PMCSourceBuilder.dll
o Replace PMCTitleInformation.ocx
o Replace PreLoadValidate.exe
o Replace PreProcessUMLModel.exe
o Replace prjACPLTSToolbar.dll
o Replace prjFeatureOnSubtype.dll
o Replace prjSampling.dll
o Replace RefreshToggle.dll
o Replace RevFrequency.dll
o Replace SeeSpotColor.exe
o Replace SelectAndIdentify.dll
o Replace SelectNamedFeatures.dll
o Replace ShowExceptions.xml
o Replace StorableLayoutCore.dll
o Replace
o Replace symbolizing_data_in_plts.chm
o Replace symbolizing_data_in_plts.lif
o Replace SymQA.dll
o Replace TOCManager.dll
o Replace ValidationManager.dll
o Replace vbTree2.dll
o Replace visual_specifications_tool.chm
o Replace visual_specifications_tool.lif
o Replace what_s_new_in_plts_for_arcgis.chm
o Replace what_s_new_in_plts_for_arcgis.lif
o Replace working_with_cartographic_elements_in_plts.chm
o Replace working_with_cartographic_elements_in_plts.lif
o Replace XML_Format.pdf

Installing the Service Pack

  1. You must have administrator privileges and ensure that ArcMap is not currently open.
  2. The CD or network location PLTS was originally installed from must be available. For instance, if PLTS was installed from a CD, the CD must be available during the SP4 install. Copy the service pack to a local folder and have the PLTS software CD in the CD drive while installing SP4. If PLTS was installed from a network location the location must be available during SP4 install.
  3. Double-click the PLTSFoundation92_SP4.msp file and follow the installation instructions.

    Note: If the .msp extension is currently being used by another program and double clicking the .msp does not start the install process the service pack can be run from the command line.

Launching the service pack from command line:

  1. At a DOS command prompt, type 'msiexec.exe' to see if msiexec.exe can be found without specifying its full path.
  2. If Step 1 returns a message box from the Windows Install, proceed to Step 3. If it is not found, search your computer for 'msiexec.exe', usually found in the system32 folder, and note the full path when found.
  3. At a DOS command prompt use the following syntax to run the .msp file directly:

    C:>\path\msiexec.exe /p path\.msp

    C:>\msiexec.exe /p C:\temp\PLTSFoundation92_SP2.msp

An article on command line installations can be found on the ESRI support site at:
HowTo: Install a .msp file that is not recognized as a patch file



Service Pack and Patch Updates

Check Online Support Center periodically for the availability of additional service packs and patches.


Getting Help

Domestic sites, please contact ESRI Technical Support at 909.793.3774, if you have any difficulty installing this Service Pack. International sites, please contact your local ESRI software distributor.


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