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PLTS for ArcGIS 9.2 Aeronautical Solution Service Pack 1

Published: June 1, 2007


This Service Pack is obsolete. It has been replaced with PLTS for ArcGIS 9.2 Aeronautical Solution Service Pack 2


ESRI® is pleased to announce PLTS for ArcGIS 9.2 Aeronautical Solution Service Pack 1. This service pack upgrades PLTS for ArcGIS Aeronautical Solution to version build 500.

Issues Addressed with this Service Pack

Aeronautical Solution Tools :

  • CQ00292857 Rotate to Grid is crashing for Eurocontrol
  • CQ00292860 Hide Same Symbology Overlapping Routes ignores user query
  • CQ00299377 Active view refreshes after anno is updated, but before user is asked to delete unfixable anno
  • CQ00299839 Error not shown on non existing AIXM file
  • CQ00299844 Same tooltip shown for different elements
  • CQ00300631 Buffered Polygon Renderer doesn't work for "Outside Buffer Value"
  • CQ00301260 Create N - FLR Annotation command button is disabled
  • CQ00304431 Unable to change arrow fill symbol
  • CQ00304697 AIS - Need relationship between TerminalProcedure and ProcedureLegPoint
  • CQ00304718 Batch Chart Leads - Settings window need to be modal
  • CQ00305279 AIS - Designated Points need secondary navaid bearing and distance values
  • CQ00305325 AIS and Carto Needs arresting Gear Feature class
  • CQ00305342 AIS - Threshold Crossing Height
  • CQ00305369 AnnoGen dialog box name is "AnnotateMapFeatureStatisticsForm"
  • CQ00305373 Aero Commander is very slow on startup
  • CQ00305468 Warning message should be displayed if reference scale is not set
  • CQ00305498 Chart Leads - Old tool name still appears in message box
  • CQ00305504 Aero Commander message doesn't make sense
  • CQ00305511 Anno Abbreviate Errors out on NFLA
  • CQ00305534 Anno Gen is not working properly for SQL Express instances
  • CQ00305535 Update Anno Log file is reporting incorrect where clause queries
  • CQ00305536 Update Anno not working properly in Aero Commander
  • CQ00305601 ArcMap crashes when clicking on a profile view
  • CQ00305682 Extraction Query - Unable to add record
  • CQ00305687 Add property for ILS/MLS symbol in the PLTS property page profile view setting tab
  • CQ00305695 Create MABAs stand-alone tool fails
  • CQ00305709 Layout elements crashing ArcMap with profile view
  • CQ00305753 Batch Masking tool has phantom message
  • CQ00305773 Chart lead for selected feature is not generating chart leads for all features selected
  • CQ00305796 Documentation= screenshot for expected output is incomplete
  • CQ00305804 To date not updating after running Front Update Panel Elements tool
  • CQ00305810 Documentation - Incorrect button name given as compare to UI
  • CQ00305837 Dialog needs to have text updated or removed
  • CQ00305843 Cannot Delete Bad Annotation Geometries Identified through Update Annotation
  • CQ00306020 GP tool help doc incorrect info
  • CQ00306066 Reviewer Zoom error on records
  • CQ00306073 Change Reporter for Attributed Relationships
  • CQ00306096 Eurocontrol - Help document containing incorrect screenshot
  • CQ00306098 Resize Anno doesn’t reduce for all Annotation features if multiple Anno's are selected
  • CQ00306141 Eurocontrol: Feature class name is listed with the fully qualified name under Create Cartographic Features Copies
  • CQ00306147 Hide/Show Annotation fails in Eurocontrol
  • CQ00306148 Not creating all bypasses for multiple selected routes
  • CQ00306154 Exception generated when multiple layers selected
  • CQ00306186 Clear All Button for All Anno tools should be consistent with Core Tools
  • CQ00306323 AIS model - Code_Type_AS description for 'R' incorrectly spelled
  • CQ00306382 AIS Carto- Create ReferenceArc_C Feature Class
  • CQ00306383 AIS - Reference Arc feature class needs DIST_Val and DIST_UOM fields added
  • CQ00306564 Chart Leads Setting button to only launch Chart Leads settings
  • CQ00306791 Localization - Label caption spread over two lines
  • CQ00306937 ArcMap crashes
  • CQ00306977 Batch Chart Leads doesn't work
  • CQ00306990 Buttons are missing from each GUI
  • CQ00307060 PCat errors received on-click for Update MABAs stand-alone tool
  • CQ00307125 Error is generated while increasing/decreasing the anno
  • CQ00307132 Update Anno produces warning messages for Bearing 1 and 2 anno in Aero Commander
  • CQ00307192 Create Carto Features - Multiple error messages and unusable dialog when click on tool
  • CQ00307313 Aero Commander produces error when workflow is selected

