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PLTS for ArcGIS 9.2 Aeronautical Solution Patch 1 for Service Pack 2

Published: August 27, 2007


This Service Pack is obsolete. It has been replaced with a more recent PLTS for ArcGIS 9.2 Aeronautical Solution Service Pack.


ESRIĀ® ann unces PLTS f r ArcGIS Aer nautical S luti n Patch 1 f r Service Pack 2. We rec mmend that cust mers d wnl ad and install this patch at their earliest c nvenience. This patch c ntains several impr vements and maintenance fixes.

Note: This patch should be installed if you are running PLTS for ArcGIS Aer nautical S luti n 9.2 Service Pack 2.

Issues Addressed with this Patch

3995 Chart Leads places chart leads inc rrectly
4028 Chart Lead created with wr ng c l r
4030 Chart Leads n t creating all chart leads
4067 Chart Leads creating duplicate chart leads
1211 Make Cut line t l w rk with ut c nstant changes t the pltsinf .mdb
1276 Add Buffer T lerance t Cut Line T l
3653 "Reset t riginal Ge metry" resetting ge metry inc rrectly
4083 Advis ry R utes and ATS r utes are n t cutting c rrectly
3737 Wayp int Symb l gy significantly sl wer n 9.2 than 9.1
4079 Restricted Airspace n t depicting M As c rrectly

Files Installed in this Patch

ReplaceAer Library.dll
ReplaceAer P stL ad.dll
ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Aer .Deskt p.dll
ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Aer .Deskt p.pdb
ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Aer .Engine.dll
ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Aer .Engine.pdb
Replaceplts_aer nautical_s luti n.chm
Replaceplts_aer nautical_s luti n.lif
ReplaceRAS verfl wB x.dll

Installing the Patch

1. Check that the PLTS Aeronautical Solution build number is 572 by clicking the Start button, pointing to Programs, pointing to PLTS, and clicking Desktop Administrator.

2. Make sure you have write access to your PLTS installation location, and that no one is using ArcGIS Desktop.

3. Copy the patch locally and unzip.

4. Double-click the PLTSAeronautical92SP2_Patch1.exe to install the patch.

Service Pack and Patch Updates

Check Online Support Center periodically for the availability f additi nal service packs and patches.

Getting Help

Domestic sites, please contact ESRI Technical Support at 909.793.3774, if you have any difficulty installing this Service Pack. International sites, please contact your local ESRI software distributor.

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