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Managing Server Resources in ArcGIS Server .NET applications

Published: October 12, 2005


Document to help understand and manage server resources with .NET applcations and ESRI's ArcGIS Server software.


Successfully managing the use and longevity of server resources within ArcGIS Server .NET code is a primary factor in the overall success of any ArcGIS Server .NET application. This is especially true in light of known problems with the Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1 that directly affect ArcGIS Server developers. The purpose of this paper is to explain why managing these resources is so important and to present the methods and recommended coding practices that will ensure that your deployed ArcGIS Server .NET code is as efficient as it can be. Primarily, the paper deals with the use of the IDisposable pattern and ManageLifetime() within ArcGIS Server .NET web applications, and offers background and recommended coding practices for using these resource management features of the .NET ADF. Additional resource management practices are also discussed.

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