Files Installed with this Service Pack

  • Replace ResmpsAeroElements.dll3
  • Replace creating_features_with_feature_builder.chm174
  • Replace aeronautical_production_procedures.chm173
  • Replace aeronautical_maintenance_production_procedures.chm170
  • Replace plts_aeronautical_solution.chm169
  • Replace AeroAnno.dll166
  • Replace AeroRegister.exe157
  • Replace AeroUpdate.dll156
  • Replace ESRI.PLTS.Aero.Engine.dll148
  • Replace MultiNavaids.dll146
  • Replace BufferedPolygonRenderer.dll137
  • Replace CreateCartoFeatures.dll136
  • Replace Aero_SplitCallout.dll133
  • Replace ESRI.PLTS.Aero.Engine.Interfaces.dll122
  • Replace Mabas.dll120
  • Replace ResBufferPolyRenderer.dll116
  • Replace PCatControl.ocx114
  • Replace AeroElements.dll101
  • Replace AeroATSAnnoHider.dll89
  • Replace AIXMLoader.dll88
  • Replace ESRI.PLTS.Aero.Desktop.dll87
  • Replace RASOverflowBox.dll84
  • Replace RouteProcessingTool.dll78
  • Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Desktop.dll75
  • Replace mpsAeroElements.dll72
  • Replace AeroAnnoRotation.dll66
  • Replace AeroCommander.dll65
  • Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Engine.dll63
  • Replace ResCreateCartoFeatures.dll56
  • Replace AIXMProvider.dll54
  • Replace AnnoAbbrIt.dll36
  • Replace AeroDBSynch.exe24
  • Replace AeroLibrary.dll15
  • Replace ResizeAnnotation.dll12
  • Replace ESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Engine.Interfaces.dll9
  • Replace NGAChangesReporter.exe8
  • Replace PLTS_Aeronautical_AIS_05.ttf
  • New ResPCatControlProj.dll
  • New ResAeroAnno.dll
  • Replace ais_data_dictionary.chm
  • Replace plts_aeronautical_tools.chm2
  • Replace ChangeReporter_aeronautical.xml
  • Replace AISCharting.xml
  • Replace AISCharting_GX.xml
  • Replace AIS_GX.xml
  • Replace AIS.xml
  • Replace plts_aeronautical_tools.chm
  • Replace aeronautical_production_procedures.lif
  • Replace plts_aeronautical_solution.lif
  • Replace creating_features_with_feature_builder.lif
  • Replace aeronautical_maintenance_production_procedures.lif

Installing the Service Pack

1. You must have administrator privileges and ensure that ArcMap is not currently open.
2. Ensure you have current PLTS for ArcGIS Foundation installed.

Service Packs and Patches for PLTS on ESRI Support site

3. The CD or network location PLTS was originally installed from must be available. For instance, if PLTS was installed from a CD, the CD must be available during the SP1 install. Copy the service pack to a local folder and have the PLTS software CD in the CD drive while installing SP1. If PLTS was installed from a network location the location must be available during SP1 install.

4. Double-click the PLTSAeronautical92_SP1.msp and follow the installation instructions.

Note: If the .msp extension is currently being used by another program and double clicking the .msp does not start the install process the Service Pack can be run from the command line.

Launching the service pack from command line:

1. At a DOS command prompt, type 'msiexec.exe' to see if msiexec.exe can be found without specifying its full path.
2. If Step 1 returns a message box from the Windows Install, proceed to Step 3. If it is not found, search your computer for 'msiexec.exe', usually found in the system32 folder, and note the full path when found.
3. At a DOS command prompt use the following syntax to run the .msp file directly:

C:>\path\msiexec.exe /p path\.msp

C:>\msiexec.exe /p C:\temp\PLTSAeronautical Solution92_SP1.msp

An article on command line installations can be found on the ESRI support site at:
HowTo: Install a .msp file that is not recognized as a patch file

Service Pack and Patch Updates

Check Online Support Center periodically for the availability of additional service packs and patches for ArcGIS and PLTS.

Getting Help

Domestic sites, please contact ESRI Technical Support at 909.793.3774, if you have any difficulty installing this Service Pack. International sites, please contact your local ESRI software distributor.

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