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Patches and updates

PLTS for ArcGIS 9.2 Defense Solution Service Pack 2

Published: December 7, 2007


This Service Pack is obsolete. It has been replaced with a more recent PLTS for ArcGIS 9.2 Defense Solution Service Pack.


We recommend that customers download and install this Service Pack at their earliest convenience. This service pack upgrades PLTS for ArcGIS Defense to version This service pack includes all fixes addressed with previous PLTS 9.2 Defense service packs and patches.

Note: You must install current service packs for:

  • ArcGIS 9.2
  • PLTS for ArcGIS 9.2 Foundation

In addition to the issues addressed, the service pack includes a new tool that allows you to easliy create replicas.

Issues Addressed with this Service Pack


Feature Dataset Editor not working with File geodatabase


Select by Z tool does not acknowledge group layers


Context Sensitive Help for Defense Toolbars not working


Enhancement: retain values in select by z dialog when reopen


Enhancement (or change): Polygon2Point needs to give option of removing associated polygon feature


Geonames2GDB prompts too many times for password if loading into SDE


MGCP XLS field lengths not compliant with TRD 2.0 spec...


MGCP GDB2Shape needs to truncate UID field length to 36 characters...


PLTS Populate Angle will not populate DOF field


Geometry Reporter units no longer work once translated


MGCP Toplogy Flags issues that are valid for Landcover.


Correct the DBS_FC_VVT table for Vmap1


MGCP Metadata feature classes need to be evaluated for content


VMap1Jog Knowledgebase DBS_FC_VVT table needs to be updated


Create Simple building Tool need to add LEG and WGP to the list of attributes to update on collection


Calc Metrics Tool needs to have LEG added to the list of items to populate


Defense Documentation for Calc Metrics needs to Change


Simple building Documentation needs to change


Calc Height tool need to allow zv2 to be calculated


Geometry Reporter not updating when using Simple Building tool


Geometry reporter needs to be updated to populate WGP and LEG


Simple Building Tool - angle values generated are not consistent...


Files Installed with this service pack

  • NewESRI.PLTS.Defense.SDEExportImport.exe
  • NewFFD_GDB_to_Operational_GDB.mdb
  • NewGIDI_GeoNames_Logic.htm
  • NewMGCP_General_KnowledgeBase_TRD2.mdb
  • NewMGCP_general_TRD20_GBD_to_MGCP_general_TRD20_GDB.mdb
  • NewMGCP_general_TRD20_SHP_to_MGCP_general_TRD20_GDB.mdb
  • NewMGCP_General_WDB_TRD2_0.xls
  • NewpltsDefenseDesktopCOM.dll
  • NewPLTSGeoNames_Template92.mdb
  • NewPLTSGeoNames_Template92.xml
  • NewUTP_GDB_to_Urban_GDB.mdb
  • Newvitd_GDB_to_tactical_GDB.mdb
  • ReplacecsPLTSDefenseSolution.HLP
  • ReplaceDefenseFramework.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Defense.Core.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Defense.Desktop.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Defense.Geobase.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Defense.Geonames.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Defense.MGCP.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Defense.PLTSDefenseGDBBuilder.exe
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Defense.Serialization.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Defense.StereoAirfieldCollection.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Defense.UI.dll
  • ReplaceGIFD_D4_GDB_to_Tactical_GDB.mdb
  • Replaceimage_city_map_production_procedures.chm
  • Replaceimage_city_map_production_procedures.lif
  • ReplaceMGCP_data_dictionary.chm
  • ReplaceMGCP_data_dictionary.lif
  • ReplaceMGCP_General_Topology_GD.xml
  • ReplaceMGCP_General_TRD1_1_GDB_to_MGCP_General_TRD1_1_GDB.mdb
  • ReplaceMGCP_General_TRD1_1_SHP_to_MGCP_General_TRD1_1_GDB.mdb
  • ReplaceOperational.xml
  • ReplaceOperational_Topology_GD.xml
  • Replaceplts_defense_solution.chm
  • Replaceplts_defense_solution.lif
  • ReplacePLTSDefRegAsm.bat
  • ReplaceResDefenseFramework.dll
  • ReplaceStrategic.xml
  • ReplaceStrategic_Topology_GD.xml
  • ReplaceTactical_Data_Dictionary.chm
  • ReplaceTactical_Data_Dictionary.lif
  • ReplaceTactical_GDB_To_GIFD_D4_GDB.mdb
  • ReplaceTactical_KnowledgeBase.mdb
  • ReplaceTactical_Topology_GD.xml
  • ReplaceTGD_Operational.vsd
  • ReplaceTGD_Strategic.vsd
  • ReplaceTGD_Tactical.vsd
  • ReplaceTGD_Urban.vsd
  • ReplaceUrban_Data_Dictionary.chm
  • ReplaceUrban_Data_Dictionary.lif
  • ReplaceUrban_Topology_GD.xml
  • ReplaceUVMap_GDB_To_Urban_GDB.mdb
  • ReplaceVMap1jog_GDB_To_VMap1jog_GDB.mdb
  • ReplaceVMap1JOG_KnowledgeBase.mdb
  • ReplaceVmap2TLM_knowledgeBase.mdb

Installing the Service Pack

  1. You must have administrator privileges and ensure that ArcMap is not currently open.
  2. The CD or network location PLTS was originally installed from must be available. For instance, if PLTS was installed from a CD, the CD must be available during the SP2 install. Copy the service pack to a local folder and have the PLTS software CD in the CD drive while installing SP2. If PLTS was installed from a network location the location must be available during SP2 install.
  3. Double-click the PLTSDefense92_SP2.msp and follow the installation instructions.

    Note: If the .msp extension is currently being used by another program and double clicking the .msp does not start the install process the service pack can be run from the command line.

Launching the service pack from command line:

  1. At a DOS command prompt, type 'msiexec.exe' to see if msiexec.exe can be found without specifying its full path.
  2. If Step 1 returns a message box from the Windows Install, proceed to Step 3. If it is not found, search your computer for 'msiexec.exe', usually found in the system32 folder, and note the full path when found.
  3. At a DOS command prompt use the following syntax to run the .msp file directly:

    C:>\path\msiexec.exe /p path\.msp


C:>\msiexec.exe /p C:\temp\PLTSFoundation92_SP2.msp

Service Pack and Patch Updates

Check Online Support Center periodically for the availability of additional service packs and patches.

Getting Help

Domestic sites, please contact ESRI Technical Support at 909.793.3774, if you have any difficulty installing this Service Pack. International sites, please contact your local ESRI software distributor.

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